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If you are having red and blotchy red patches on your palms it indicates that you are suffering from liver disease. Generally in pregnant women’s it is seen that they have red palms but there is nothing to be worried because it is due to increased blood vessel activity. Sometimes it happens when you feel your hands difficult to use in normal activities of every day, you will feel your rings tighter and if you are doing the work of typing like me, it will be difficult for you to type. If you have swelling in your hand it is sign of under active thyroid gland but if rest of your body is swollen slightly and have fluid in hands it indicates liver or kidney related disease. If you are simply being pre-menstrual, have eaten something salty or travelling by aircraft these are some of the other reasons for having swollen hands.
If you are suffering from Reynaud’s disease, your fingers will change periodically to blue or white, basically when they come in contact with something cold. In this disease the blood vessels go into spasm and to the extremities it completely closes off, as a result the fingers turn white or blue. You should wear gloves and also avoid touching cold things, if you suffer from this disease.
Clubbing of fingers generally occurs in people who are suffering from heart or lung problem. Alone from this symptom you cannot find out ill health, some of the people who are having clubbed fingers are suffering from breathing difficulties also and they are also undergoing treatment.
As we grow older, there are high chances of Arthritis in hands, it is a crippling disease and the soonest caught, the soonest treated so that it never becomes life-changing..
Little bruises, or odd marks like red splodges under the fingernails is a sign of a heart disease. However, as mentioned earlier that it is isolated among your lower extremities as well as your hands, you do not have to worry about it too much because this may be caused by fluid retention due to pregnancy. One can say that weight gain is the major culprit here but due to high blood pressure, even a little bit of the salt will result in swelling. Some of the foods that are rich in minerals include almonds, buckwheat, Brazilian nuts, kelp etc. Hire a good massage therapist or ask your hubby, kids or any other caretaker to give you a good massage using essential oils tea tree, lavender or even grapefruit. Exercises like yoga and Pilates are recommended during this time because they improve circulation and keep you on the go. A good hot shower or a bath is the solution to almost any problem in the world and the essential oils of the grapefruit just help you with that. Fill some water in the tub and add a few drops of this essential oil to the same, then soak in it for about 20 minutes and try to lightly keep the feet up when you are doing the same. This works best for the feet and the ankles, but those with swollen calves should soak the feet a bit more. You're more likely to develop chapped lips if you have dry skin or a history of allergies, live in a dry climate, spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun or wind, smoke, take acne medications or allow yourself to get dehydrated.
If you have a tendency to develop chapped lips, you need to be diligent about treatment during winter months or when going outside in the sun or wind. While chapped, burning or swollen lips can be painful and embarrassing, remedies to prevent problems are available, but you must use them faithfully to avoid recurrences. If the swelling does not subside or go away on its own even after trying several effective home remedies, it is recommended that a qualified physician is consulted and further tests undertaken in order to rule out other possibilities that can be life threatening. Water retention being the most common cause of swollen feet, the first thing that you must do in order to do away with the problem and encourage flushing out of the water is to keep your feet elevated. Do this at least four or five times and leave the legs elevated for at least an hour each time. Massaging the swollen area gently too is another way to ease the water retention and release the trapped water from the feet. Coriander seeds are known to relieve swelling and can be used for treating swelling in the feet as well. Flax seeds are anti inflammatory in nature and help in treating all kinds of inflammatory problems of the body. Grind a teaspoon of flax seeds and sprinkle it in your salads or cereals or take them on their own every day. Soaking your feet in hot and cold water will help in relieving the trapped fluid in your feet.
Lavender too is very soothing and relaxing and can be used as a bubble bath for treating swelling in the feet.

Take one tablespoon each of milk and olive oil and add a pinch of cinnamon powder and two teaspoons of olive oil to this. Certain essential oils are very good in treating swollen feet and this will also help in soothing the feet as well. Baking powder and rice water combination is known to improve microcirculation and can be used for treating swelling in the feet.
Barley water has good diuretic properties and helps in removing water retention in the body. A simple remedy for swollen feet is to allow cold water to flow on the swollen feet for fifteen minutes. Find hundreds of articles on foot and leg pain, a community of patients and a huge lower body health store with expert advice. Take your foot care into your own hands with our extensive range of products and FREE information on foot conditions. The classic choice for treating the pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and other wrist disorders. You need to consult your doctor if your hands become more red even when you have not done too much hard work.
This all happens because you have swelling in your hands and by observing these facts you can find it out as swelling is very slight and a casual observer cannot see it, so we need to feel it. This phenomenon generally affects women more as compared to men, it is strange and harmless.
