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There are so many different worm bins on the market; how will you ever know which one to choose? The Ideal Size for a BinSize is one of the main considerations when deciding which worm bin is right for you.First of all, you have to consider where you are going to locate your bin. Buy Worms!Now that you've got your bin figured out, you're going to need to order your worms.
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Vermicomposting is a good way to compost during winter months when your outdoor compost pile is dormant. Many people let their compost piles go dormant during the winter months rather than continue to work the pile with little or no new yard material available. The Michigan State University Extension Master Composter Program describes vermicomposting as a simple process in which you make a bin using a plastic storage container half-filled with shredded paper (newspaper is best). The worms will eat almost anything including fruit and vegetable scraps, bread and grain products, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters and non-greasy foods. Other sites for vermicomposting information are Cornell University’s Cornell Waste Management Institute and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Earthworms kept in a worm habitat or worm farm are an excellent, fun and easy way to reduce your household, school or business waste. The castings and worm juice produced as a result of worm farming will work wonders in your garden – converts have proclaimed that there is no better liquid fertiliser or soil conditioner than that produced by the humble earthworm.
An average 60% of landfill waste is organic and easily compostable, however the anaerobic process produces harmful methane gas. One of our new additions to the Biome range is this 240L Wheelie Bin Worm Habitat which is a perfect size for families and small businesses. Lift the lid and any top covering, scatter food in a layer onto the top, add a little moistened potting mix or soil to cover the layer, and then replace top covering and lid.
New product newsHere you can quickly catch up with all the new products at Biome - in our stores & online. Please do not place your bin in direct sun, it will create far too much heat, and you risk killing your worms.Second, you have to consider how much food waste your household generates.
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The bin has one or two perforated PVC pipes running thought it to ensure sufficient oxygen. Once you’ve made the bin (you also can purchase worm bins and even worm condos!), the worms do all the work.

Worms cannot decompose meat, bones, fat, dairy products, greasy foods or non-food items (plastic, rubber bands, aluminum foil, Styrofoam, etc). The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is asking for public comment on these changes by Aug.
A worm habitat provides earthworms with the shelter and environment they need to live happily, reproduce and provide you with rich castings and worm juice to fertilise your garden.  All that is needed to grow your worm farm is your food waste and a weekly watering and the earthworms will take care of the rest.
Worm farming reduces these emissions, landfill and returns the organic matter to the earth.
Check for juice every couple of days, depending upon the level of worm activity you may harvest quite a lot!  It can be stored for later use in a cool, dry place. If you've got questions about worm compost bins, we hope that the information on this page can answer them. This is definitely something to consider if your going to be using your worms to teach composting to your kids.DisadvantagesPlastic is not porous, so it tends to hold moisture. We work hard to bring you the healthiest worms at the best prices.Click on the image of the worms to the right and it will take you to our store, where you'll be able to purchase your composting worms. Worm composting recycles food waste into a rich, dark soil amendment just like you get from your compost pile. Small quantities of broken up, soft food are buried daily starting in one corner and working around to each corner and the center and then repeating.
There is excellent information here about earthworms worm habitat and worm farms and how to minimise your organic waste. The amount of food your worms can eat will increase over time – start with small amounts and build up as your worm population grows. We've compiled the best worm compost bin tips, tricks, and advice from a variety of experts and now we're offering them to you. This can have its advantages, however, most of the time you'll want to ensure a plastic bin also has some sort of drain, so it doesn't lead to anaerobic conditions in your bin.
We have two in our house, so we produce a lot more worm waste than an average non-vegetarian household.Below are two sets of guidelines for helping you determine the ideal size of your worm bin. Once you find, or make, your first bin, you'll be one step closer to being able to create free organic fertilizer for your gardens, houseplants, and lawn. Worm bins are also an incredible way to start composting indoors, and if you're anything like us, your bin will quickly become the topic of discussion when you're entertaining company.
Your bin should have one square foot of surface area for each one pound of waste your household generates per week. If you have friends that are vermicomposting, they probably have plenty of worms and would share some with you. Below are several advantages and disadvantages to each material.Wooden BinsAdvantagesWood is very porous, so it allows a significant amount of oxygen into your bin.

Oxygen is critical to your worm's survivalIf built right, wooden bins can be quite eye-catching.Wood is a better insulating material than plastic. This is due to the increased oxygen and circulation within wooden bins (both a blessing and a curse).
That is why when you feed your worms, you'll tuck your food scraps just underneath the surface of their bedding.
The greater the surface area for your worms to feed, the happier they will be and the faster you'll produce organic vermicastings, aka worm poop.Ideally, your bin will be between 8-12" in depth. One of the great features offered by some commercial bins is that they have multiple levels. These multi-level designs create a huge amount of surface area, while still maintaining a small footprint overall.Another benefit to shallow bins, with increased surface area, is that they allow for more oxygen exchange.
The greater the surface area of exposed water on top of the aquarium, the more oxygen exchange, and the better the environment for the fish.
Tips for Worm BinsTip #1If your worm bin is too moist, you may need to add more bedding material, or consider adding a drain to your bin.
Tip #2If the materials in your bin are drying out too quickly, try pre-digesting the bedding materials before adding them to your bin. We like to use newspaper for our bedding materials, so we'll take a bunch of shredded paper, put it in a container, add a couple handfuls of finished compost or garden soil (to inoculate it), and then saturate it with water. We then allow this mixture to sit for a few days, while monitoring its moisture levels (you don't want it to be soaking wet, but at the same time, you don't want it to dry out). Then we add this pre-digested bedding to our bins.Another option to try if your bin is drying out too quickly is to coat the inside of it with cooking oil. Just put some olive oil on a paper towel, and rub it into the inside of your bin.Tip #3If you're using a wooden bin, and find that it is rotting, try alternating between two different bins. This will allow one worm compost bin to completely dry out, while the other is in use, and vice versa. Tip #4If you're interested in placing your worm composting bin outdoors, you may want to reinforce it against rodents, and other pests.
You can secure the lid by using a latch or weight, and you can secure the air holes by placing screens over top of them.

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