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FRIENDSSpecial thanks to all independent cappers: err0001, TM, Reb, XS, tNe, wrcr, Reb, MW, pwe, JannaJives, GF, SHO, bigfish5, loadstone2k12, thirteen28, CLDD, RKSTR and anonymous other cappers and suppliers. This article is under the scope of the Episode Cleanup Project and has yet to be cleaned up to a higher standard of quality.
You can help clean up this page by correcting spelling and grammar, removing factual errors and rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and moving some elements when appropriate. The episode begins with Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Rigby, Mordecai, and Thomas all outside, listening to Benson who is making a presentation about surviving in the wilderness.
As they are driving back from the store, they notice that they are running late, so they take a "shortcut" that is an unpaved road through the woods. Mordecai decides that they have to walk, but as they are walking, they come to a fork in the road. Suddenly, Mordecai looks at Rigby and Rigby looks 8-bit as a result of Mordecai seeing things.
Many days pass by, and Mordecai and Rigby have survived by remembering what Benson had said about survival. KaBOOM!’s Regular Show comic gets taken over by awesome mole-girl Eileen both literally and figuratively in issue #13, when writer Minty Lewis guest-scripts a new arc. Lewis: Shannon [Watters], the editor, basically said I could do whatever I wanted, which opened up the possibilities quite a bit. At the same time, I know watchers of Regular Show expect a certain series of events, so I tried to include that stuff in there, too without making it the center of the episode.
Lewis:My comics tend to have a quieter humor and a slower pace than Regular Show, and that comic writing sensibility is definitely evident in this story.
Nrama: What are some of the things you can do in an issue of an RS comic that you can't do on the show, and vice versa? Not only was the content like nothing I had ever seen before, but it didn't follow the typical format either since it was very, very rough and originally in Japanese (a vertical format, as opposed to the horizontal format of storyboards for American cartoons) and then translated.
Lewis: Going to San Diego Comic-Con at the end of the month for the Regular Show panel and another secret project that I hope to be able to share with the world one day – but not today! Regular Show #13 hits comic shops on July 30 – and Regular Show hits San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 26!

This article is under the scope of the Character Cleanup Project and has yet to be cleaned up to a higher standard of quality. Don returns in "Bank Shot," where he gives Rigby advice on how to regain his edge in doing bank shots. According to Benton Connor, Don is about 21 years old, leaving him to be 2 years younger than Rigby. Don may be the only one in the "walking around naked" trend, as Mordecai and Rigby are shown to not be completely naked in "Dizzy" and "Men in Uniform".
However, Mordecai and Rigby are not listening to Benson; instead, they are playing handheld video games. As they go deeper and deeper in the woods, Rigby says he didn't put fuel in the cart; as a result, the cart runs out of fuel, and stops. I knew I wanted this story to be a little different from what fans might see on TV, and of course I love Eileen, so it just seemed obvious that we should spend the day with her. These are JG Quintel's characters though, and readers already have a strong sense of this world, so I tried not to diverge too far from what has been established. All we knew was that she was a girl that Rigby wasn't into, so we had a lot of freedom to in building her out. Having never done any voice acting besides Regular Show, I was very surprised to get a call asking me to do a voice on Adventure Time. It seemed like they put a lot of trust in Masaaki Yuasa to make something amazing without really understanding what he was doing until he was done. There were multiple steps of communication between Masaaki Yuasa, his translator, the director, and the actors, so it was kind of like playing telephone so I had no idea if what I was delivering was what was desired. I have written a couple of stories that my husband Damien Jay has illustrated (Tales from Leisure Cove) and that has been really fun.
In "Just Friends," Rigby and Eileen attend Don's ceremony getting his 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Rigby often suffers from unfavorable comparisons to Don by their mom and dad, though he does geniunely care for Don and appreciates him. When Benson is done, he tells Mordecai and Rigby to get tortillas so that they can make quesadillas.

Mordecai asks Rigby where he got the idea of eating tree bark, and Rigby says that it was a show where people go crazy from eating things that aren't food. In "Gymblonski", after the cart's tire had blown out during Rigby's practice, Don lets Rigby borrow his car to use it for a "Food Run" against his nemesis Francis Jablonski.
Rigby and Mordecai both think they are going to die, but then Rigby remembers Benson saying that they needed to find a cell phone signal. He was mentioned that Rigby told Francis' that he got the car from his "little bro" that his little brother is way cooler than Francis' little brother "Aiden Jablonski".
Benson tells them that he had reminded them many times that they were having quesadillas, then sends Mordecai and Rigby to the store to get them. After this happens, they decide that they needed to find real food, and that they needed to try to remember from Benson's wilderness presentation. They leave the wilderness to go back to civilization to buy the specific tortilla Benson as perscribed and the two joke about Benson's threats. Rigby's hatred for Don grows, and he mocks him while he and the park members are playing soccer. Eventually, when Don is almost finished with the taxes, Rigby hurts his feelings by saying he should have never been born. They look to see Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, and Thomas standing there in the same place as before. Benson says that he knew all that was going to happen, and Thomas reveals that they actually hadn't been out for days, and it had only been a few hours. After being motivated to get Don back, Rigby drives in the Cart with Mordecai to Don's house.
After figuring out why, Don immediately apologizes, and goes back to the Park to destroy the audit.

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