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Solutions for potty training from Ginsey Home Solutions come in many varieties.  Our effective potty training products provide new parents with many potty training solutions. Potty training solutions for dogs come in many varieties, but some of the most effective potty training solutions can be found with Best in Show! Effective potty training solutions for dogs from Ginsey Home Solutions give your pooch a personal space to “conduct business” with Best in Show! One of these unique potty training solutions is to find unique potty training locations for your child’s potty seats throughout the house.  Many parents have found one of the more helpful potty training solutions to be having a potty seat on floors of your house that your child frequents most and near rooms they are in most often.
You may find that the best potty training solution for girls isn’t related to the potty at all.
This site will become a resource for parents to trade insights on potty training and help our research and development team to create new and exciting products that fit your parenting style.
Potty seats are essentially an additional seat that fits over your toilet allowing your child to sit comfortably without falling in. A potty chair is a small miniature potty that is a substitute for having your child sit on the toilet. You child may seem to be doing fine with potty training and then seems to have an increase in accidents.
Offering a reward tends to work with older children, but younger ones are usually just as excited as you that they are using the potty like a big girl or a big boy.
Ginsey Industries makes a number of Disney potty seats including: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Fairies, Princesses and even Winnie the Pooh.
Reminders for Potty Success 1 of 10 Share I started potty training my son when he was 18 months old, because the daycare he was going to required it by age 2. Pee Pads from Ginsey Home Solutions provide your pet with confidence for more effective potty training than any other dog potty training solutions.
We have heard just about every problem there is when it comes to potty training and we have the answers to quite a few of them.
We all know that boys and girls have different plumbing and thus have different needs for potty training. Potty chairs are lower to the ground and can be a great starting place for early potty training. Even if they are not using the potty, it is good to make them aware of it and why their older brothers and sisters use it. It is easy to just opt for a diaper when traveling but Ginsey’s travel potty seats make on the go potty training easy and help reinforce what you are doing at home.
We have a number of parents tell us that buying their child a Ginsey potty seat with their favorite cartoon characters on it was all the reward their child needed to succeed at potty training.

There are great potty training tools like tinkle targets, reward stickers, potty chairs, potty seats, travel potty seats and much more at your disposal. This potty seat follows the same pattern and theme as other Minnie’s Bow-tique merchandise that is available at most major toy stores. Just like everything else in my house, the kids never hung the potty seat back on the hook where it belongs. The site will feature a wealth of articles related to potty training, potty training techniques, potty training products and other potty training solutions. Let me give you a few examples of potty training failures from my own experiences and those of my friends and colleagues. You child may be potty trained but now lacks the sense of urgency conveyed when you were actively trying to get them to this point. In these cases it is often best to simply back off and let your child make the decision to become potty trained on their own.
If you already have a Minnie’s Bow-tique kitchen set, books, DVD set, dolls or any other merchandise, this Minnie potty seat will fit right in! The reason potty chairs work better for girls is that they sit to do all of their business. Rather than have a floor potty chair for #2 and then take them to the big boy potty for #1 we decided it is just easier (and less disgusting) to use the big boy potty for everything.
I eventually started using the potty hook to hang the potty seat on the back of the door where visitors didn’t have to see it. This site is managed by some great folks at Ginsey Industries who create potty training products, have tested potty training products and who are always looking for feedback on their products.
Just think of how much money you will be saving once you get your child out of diapers and on to the potty!
Many parents of little boys have written to us and told us that their son tried to stand at the potty chair and made a big mess. My wife and I had this issue with our oldest son and we were surprised how quickly he potty trained himself once the choice was his own and not ours. Ginsey Industries make a number of   potty chairs in styles for little girls including: Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Dora The Explorer, Fairies and much more. Once your daughter is potty trained the stool can be used for brushing teeth and getting into the  bathtub.
Rather than telling him to go to the potty, say to him (really!), "Think about your bowels and bladder. Potty chairs stand out as a potty training solution for girls that is embraced by moms of nationwide.

My kids love to aim their pee and this potty training solution helped them keep it in the toilet.
If so, you need to go to the potty." With this approach, you're putting the burden on the child to listen to and read his body's signals for needing to use the toilet. 2) After your child poops in a diaper or disposable training pant and after you've cleaned him up, have him flush the poop down the toilet and then set him on the potty. Be encouraging and upbeat: Say something like, "Someday you'll poop on the potty just like mommy ( or daddy, brother, or sister).
Make up a story about a doll who didn't go in the potty but then magically one day the doll decided to go all on her own. But lately we've been asking her if she needs to go potty, or asking her to come with us when we go, but she says NO!
Two-year-olds say "no" to most everything: going potty, going to bed, and even going to the park! I breastfeed, and my toddler seems to always want to go potty right in the middle of a feeding. Bring your child's potty chair out of the bathroom and put it in a spot where you typically breastfeed the baby. With regards to your husband, when you're feeding the baby and your older one needs to use the potty, he should be the designated escort and potty training assistant. So don't be alarmed if she becomes resistant to the potty training process on the road or immediately when you arrive at the new home. Once you're settled into your new location, she'll likely be willing to get back on track with learning to use the potty.
If you and your son see grandma and grandpa frequently, you'll need to take them aside and tell them as lovingly as possible that you're managing potty training your daughter and to please not make any comments (offer examples) that are guilt-provoking. You may want to take his potty chair with you or you can purchase a portable toilet seat adapter.
You might even consider putting him in a disposable training pant for those long two-hour stretches.

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