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BabyBjorn Potty Chair 1 of 22 Share This popular ergonomically designed potty chair from BabyBjorn® features rounded styling and lots of leg room, so your child can get closer to the seat. Gary… painful memories of my section in training being punished for the repeat failure of one such individual. It's also a little bigger than many toilet trainers we've seen—with a nice, large hole and wide seat with lots of room—which makes it a great option for older or larger children. This PRIMO seat comes with toilet training tips, reward stickers, and discount coupons for training pants. It's also really handy for getting your child to engage in teaching as together you "show" Potty Patty® what to do. This doll comes with three "big kid" doll training pants (for the lots and lots of accidents Dolly will inevitably have), plus two bottles. One DVD tells a little boy's story of potty-training success; the other tells a girl's story.

Toddlers will enjoy watching Joshua and Prudence graduate from diapers to potty, and will want to emulate these cheery cartoon kids and sing "The Potty Song" along with them.
The good news is, the song will be stuck in your child's head too, constantly reminding him that "it's a potty party." Gerber All-In-One Waterproof Training Pants 6 of 22 Share The inside layer of these Gerber® waterproof training pants is absorbent 100-percent cotton that will hold about one urine accident and will give your child a chance to make it to the potty without wetting his clothes. It also creates a much needed barrier between your kiddo and those yucky public toilet seats. The best part is that it folds up for easy storage and includes a travel bag, so those yucky toilet seat cooties stay in the bag. These floating little targets will help them keep their eyes on the prize (or at least, in the toilet) as they aim for fun animal shapes.
These Potty Toppers® stick in place with adhesive tabs, providing a sanitary barrier between little bottoms and germs. Developmentally appropriate activities are taught through potty books, cheers, art activities, and rewarding sticker charts.

These funny songs about potty training ("Potty Animal," "Gonna Go Go," "Don't Pamper Me") will encourage toddlers to stay on the potty (and hopefully use it!) while at the same time giving parents a little chuckle. This song-filled DVD teaches children that everyone—mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and even monsters—has to learn how to use the potty. It's got storage containers of either side for holding toilet paper and extra bags (they also make good handles). It attaches to your toilet with suction cups and stores discreetly around the base when you don't need it.

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