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If you want to grow your own vegetables and flowers but you don’t have enough space outside your house or in your backyard then you don’t have to worry. One major advantage of organic container gardening which I must discuss here is that pest control is much easier in this type of gardening comparing to the traditional forms of gardening. If the potting soil you are using doesn’t have a fertilizer mixed in with it, you should add some when you plant. If you don’t have much time for gardening, but you love flowers or fresh vegetables, container gardening is for you. Whether it is a vegetable garden or a nicely landscaped flower garden, it can be almost like a piece of art work offer a wonderful way to blend your creativity with the dynamic canvas of nature.
You can add organic matters to the soil if you have the garden outside your house, but when you plan to use a container, make sure that you use organic soil.
Depending upon the size you can select from lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and many other vegetables. In order to get rid of aphids, simply buy a packet of ladybugs and spread them on your container plants. The 3 red flowered plants are: Mandevilla on the left, penta in the center and vinca on the right. I repeated the large purple Mexican petunia, red vinca, sweet potato vine, heliotrope, Calibrachoa and Japanese cedar. She suggested if you feel that way, but still love the look of a beautiful garden, simply plant a large pot full of fabulous plants, and let it be your garden. You can use anything from five gallon pails, to repurposed items such as old bathtubs, sinks, or grills, to expensive glazed terra cotta pots. Bring the container with you, and pick out all the plants at the same time so everything works together. If the soil is very dry or has pulled away from the sides of the container, soak it for about twenty minutes in a saucer of water.

Add a striking focal point with one large container packed with different flowers and foliage, or create an entire garden by grouping containers together.
This art of growing organic vegetables and flowers in a container is called organic container gardening.
At the time of the selection of a container, make sure the selected container can drain the water properly because some plants doesn’t likes to be over watered. In order to get rid of harmful insects such as hookworms, cutworms and others you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth with in your container. These advantages are appealing to the gardener who hates to weed or is limited in any physical activity and for gardeners with limited time to dedicate to their hobby or indeed limited space in which to practice it.
I also reused the red penta, but instead of planting just 1, like I did on the left, I put 3 in a very large container. You can easily have a beautiful and successful container garden, if you know a few of the basics.
As long as it will hold the potting soil, and you can add a hole for drainage, it’s a container. Buy lightweight bags marked as “potting soil.” Although potting soil is perfect for many plants, it stays too wet for most perennials and shrubs. As you plant, gently tease the roots apart, and thoroughly water the finished container to settle the soil around the new plants. If the container doesn’t have holes in it, you can make some with the help of a drilling needle. If your soil doesn’t have the ability to hold water then you can add peat moss to your organic soil.
If you can take proper care of your container then it will produce organic food for a long time. Most important is to choose large enough containers or pots (larger is better) and to water properly.

The tall purple flower is Mexican petunia (Ruelia), and the tall purple leaf is elephant ear (Colocasia escelenta, ‘Diamond Head’). So I’m going to post an article about my good friends John and Jennifer’s house on the Smith Lake Living Articles page of this blog (at least their article turned out good), and post the corrected container gardening article here.
Although it might last three months in a nice cool Chicago summer, here in the heart of Dixie, you will probably need to add more in mid-summer. The dark foliage plant in the back left is ‘Mona’ lavender (Plectranthus), and the other dark foliage plant is a dark pepper.
In the far back is a Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica ‘Knaptonensis’), and just in front of that is a holly (Ilex cornuta ‘Carissa’).
The spiky foliage is a dwarf zebra grass (Miscanthus sinensis, ‘Gold Bar’), and there’s a red Calibrachoa planted with it. Fillers are mounding plants such as coleus, impatiens and caladiums in the shade; or zinnias, ageratums and begonias in the sun. Alternatively, you can cut your watering chores in half by using a product called “Soil Moist.” It absorbs water, and then slowly releases it to the plants. Spillers soften the edge by spilling out of the container.  Sweet potato vine, ivy and petunia are all pretty spillers.
Follow the instructions on the package regarding the proper amount to use, and soak the crystals in water for a couple hours before mixing with the potting soil.
If all that thriller, filler, spiller stuff is too fussy for you, just pick your favorite flower, and fill the container.
It doesn’t mater what plants you use, if it makes you smile when you look at it, it’s perfect.

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