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Studio apartment is available for rent in Mediterranean, Discovery Gardens with fully fitted kitchen and big sofa bed.
Miracle Garden is quite a distance from the centre of Dubai, but if you have the time, it is a good place to spend an afternoon. Whether you are looking to turn a private home or a hotel ballroom into a Moroccan king’s court, A great moroccan theme party, we will artistically transform your space into an Arabian Nights setting. The flower patterns change with the seasons, so you will probably see something else, but this is how it looked in December 2015.
We use authentic furniture, tents, lighting, props, and wedding carriages for a perfect set up.

Flowers here are arranged into different patterns and designs, like hearts, houses or peacocks.
Just unbelievable!Miracle Garden in DubaiIt gets crystal clear at the entrance, that Miracle Garden in Dubai is not just a simple and ordinary botanical garden. But let me ask you something – did you even expect “normal” from a Dubai tourist attraction? I guess not.Miracle Garden in DubaiThere are numerous topiary-style flower designs in shape of a car, house, pyramid, windmill, heart. The colors are vivid and bright and everything is so well maintained you would never guess this stands in the middle of Dubai.

A city which would be a complete desert area if there was no water irrigation system all around it.Miracle Garden in DubaiWe could not help but asking ourselves over and over, how the heck do they get all the water from.

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