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The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Preparing Feverishly For The End Of The World As We Know It?
Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden? HomeNewsThe Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Preparing Feverishly For The End Of The World As We Know It? The APN Guest Author account is the profile used for posting contributed articles by authors who write for the APN less than a few times per year.
I’m old and will probably never bug out but this guide may be helpful to some younger city dwellers. After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. Until now, I’ve never written an article for Small Business Trends while sitting in my basement. All kidding aside, today I want to take a serious look at a cultural phenomenon — and the franchise opportunities around it.
If you’re not a regular viewer on the Reality Television circuit, you may not know about the television show that’s on the National Geographic Channel called Doomsday Preppers. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of websites, blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels on the topic of prepping and survival. Let’s look at franchise opportunities that may take advantage of the prepping trend, yet also have crossover appeal to a mainstream market. I emphasize the crossover appeal when it comes to a prepper franchise, because the potential market will be larger. Also, unless you are living the prepper lifestyle yourself, you may find it hard to break into a niche market like preppers. The Anderson shelter was a popular mini-bomb shelter that was distributed to citizens in the UK during WW2. Those wanting to reinforce a basement or building with galvanized corrugated steel panels might turn to a place like the local Metal Supermarkets franchise that makes it easy to buy reinforcing materials. In the event of a natural disaster or something more, it’s a safe bet that electricity will be disrupted, too. Mike Burzminski, the local franchise owner of Batteries Plus, stocks all sorts of batteries.
Battery stores specialize in unusual batteries (beyond the AA battery in your favorite gadget) and chargers, and emphasize staff who are knowledgeable. Just search Google and you will find many articles and YouTube videos on the topic of prepping at a dollar store, such as this one at Apartment Prepper. Once you’re done learning how to grow your own food in an organic garden, you can go to the Gro-O website and purchase a few GroEasy Redwood Planters.
That’s why I paid a visit to The Beef Jerky Outlet, a young franchisor that specializes in tasty, high-quality beef jerky. These are a handful of the more mainstream franchises available that have overlap with the prepper market. In my research I came across a number of direct selling and multi-level marketing arrangements. Some products popular with preppers, such as Berkey water filtering systems, are sold through distributor arrangements. Affiliate programs are low reward, unless you also have a website with considerable traffic, or a large survival group willing to buy through your portal. I’m not saying that a non-franchise opportunity is either right or wrong, better or worse. With the beef jerky, you can even find beef jerky make from grass-fed beef if you’d like a little more beefy flavor to your jerky. I am also preparing for the financial crisis, by writing about sound money on my blog, Objective Argentum (silver in Latin). But the easiest way (and it tastes to me the same as the completely from scratch way) is to use the following recipe. I like to thicken the juice into gravy, so I get a half cup of flour and another cup of water, put it in a container with airtight lid, and shake it until it makes a slurry. Right before serving, I use a few drops of browning agent such as Kitchen Bouquet to turn it a darker brown color. While all this is happening, except for the short times I am adding something to the pot, I am able to work on my computer on my business. I’ve been involved with the prepper lifestyle since 1999 and have hosted my PoorManSurvival newsletter and website for five years.
Based on how unprepared many seem to be on nightly newscasts after a natural disaster, I think its an idea our ancestors would have applauded. I totally support the idea of being prepared — whether in your personal life or in your business. Hello Dear sirs, I would like to inquire as the possibilities of you possibly mailing me ANY and ALL FREE info.

In the penultimate episode of season 1, we meet three preppers who are doing everything they can to protect themselves against a looming catastrophe that will change life as we know it. This show is great and I love watching it, however, I can’t help but notice how a lot of the preppers on the show only prepare for one disaster.
Just watched the episode about the EMP prepper that will evacuate to the Arizona desert in his late model Jeep, towing all his supplies.
I train dog owners how to teach their family dogs to help them during a disaster or emergency, how to find missing family members.
Please get a technical support on EMP, those of us who make a living in this field are amused by the use of painted trash cans as shielding or testing trash cans for shielding with a car battery.
Magnetic fields curling over the sun’s northeastern limb rose up and erupted, producing one of the most visually-spectacular explosions in years. Our family are Missionaries to Mexico as well as locally here at home, where we work with the homeless and poverty stricken. I had an idea for your show, when we watched the episode with the new prepper and his wife who began prepping after watching the people of Haiti struggle.
You should choose a few new prepper families and follow their progress for a while, giving tips from your professionals throught the episodes that both the families you are following AND those watching can use.
I would love to get in touch with the McClung’s of Phoenix, mainly because their ingenuity of the fish pond, the natural support system they have for all their animals and making their own food is something I would love to learn!
