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The University of North Georgia (UNG) is serving a growing number of adults who are interested in finishing their college degrees and provides a network of support, as well as online and evening classes, to help them accomplish that goal.
In fall 2013 at UNG, adult learners, classified as students age 23 or older, represented 27 percent of the university's entire undergraduate and graduate enrollment.
With four campuses located across northeast Georgia, UNG has made access to higher education part of its strategic mission and offers more than 100 programs of study ranging from certificate and associate degrees to professional doctoral programs. All of UNG's core curriculum classes, and many other courses, are available online through the university's eCore affiliation.
Other services for adult learners at UNG include workshops and resource materials, study areas, counseling services, learning support, and tutoring services.
The University System of Georgia and the University of North Georgia are the owners of all of their trademarks, service marks, trade names, slogans, graphic images, music, photography and videography, and they may not be used without permission. That was the feedback Janet Donovan, founding Board member of College STILL Achievable (CSA), received from her mother when she was graduating high school. While Donovan, age 56, was pregnant at sixteen and chose adoption, she graduated high school with a 3.67 grade point average and completed college preparation classes.
Donovan watched her eight-year older brother graduate college to become a very successful high school teacher and coach. She watched her sister, who was eleven years older than Donovan, attend college for three semesters.
In 1997, at age 37, Donovan enrolled in a supervisory business program, the same time she started her life as a single mother. She struggled in using a diskette, the necessary device needed to save important class assignments.
She later went on to Carroll University for there 2 plus 2 program but it was at Ottawa University where she completed her bachelors and masters in business management. Donovan jumped at the chance to be on the founding Board of Directors for CSA, a division of Literacy For All, Inc. College STILL Achievable (CSA) helps adults gain the basic or advanced reading comprehension, persuasive, and academic writing skills and technology skills to help community members be successful in college. Donovan is nearly done with her doctorate in business management from Walden University and is four classes away from completing her dissertation on emotional intelligence. The growth of adult literacy programs, both online and community-based, has made it even more possible than ever for adults who want to learn to do so in the comfort of their own homes and communities.

Unlike language, which is heard, seen, spoken and used every day, or science, which is often taught a with hands-on approach, one does not often remember the finer points of a subject like geometry or trigonometry or algebra if they are not applied on a regular basis toward solving the practical problems of one’s life after leaving school. In an effort to get more adults to return to college and complete degree programs, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADHE) launched a campaign that recently came to a close, Today’s THV reported. The initiative, which ran from July 2-29, was designed to get nontraditional students to visit the ADHE’s Come Back 2 Go Forward website. Even though the campaign has come to a close, adults who are interested in returning to colleges and universities can still visit the website. With all its shortcomings - hot summers, poor air quality, high unemployment, endemic poverty, increasing crime, cultural backwater - the San Joaquin Valley has not been that attractive to well-educated, new physicians and their families. Sign up for our newsletter and have the top headlines from your community delivered right to your inbox. For undergraduate enrollment, adult learners made up 16 percent of full-time students and 43 percent of part-time students – numbers that have increased from the previous year.
Nathan Deal, University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby and Technical College System of Georgia Commissioner Ron Jackson announced the statewide "Go Back. Christy Orr, CALM director, said the center creates an adult-friendly environment across all four campuses. Move Ahead." is part of Deal's "Complete College Georgia" initiative, which launched in 2011 to increase the percentage of Georgia's population with some level of college completion to 60 percent by the year 2020 to meet projected workforce needs. If you require the content on this web page in another format, please contact the ADA Coordinator.
The decision to return to an educational environment brings with it expectations and fears, both real and imagined. The fact that most math courses are taught in an abstract manner, often using mostly visual cues which are not concrete, makes it less likely for students who learn primarily by hearing or moving to remember techniques and principles.
People who harbor fear and do not share it are less likely to feel that it is possible to overcome the fear. For instance, if you are a skilled baker or carpenter or tailor and a friend is stronger in math than you are, you might exchange services and tips.
A free update to the new edition will be provided by request for those who purchase the current edition. In the short time the website was active, it attracted almost 10,000 visitors, according to the news source.

What they will find is a virtual guidance counselor who understands what obstacles stand between nontraditional students and higher education.
Health Resources and Services Administration has long designated the San Joaquin Valley a medically underserved area.
The University of California, San Francisco-Fresno Medical Education Program has trained roughly one-third of the Fresno area's physicians. Online and evening courses provide greater flexibility to students who are attending part-time and planning their studies around a work schedule, Gille said. It is often based in one or more experiences in a person’s life which caused him pain, such as being ridiculed by powerful people or losing an important position or even a loved one because of a perceived deficit in mathematical ability. As the department’s target audience is an especially mobile group, they made sure to target them through internet and radio advertising. By its definition, an "underserved area" is any locale with a shortage of personal health services, including primary care physicians, where the standard is one practitioner for every 2,000 residents.
Annually, it is home to 245 medical residents in eight specialties, 45 fellows in 12 subspecialties and about 250 medical students on a rotating basis.Kao Vang, 33, of Stockton just completed a three year family practice residency program through UCSF Fresno. The initiative will offer Georgians a simpler enrollment process, more flexible ways to transfer earned college credits, additional course schedule options and a personal academic advisor –services already available at UNG. And some, particularly those in mid-life, want additional education in order to recharge a stalled career or start an entirely new one. It is a serious impediment to success in the social and economic world we live in and it can devastate its victims by making it impossible to succeed in career searching or in solving problems of daily living. Within California, access to health care is 31 percent lower in the Valley than the rest of the state. Buck scholarship to cover all his expenses as an undergraduate biochemistry major at UC Davis. At the time, I was old enough to understand and comprehend, I just felt that the doctors were appreciative that I was available.
One of my passions is to go back to the community and be an advocate for the underserved patients," Vang said."I understand (their) struggles and lack of resources," he said.

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