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If you have a future American Idol on your hands, this video will keep him or her singing and dancing all the way to the potty. Potty training used to involve little more than a potty seat, a book about the toilet, and a few rewards for successful trips there. If you are looking for an additional Potty Training app, Preschoology released a new Potty training app yesterday and it is currently FREE. With a song for nearly every aspect of potty training, this video is fast, fun, and engaging.

Parents praise the DVD for acknowledging that the potty can look different at times, from potty seats to the grown-up throne. Today, the most basic of ideas has gone high tech (and we're not even talking about using the iPotty for training).
While it may seem odd to hand your smartphone or tablet over to a tot just learning how to use the toilet, an array of potty training apps may actually convince you otherwise.
It doesn't teach all the steps to using the potty, so this video is best for older toddlers who are already familiar with the basics.

From interactive storybooks to animated reward charts and countdown timers that nudge kids to visit the restroom, these five apps may have you doing your own potty dance for joy sooner than you ever imagined possible.

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