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Enter the My Carry Potty ($30) — a small, portable case that turns into a mini potty in a snap. Grace2, I too have been through potty training 2 children and have managed perfectly fine without taking a portable potty everywhere I go.
I potty trained my two without it too, I guess my point is that this isn’t outrageous to me.

My daughter is about 80% potty trained at this point, probably even more now, and I just bought a folding potty seat for when we go out. I think the photo is funny (I mean what parent is gonna let their kid run through a park with a potty sloshing full of poo). I bring it to my mother’s house so my daughter can use a her own potty and my mother does not have to buy one.

Potty folds flat for compact carry in a machine washable, take-along tote with organizer pockets that keep your personal care supplies handy.Includes 5 disposable bags and 5 absorbent pads.

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