In addition to this, you can also prevent swelling by having regular checkups with your doctor.
The general requirement for magnesium is about 350mg in a day but during pregnancy, you need about 400mg.
What happens here is that gentle massaging again improves blood flow and circulation, which helps to combat swelling.
Remember that yoga and Pilates focus on postures that require leg elevation and this helps in reducing the problem. In the bath, take support on both sides gently lift one leg at a time to keep the motion going. In fact, eating salt-less meals for at least three days is suggested for patients with medium edema.
You can develop burning and swelling of the lips from something as simple as dry air, but you can also develop more serious diseases with similar symptoms. Recognizing triggers for cold sores, such as stress and illness and avoiding chapped lips and other lip trauma, including sunburn, helps reduce the incidence of outbreaks of HSV. However, if cracks develop in the corners of the mouth, they can become infected and may require topical treatment with steroid creams or antiviral medications. Elevating the feet to a level that is above the heart will help in the drainage of the trapped fluid and this will reduce the swelling greatly.
This is one if the best home remedies to attain relief without any medication or natural treatment. For this, you can warm some olive oil or massage with your hands gently in strokes that are towards the heart. Prepare an infusion by adding three tablespoons of coriander seeds to one cup of boiling water. They also aid in easy digestion and relieve toxins from the body, the accumulation of which too can cause foot swelling due to impaired kidney function. This is a great remedy for detoxifying your body and also relieving water retention and other inflammatory responses. Add few drops of lavender oil to your tub of warm water and allow your body to soak for half an hour, taking special care to soak your feet that is swollen.
Take equal amounts of peppermint oil, lemon essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil and mix well.
You can also soak your limb in rice water, water and baking powder solution for 15-20 minutes for relieving water retention and removing swelling of the leg. When you have swollen feet, drinking plenty of barley water and rice water helps as this will encourage urination and relieve the water trapped in the feet.
This procedure will help in constricting the blood vessels and remove swelling on the feet.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Three main nerves begin together at the shoulder: the radial nerve, the median nerve, and the ulnar nerve.
But nowadays as we all know that, due to presence of modern tests and various technologies this technique of looking at hands for determining  your general health have been ignored. When your liver does not function properly and is not able to carry out the toxins present in your body, it results in increasing the blood stream due to which the blood vessels present in hands and feet dilate. Edema or the swelling of the feet along with the ankles is something very common and is usually experienced during the latter half of pregnancy. Though the problem is not serious and goes away immediately after delivery, it is true that it makes you uncomfortable.
Getting too lazy will only make it worse, but when you are lying down, do put your feet up as a rule of thumb. It has bubbles along with quinine that helps to reduce the swelling and also helps look and feel great.
If your swelling is still at an early stage, then you should keep salt intake to a minimal.
To treat burned, chapped or swollen lips requires determining the cause before starting a treatment.
While chapped lips often have simple causes, other conditions can also cause burning, swelling and chapping. Staying hydrated, using a humidifier indoors and covering your face when you go out in the cold or wind can also help. Recognizing the cause of allergic reactions on the lips and avoiding similar products helps reduce the risk of recurrence. Using lip balm in these cases can make the problem worse by trapping bacteria beneath the ointment, the University of Alabama Birmingham Health System warns. Repeat the procedure if soaking your feet first in cold water and then in hot water for a few minutes several times a day. Add a few drops of sandalwood oil to a bucket of warm water and soak your feet for 15 minutes.
This paste can be applied on the swollen feet and left on for some time so that the swelling comes down. This can be used for massaging the swollen feet to encourage proper circulation and also relieve the water that is trapped in your feet.
These nerves carry signals from the brain to the muscles that move the arm, hand, fingers, and thumb.
There are two collateral ligaments that connect the forearm to the wrist, one on each side of the wrist. This elevation makes the blood go in the opposite direction and thus reduce the swelling from the ankle and the feet.
Cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus, or HSV, often burn before blisters break out and can appear swollen when blisters appear. This infusion can be taken twice every day to relieve swelling and encourage good circulation. The anti-inflammatory properties of all these in combination will help in removing the swelling and water retention from the feet. In this article we will discuss about the signs and symptoms one should notice in their hands. Chapping can also occur with HSV, especially if HCV recurs frequently, the University of Wisconsin Madison Health Services reports. You can also apply coriander seeds soaked in water on the affected area to relieve the water retention in your feet. A glass of cucumber and lemon juice is highly recommended here along with drinking about 10 glasses of water. Applying ice for five to 10 minutes out of every hour can help reduce burning and may slow development of blisters.

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