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I know it’s allergy season because my mirror told me, and it told me even before my sinuses found out. When allergies cause my eyes to water, itch and swell up, I usually turn to a few different de-puffing tricks, like cold compresses, chilled tea bags and spoons, but I also try to keep my eyes open (as much as possible, haha!) to new things.
While not a new product, First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller Intense Therapy ($24) is new to me.
Both products also create a cooling sensation on the skin, like a refreshing splash of water. If you’re a busy college student, a mom or a busy worker bee, or just someone who suffers from seasonal allergies like me, you might give First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller a try.
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I have an aloe vera plant at home, wonder if I could cut off a leaf and squeeze out the juice for my puffy eyes, just like I would do if I had a burn? If you have sensitive eyes I wouldn’t try it because it probably would sting if it got in your eye.
One morning about a week ago I looked in the mirror and saw two big, fluffy pillows under my eyes that said, “Congratulations, Karen! It’s a moisturizing liquid roller ball similar to my beloved Clinique All About Eyes Serum ($26).
I think Clinique’s version wins in the hydration department, but Detox works faster and also contains illuminating mica, which, if nothing else, illuminates the under eye-area with some brightening shimmer, making it at least appear brighter. I had tried a sample of the cream and fell in love, but $28 seemed fairly steep (even for a huge tub). Like Clinique’s serum, it contains caffeine (which, applied topically, might constrict blood vessels) and antioxidants to (allegedly) reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

I’m a very busy college student who goes on two hours of sleep per night, so I might be interested. But for $35, I got a full-sized tub of cream, a full-sized facial cleanser, AND the detox eye roller.
As a person who experiences the allergic situation every morning, my eyes are always puffy in need of help. After I put that on, I wait 5 mins and then put an eye mask on with cooling gel in it which I store in the fridge with the eye gel itself, and oh God it feels like heaven.

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