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Below are some useful reference and informational material that will assist you in preparing for a natural or man made threat, the unexpected and the unimaginable. An important facet to Family safety is having a plan and being prepared in case an emergency strikes. It is important so you can increase your personal sense of security and peace of mind and to know you will be ready in case of an emergency. Below are some useful reference and informational material that will assist you in preparing an Emergency Plan. Keep your pet’s kit with your family’s emergency survival kit for quick and easy access (preferably on the top shelf of a closet near your front door, away from the reach of small children). Check the kit twice a year (an easy way to remember is to do it when you check your smoke alarms bi-annually) to ensure freshness of food, water, and medication, and to restock any supplies you may have “borrowed” from it. About usThrough its province-wide network of 50 plus Communities, the Ontario SPCA is one of the largest, most responsive animal welfare organizations in the country, providing care and shelter for tens of thousands of animals every year.

The estimated delivery time will be approximately 5 - 7 business days from the time of order. American Preparedness is a Service Disabled Veterans owned business that has designed the 7204 emergency preparedness kit to support four people for 72 hours (three days).
When an emergency strikes, knowing what to do can save time, property and most of all, lives. Help protect your family, including your pet in the event of a disaster by having an emergency kit readily available. As a non-profit charitable organization, the Ontario SPCA is unique amongst animal welfare organizations in Ontario: the Ontario SPCA Act mandates the Society to enforce animal cruelty laws and provides Ontario SPCA Community investigators with police powers to do so.
The three main priorities to emergency preparedness are getting an emergency preparedness kit, making a plan, and being informed. The 7204 contains enough food rations, water and other emergency supplies, such as emergency space blankets, flashlights, water-resistant radio with batteries and emergency ponchos to provide 4 people with the items needed to assist in surviving a natural or man made disaster.

Check out this video to see what she has to say about the great more »Continue Reading »Join us for the 2016 Friends for Life! By lacing up and collecting pledges for animals in your community, you’re supporting the protection and care of animals in need.
Before you do that though, here are some important tips you need to know about spending time with your pets near water. In this amazing story, Bob the Tortoise found his way back home after a four-day adventure outside his home.

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