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Thanks Noella, the cat scratched up a lot of carrot seeds so they are a little spotty but the rest is coming along nicely. With these small vegetable garden ideas, you have the possibility to create a beautiful and unique garden, such as you’ve never seen anywhere else. One of the best small vegetable garden ideas is to grow vegetables which are also climbing plants, like tomatoes or beans. We hope that these small vegetable garden ideas will be useful to you, and that you will be able to put them to practice successfully. You need to be crafty and handy however, and be good with a hammer and drill, and with other carpentry basics. Thus, consider your space and figure out how many raised beds you can create, and what shapes the bottom parts should have.
There are many ways in which you can have a vertical garden, the simplest being to hang pots on the wall or fence.
Old tin cans, plastic containers, wooden boxes or even suitcases, can become unique pots for your plants.

Remember that in order to make the most of green living homes, you must rely on your intuition and imagination as well, because you are in direct contact with the space and can come up with solutions. Living green means being as sustainable as possible and if your space allows it, one of the best ways to lean and eco-friendly lifestyle is to grow your own vegetables. It is simpler to make them rectangular or triangular, because then you can just use planks that are laying around, or that you find in shops.
Otherwise, you can create troughs in a stair-like fashion, and secure them on the wall or fence. You should also care about the aesthetics of your garden, and also do some research and consider what veggies can grow next to each other and which cannot.
If you’ve decided to start growing a vegetable garden, then you’ve made one of the best decision of your life! Moreover, your raised beds can have as many levels as you like, though more than four is not recommended.
You can also use old pallets to grow vertically, and basically any materials you find around the house and could use in order to build beds for your plants.

When you choose your vegetables, find out how much sun and water they need, so you can organize planting them better and more effectively.
Few things are as pleasing and rewarding as gardening, especially if you grow your own fruits and vegetables.
You will have a bit of hard work in the beginning, until you get organized and set everything up, but soon your tasks will become routine and you will start to enjoy doing them. However, if you’re reading this article, it means you have trouble with space, and you would like some solutions in order to maximize its potential. In what follows you will be exposed to a few small vegetable garden ideas, and you will see that you can turn this into an advantage.

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