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All of our survival courses - Wilderness, Cold Weather (snow), Primitive and Desert, will provide you with enough skill and knowledge to properly take care of yourself on all future backcountry endeavors, regardless of weather, location, or available equipment. This is an informative pre-trip seminar that will provide an overview of a variety of important survival topics. Our Wilderness Survival 1 course is an excellent introduction to the basic skills necessary for surviving in a remote wilderness setting. This course will expand on the skills covered in Wilderness Survival 1 as well as teach more advanced techniques. This course will expand further on the skills previously covered and provide the participant with techniques for minimizing the equipment required for surviving in a wilderness setting. Join us for a memorable experience in the Mt Hood National Forest while you spend 6 days and 5 nights with your instructor learning all of the survival techniques covered in Wilderness Survival 1-3. Using hot coals from a fire to burn down into a log to make a survival container that water can be boiled in.
The other part of the week consisted of making group survival shelters and staying in them overnight. First a small fire pit is created in the center and then the walls are stuffed with leaf litter debris (in this case the branches and leaves of the non-native invasive plant, Japanese knotweed). Many desert creatures spend the day beneath the surface, where he day temperature is much lower and night much warmer than outside.
Having provided immediate shade, build your shelter in the cool of the evening to conserve energy and fluids. Food spoils very quickly in the desert and any stores, once opened, should be eaten straight away or kept covered and shaded. Deserts often support a variety of animal life which borrows into the sand or hides in any available shade during the day. Insects, reptiles, small rodents and specially adapted mammals such as the Fennec Fox of North Africa, the Australian Bandicoot, a hedgehog in the Gobi and the Jack Rabbit of North America- all of which have big ears to act as cooling aids.

Vegetation, away from oases and waterholes, is likely to be little more than scrub and grasses- even in the semi desert- but grasses are edible and sometimes plentiful. Sunglasses or goggles will help- though many made for use in temperate climes may offer insufficient protection. You have permission to use these images for most non-commercial educational uses (that includes homework, lessons and wall displays). Enter some key words in the search box, or explore the gallery through the directory titles below.
Here are some great looking survival shelters you can probably build yourself if you ever find yourself in a SHTF or survival situation… assuming you have moderate skills.
The extensive individual skill-building focus of each event will dramatically increase your confidence level as you progress through a series of exciting courses. A sharp rock or knife can be used to scrape out the charred wood in between adding fresh sets of hot coals. Now stream water can be put in the bowls and small red-hot rocks from a fire can be added to boil (and thus purify) the stream water for drinking.
The shelters are completed by adding a lot of small branches then debris to the roof to keep rain and wind out (leaving a small opening for smoke to escape).After a busy afternoon of construction, the shelters were completed after dark. Pile rocks to make a windbreak and make use of wadi walls(except when rain,and consequent flash floods seem likely).
Protein foods increase metabolic heat and increase water loss and liquids are needed for digestion. You can search by clicking on the categories in the gallery, or by entering keywords in the searchbox. Unless you know where to find what you want it's best to use the search box as that will return all references to your search words throughout the gallery. The copyright of each image remains with the photographer, and use other than as described above may constitute a breach of copyright.

If you are unsure how much training you need for specific applications, we can help you identify which courses will best meet your needs. If using fabrics, leave the bottom edges lifted and loose by day to increase air circulation.
If water is scarce, keep eating to a minimum and then try to eat only moisture- containing foods, such as fruits and vegetables. There are even Gazelles that manage to get all the moisture they need from the sap of leaves, though most large mammals are an indication that there is a water supply within daily reach of their grazing areas.
Beware of the Acacias thorns but try all its soft parts: flowers, fruit, seeds, bark and the young shoots.
If you wish to use these images for other purposes you should contact us specifying your needs, or go here to read more about our copyright terms and conditions. If the land is totally barren, vehicle fuel and oil mixed with sand in a container will burn well (and is an easy way to light other fires) or use a string wick. Birds feathers give them good insulation against heat and many live and breed long distances from there water supplies- such as the road runner of Arizona. The grasses of the Sahara and the Gobi are neither nutritious nor palatable, but in the Sahara and the Asian deserts you may find the desert ground, a member of the Squash family. Putees will help keep sand out of boots or could be extended to wrap round the foot over open sandals. Chew its water-filled shoots and eat its flowers and orange-sized fruits, the seeds of which are edible roasted or boiled.

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