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Not sure if you saw the news article yesterday about a baby whose life was saved in a Sydney McDonalds when she had choked on food. Choking is a fairly common occurrence and today I thought it might be a good idea to talk about the basic first aid if someone is choking.
If a person is coughing, talking or crying they are able to move air in and out of their lungs i.e. If this is not successful ask someone close by to call an ambulance and repeat the back blows and abdominal thrusts again.
In Australia the Heimlich Manoeuvre is not currently suggested do to the risk of damage to the abdominal organs if done over enthusiastically. If the person loses consciousness start CPR immediately and continue until the ambulance arrives. While not a replacement for a formal first aid course, I hope that this post may help save a life if you see someone choking.

First Aid For Choking Infant and Child – Emergency steps to help choking infant or child either in conscious state or unconscious state. First Aid For Choking – Emergency steps to help choking victim either in conscious state or unconscious state.
This potentially life-saving poster shows CPR and Choking first aid for infants, children and adults.
Unsure what to do, the parents had called the ambulance and took the daugher to the front counter where the manager , trained in first aid, saved her life. The most common cause of choking is when food or an object in the mouth is inhaled into the airways where it can lodge, blocking air from moving in and out. As they are not able to breath they will not be able to cough or speak but they may have a high pitched whistle or wheeze.
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This is what is pictured above and also what happened in the case of the girl in McDonalds. Often a person choking will grab at their throat and may even turn blue, collapse or have a seizure. A rarer cause of choking is when a person has an allergic reaction and the airway swells, blocking air moving in and out.

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