There are tons of blogs about dating sites that don't get to the point. Here's almost everything I consider worthy to know about this sites.

Who I am

I'm a spaniard, average-looking guy in my 30's, working as engineer for a modest Madrid-based firm. That means that im in the mid to low tier of income by western standards. Being honest, I'm pretty much the definition of the average Joe. I travel the world as part of my job, so I use some of the spare time I have to date and get to know local people. Here's where my experience with dating apps comes from.

Free VS Paid dating apps

Paying serves the purpose of filtering out attention and validation seekers. Truth is that wathever do you believe in, men and women behave differently in the sexual market. There is a large portion of female users that join dating sites seeking for attention and validation. Would you be willing to pay only for attention and validation? Me neither.

Every free dating site has the same problem. While they feel good in your pocket, you're actually paying with your time the waste of effort that is speaking with a female with no intention of even having a date.

Females that do pay are typically looking for long-termn relationships though, so be aware of that if you are deciding which site or app to use.

Reading the above-mentioned points you may have also come to the conclusion that paying means waaay lower competition. Yep, that's also true. There is some pool overlap, meaning that the people that is in a paid site may also have a profile in a free site, but the dynamics change, as there is not that much noise in the interaction with the app (many profiles, avalanche of messages to girls, etc).

Upsides and downsides of each type of dating site

Free dating sites
Upsides: More hookup-oriented, good for your pocket.
Downsides: Losing time/effort with attention and validation seekers, too much competition.
Paid dating sites
Upsides: More long-term relationships oriented, way lower competition.
Downsides: Goes against your pocket, there may be some pool overlap with free apps.

Free dating sites suggestions

Probably the most popular free dating site. It has lots of users, although many of them are inactive, as they register just because of the above mentioned reasons on this sites. Almost everything is free, you only pay for visibility and special functions. Having a memberlist allows you to extract some conclusions of the place you are going to.
Tinder is probably on par in popularity with Badoo. Paid functions are meant as something extra, you don't really need them. As downside, while matching with someone should mean that attraction is mutual, it really is affected by the above mentioned problems with free dating apps. Also, it doesn't have any memberlist, so if you wanted to have a sneak peek of a travel destination it would be impossible without tricking the GPS.
I love how this guys blog with their data based approach to dating, but unfortunately they still suffer the issues other free dating sites have. No algorithm can avoid that. Also, this site won't get you very far outside of the US, as is way less popular than Tinder and Badoo in other regions. It also appears to have a bit more of focus on long-term relationships than other free sites.
Bumble is a new Tinder competitor with emphasis on women being the ones to make the first move. If you are very good looking it may filter out some competition, otherwise it isn't that interesting, as it suffers from all the problems we've commented about free apps. If you look for girl reviews on the Internet, it's clear that they perceive it as a less focused on hookups app than Tinder. One downside is that it has very poor adoption outside the US, so not recommended for traveling.

Other free dating sites: While there may be other free dating sites available, most of them are not popular enough to offer a decent pool. Some of them even create fake profiles to scam users on a daily basis, practically as a business practice.

Paid dating sites suggestions

Match is probably the most popular paid dating site in the US. It's clearly more long-term relationships oriented, and I've managed to get a few dates there, but only in the US. I've found that people don't know about Match in pretty much anywhere else. Also, I found it a bit bloated with functions, but that's my personal taste.
Eharmony is very similar in concept to Match. Yet for some reason, according to this poll, women uses Eharmony more than Match (even more than men). It's also bloated with functions, and its a more "guided" experience than Match, although both rely on their algorithms to find you the perfect match. This also means that proper functionality requires investing effort in your profile.

Chinese dating Apps

Tantan is basically the chinese version of Tinder. Momo is probably more popular, but as far as I know Tantan is the only one with english interface, so if you have difficulties or you don't speak chinese, Tantan is your option. There is a huge pool of people, and it runs smoothly.

What about other dating apps?

I know I've left so many apps out of the equation. The reasons are one or a combination of the following ones:

If you believe you app is good enough and I should try it, contact me Here.