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If your potty seat has a disco ball and more games than my iPhone, you're barking up the wrong tree. Rather than turning your bathroom into a playground, one thing you can do to encourage your exploring toddler's interest in the potty is to let them watch you (or whichever parent is the same sex as the child) use the restroom. Potty readiness checklists will lead you to believe that if your child is walking, talking and mentions the potty even once, you should put them on an immediate regimen of hourly potty appointments.
If you want your child to feel motivated to use the potty, they need to feel the discomfort when they go. The best way to potty train is to wait until your child is actually interested (read: asks to use the potty), buy some toddler underwear and prepare for the onslaught of accidents. If by the end of the week your toddler has not made any progress and no longer shows interest in the potty, take a training break. Potty training can be a frustrating struggle for both parents and kids, especially if you try to train before your child is actually ready.
You probably know one mother who has glory stories about her son speaking full sentences at six months old and being completely potty trained by a year.

If your daughter understands the concept of going in the potty, but never makes it to the toilet in time, then make it a little more convenient for her.
Sometimes, despite a child's readiness to potty train, they still need a little help getting the idea down. Just because your baby can stand up and say "tee-tee" does not mean he is interested in doing it in or anywhere near the potty. Sure, it's going to be a messy week, but it totally beats spending an entire year cajoling your Pull-Up-wearing poop machine to make friends with the potty. Though you want your child to be interested in potty training, you don't want her to view it as play time. If you try to potty train for a few weeks without much success at all, give yourself and your child a break.
Buy a mini potty chair and keep it in the living room or whatever room you hang out in most of the day. If you are stressed out and frustrated about potty training, then your child will feel your frustration too and be upset that he isn't meeting your expectations.

Pulling training pants or underwear up and down may just be too much for him to worry about right now. Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with commercials that make you feel like you are some kind of potty moron if you don’t have your toddlers potty trained by the time they can wobble over to the toilet and flush their Polly Pockets down. So, follow your instincts, keep a sense of humor and may the force be with you in all of your potty adventures.
Here, moms share everything they've tried that worked, from a free downloadable potty-training app to sweet-treat positive reinforcements. It took my three-year-old two whole weeks of poop accidents before he finally agreed to poop on the potty. So in case you are spending half your precious 'me-time' worrying about how to get your 18-month-old to train overnight, let me share with you some of the best kept potty training secrets.

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