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In July New York State will introduce a new driver’s license that is laser engraved rather than printed. To see how the New York State driver’s license has evolved through the years, see this New York Times gallery. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.
Some believe that new proposed driver license legislation would help states better secure IDs while also protecting citizen privacy. Citing the almost $4 billion estimated price tags for states to switch to REAL ID and unfeasible deadlines, Napolitano offers up PASS as an alternative. Napolitano said that PASS ID keeps document verification and authenticating of source documents, advocates the physical security of ID production, requires that photos of applicants be taken and still has the requirement to show compliant IDs. Since states would be able to choose how to verify identity there would be some cost savings, Napolitano said. PASS ID potentially rolls back one key requirement of REAL ID, checking other states to see if an individual has multiple licenses. The bill creates a new grant process for states to get funding for driver licenses, Kephart says. The bill would also freeze minimum driver license security and ID standards for states to where they are now, Kephart says. Kephart contends that the bill would also remove the REAL ID stipulation that individuals could not board airplanes without compliant identification. The bill has received White House attention from Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, but the administration has its concerns. For this and other reasons it’s more likely that REAL ID will get amended, Kephart suggests. Unlike REAL ID, The PASS ID bill would recognize the enhanced driver licenses as being compliant with any federal law regarding driver licenses and state-issued IDs, says Vermont Gov. Vermont started issuing EDLs earlier this year and believes they should be compliant with any future requirements. But Ari Schwartz, vice president of the Center for Democracy and Technology, testified that Homeland Security should rethink the technology used in EDLs and also find a better way to secure any type of machine-readable code on the IDs.
EDLs and the Passport Card use radio frequency identification technology that can be read from 15 to 20 feet and is designed to expedite travel over land border crossings.

Schwartz would like the PASS ID act to reject the use of RFID and have any machine-readable technology on the card be encrypted to protect the privacy of the cardholder. Despite potential changes to legislation impacting state driver licenses and IDs, Nevada is moving forward to comply with REAL ID.
If the individual doesn’t want the new document he can receive one that does not meet the terms of the law, says Tom Jacobs, a spokesman with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The primary difference between the REAL ID documents and the others are the documents used to prove an individual’s identity. There will be no difference in cost between the REAL ID documents and the others, Jacobs says.
Use the Wrench to knock out incorrect answers, improve your chances to answer correctly, and help you save lives! This guide will assist teens 15-18 years of age who are interested in obtaining their driver's license.
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Kephart says the bill was put together by the National Governors Association and Napolitano. The bill would not require states to store a photo, check birth records, Social Security numbers or passport numbers. It has been shopped around since Barack Obama was elected, but it took some time before it was submitted in the Senate, suggesting there may be questions as to whether it can pass. Also, he believes the data stored on the card should be limited to what’s necessary for law enforcement of other officials. The Silver State, however, is giving its residents a choice of whether or not they want a document that complies with the law.

Nevada will start issuing the documents in the fall and will be materially compliant by the first of the year. Under REAL ID residents can only use seven different documents but Nevada will allow 14 to be used to get a basic license. The conforming driver licenses and state IDs will have security features that identify it as being such. The state will conduct a marketing campaign to let residents know the difference between the documents and educate them on what they may not be able to do with the non-compliant licenses. If a resident wants a REAL ID-compliant document the breeder documents will be authenticated, scanned and stored. Many teenagers feel the need to pass the driving test on their sixteenth birthday so that they can start driving. Among the 30 or so additional security features: a see-through ghost image, micro lettering, and fused polycarbonate construction.
Testimony revealed very different takes on the bill that would basically roll back, REAL ID. Also, if states decided to hook into federal databases to check Social Security numbers or passport information the states wouldn’t have to pay for the access. States will be able to share access to databases to make sure duplicate licenses aren’t being issued but the information is only stored with the state that issues the document.
It’s not clear how the proposed change would impact states already complying with REAL ID and rolling out new documents. Understanding the graduating licensing process, selecting a driving school, and practising safe driving tips are all vital when obtaining a driving licence. The New York State driver’s license will be the second state license to feature laser engraving technology (Virginia unveiled an engraved license in 2009).
Even with this new bill looming, some states are still moving ahead to comply with REAL ID.

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