Potty training girls video, toddler toilet training seat - How to Do

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Watch potty training advice videos on starting out with your child and beginning toilet training progress. Click for potty training videos with tips and advice to help you & your child through their potty training journey.
Click here for our expert potty training videos for the last stage of your child's learning progress. Mastering potty training control may be no easy feat for your kiddo, but the right books and videos may help youngsters grasp the concept — or at least be distracted long enough to go on the potty!

From potty training books that feature familiar friends to toilet training videos that use music and stories, discover the 18 best potty training books and videos to help your child conquer the porcelain throne! Books featuring your tot's favorite characters will keep her engaged while mastering the art of potty training. Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Nathan Azrin offers tips and techniques to have your child potty trained in less than four hours for the average kid.
Exposing your youngster to the 18 best potty training books and videos before you attempt toilet training may put little ones at ease, so stock up now — you may soon have yourself a potty trained tot!

Sometimes children can give the impression that they are ready to start potty training, but once the process begins they seem completely uninterested or have accidents constantly.

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