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I was surprised to get a call from the folks at Huggies the other day, asking if I wanted to work on their newest promotion with them. Their newest product, called The Pull-Ups Big Kid App, has come along at the perfect time in our house. The Pull-Ups Big Kid App is available as a free download via the Apple iTunes App store and Google Play for Android. We are right in the middle of potty training too and my little one is also crazy about the princess pull ups. Even though my last bout with potty training was frustrating at times, one of the biggest turning points was when I discovered the Pull-Ups potty training app on my phone. Follow Mama Harris' Kitchen's board Snacks and Appetizers - Mama Harris' Kitchen on Pinterest.
Pull-Ups Big Kid App is an innovative new potty training tool on smart phones, which will help parents like me figure the whole potty training mystery out. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app has all types of things your little one will love. So grab yours today you can learn more here Huggies Pull-ups Big Kid App and maybe you’ll see on on my SnuggWugg soon .

Potty training was definitely a hot topic and I realized that everyone has challenges and successes of their own. The app is loaded with tons of support to help you along your potty training journey including tolls, tips, games, and more! There has been a little bit of friction between Huggies and Dads over the last year, so it was nice to have a chat with them and to hear that they are committed to showing Dads as the caring parents that most of us are.
My daughter is in her Pull-Up years right now and is slowly making her way towards potty independence! Once I told my daughter that Rapunzel would be visiting upon her next successful trip to the potty, she lit up with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell us that she had to go.
They were always a great transitional tool for potty training, and it’s really wonderful to see the differences in the design from 1997 (when I first used them) until now. As a Pull-Ups Ambassador on this potty training journey, I figured since we couldn’t celebrate at the big First Flush party in NYC, we could celebrate here in Texas!
But with so many of my friends on the cusp of potty training, I knew I had a great group to chat about the journey that we are facing. I thought the Pez method worked well but the Pull-Ups Big Kid app has made potty training fun and exciting for all of us.

I think one of his favorite parts will be interacting in the app with his favorite Disney characters.
I’m still a bit stuck on whether I should just have him using the big toilet with the small seat or if the small potty we have is going to work better. The fun designs and characters have always been a favorite for all of my kids, and Huggies is a trusted brand that I have used for so long now.
There was many resources and now I’m seeing the app has been updated and added to even more.
The app also features countdown timers to let your child know when it’s time to go potty! So a little over two years ago I was in for a rude awakening when it took close to a year to potty train D-Man. Recently the Pull-ups Big Kid App was featured in USA Today as a 2013 product trend to watch.

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