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I just wanna make it clear this is an abandoned project and I'm moving on to this military base. I abandoned this specific project but I got enough ships and vessels to perhaps make a naval base. I recently got a new desert world with good terrain features that might match the base reality of camp victory in the middle east. Putting schematic together in the world right now, I estimate if I was to drop all my other projects and work on just this one.
Cant wait till the download comes out, do you got a estimate when you will be relaseing it? Even if I’m not telling you, still you would probably know from the title of this page right?

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. So, this is the map which called Halo Minecraft Map. Still get confused of what this map is about? This map is quite complicated if you do not know the background story, but I do not know as well.
If you have any worlds with such description anything you could give me would be much appreciated. As you can see the pictures above, I do not have to tell you that much or the details given by this map right? Anyways, what is done in this map is that there will be the main story and 2nd floor, the underground garages and workstations, the frigate docking bat, the sub level landing area and elephant storage, the ships and vehicles including Hornet, Falcon, Warthog, RocketHog, Mongoose, the underground road system, the garage, the barracks, and many more to come in the next update.

So, just from you read that, this map is like a military base on somewhere in the world which contain so many things inside it, if it’s in underground, that would be much interesting because it is more secret right? Because according to everything contained in this map is enough to enjoy the loads of fun with.

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