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You will find yourself in an abandoned site with a (realistic) shotgun, facing your fears as you embark on the mission, not knowing what to expect. As well as trying to make it out alive, you must help stop the outbreak of the deadly zombie virus and ultimately save the world. What happens on the day?On arrival at the venue you will be met by your instructors who will brief you on health and safety whilst participating in the Zombie Survival Experience.
On arrival at the venue you will be asked to sign an insurance waiver, and asked to confirm any medical conditions or medication that is being taken. The experience content, equipment used and restrictions may vary according to location.What about insurance?The centres contracted with us hold public liability insurance. Please note some locations indicated on the map may not be completely accurate and should not be used when planning directions.
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Please note that calls to this number are charged at 5p per minute plus your telephone provider's access charge. As you can see from the list above, there are dozens of graphic novels for The Walking Dead series. If you’re interested in a more combined approach to your favorite comic book, check out The Walking Dead Compendium.
You will be kitted out in your overalls, vest and goggles, before being issued with your weapons and ammo.
After the briefing and training it’s time for the main event, as you and your team work together to battle against the zombies to survive by completing missions to secure the zombies within a compound to stop the outbreak of the virus. Totally amazing and hats of to the team that presented the experience, especially the zombie infected. I have played a lot of paintball games on various sites and even other air soft events but nothing compares to the excitement of this one.

Our cookies have now been set in your browser, and we'll assume you’re happy with this if you keep using our website. You will be part of a group of survivors and to remain alive through the next three hours you must work with them to complete missions, plan tactical manoeuvres and defend yourselves against the attack of the living dead. You will not be liable for accidental damage to equipment, except where damage has been caused as a result of recklessness or wilful negligence. It was like being part of the original Resident evil game (True zombie fans will know what I mean).

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