Sorry, Big Mama, but the US civil war was fought for pretty much the very same reason as every other war… economics. As to roving bands of unprepared brigands who will kill good folks, such as yourself, and steal all that you have put away to survive a real emergency situation, mourn not for them for their way serves evil. We started prepping after 911.And when my husband lost his job 3 years ago all the prepping of food is what saved our butts. Like the comments that new season should be specifically tutorial and how to (what measurements, what supplier, what testing results, etc.). I have to tell you, hanging around in my somewhat musty basement for a few hours is as far as I’m willing to go. As prepping has drifted more into the public’s eye, there are more products marketed to preppers. In its third season, Doomsday Preppers is a television show about preppers and survivalists. Some Americans simply want to be prepared for the aftermath of a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina.
Most are likely kept within close circles of family and friends, but some meetings are public.
It’s a well-known fact that The Anderson shelters performed well under blast and ground shock.
I purchased toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, candles, lighters, flashlights, and hand-warmers. It’s really about volume when one is focused on preparing for a time when stores may no longer be stocked. Did you know that there’s a franchise that specializes in designing and setting up organic fruit and vegetable raised planter gardens?
You can attend a garden party at one of their locations where you learn how to set up your organic garden. And it is a food of choice for many preppers and survivalists, as well as campers, hikers and others who spend time outdoors. Whether your local area could sustain a retail outlet specializing mainly in one niche product like beef jerky (and related items) is something to investigate. As a distributor, you have whatever rights you get under the distribution agreement you sign. Food Insurance is one of many companies marketing to the prepper world that offers an affiliate program. Joel, The Franchise King®, equips today’s prospective franchise owners with time-tested, proven techniques designed to increase odds of success.
I am used to Italian cured meats like prosciutto, sopressata and salami (my family actually made our own when I was growing up), so I might just have to try jerky sometime.
We know that there are all kinds of mlm companes out there that focus on the preppers how about a single mlm company that brings in all of the best parts of prepping and survival and camping (since they kinda go hand in hand) and being able to have have it as a succesful company. At the end, if it’s too thick add some more water, bit by bit, until you get the consistency you want. Individual freedom & sovereignty have been suppressed by a purposely dumbed down society, corporate interests, organized religion, and of course ever-expanding government. This article was helpful because it tells you what franchise opportunities are popular right now.
Missouran Steve Pace is working together with his community of farmes to prepare for an EMP blast. Along with his community – which he refers to as “farmers with guns” – he is collecting food, precious metals, , and enough ammo to protect them both.

He started in 2010 – at age 64 – after watching the news surrounding Haiti’s devastating earthquake.  But just because he is getting started doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate about his preps.
That is great and all, if that disaster is the one to happen, but what if it doesn’t? I think a better format would be using an interesting host, like for example Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and spending half the show on one guest family or even a whole show.
The dogs are taught how to get and carry bug out bags or first aid equip, tools between people. They will teach you all you need to know about getting by without all those fancy-schmancy modern conveniences like cell phones or electricity. Since we began helping others in our area we have noticed how bad our economy and the programs that were put in place to help are deteriorating.
Kind of like a Peppers 101 thing only a bit more tutorial for those who are searching for the tips and ideas to help them with their prepping. Sometimes I do not understand exactly what they are preparing for, especially when they say New Madrid Fault and have glass jars of food stored on the top shelf above a concrete floor in the lowest level of their home. It’s only been 15 minutes, and I’m already thinking of scampering upstairs to finish this article. That’s because they were made with curved and straight galvanized corrugated steel panels – 14 of them actually. I also bought dozens of non-perishable food items like crackers, soup, nuts and candy bars, to name just a few. This company sells kits for consultants to hold home parties for stocking up on food and supplies. To take advantage of an affiliate program, a website puts up affiliate ads and earns a commission from every sale made via the ad.
He does this through one-on-one coaching, and gobs of useful content that can be found on places like Small Business Trends, SBA.Gov, and his award-winning franchise blog, The Franchise King Blog .
I find that the consistency of gravy is a matter of taste — some people like it really thick, some like it thinner.
Retired photojournalist Jack Jobe is worried that a solar flare will set off massive earthquakes across the country. In this episode Steve shows that prepping is a community affair, as he meets with the mayor of his small town to discuss a plan of action for after an EMP blast. He is teaching his wife, Jacquie, to ward off marauders with knives, installing a safe room door, and hiding food in places around his house only known to him.  Jack is known around his community as a funny guy who loves to make others laughs – he even has a prepping-based comedy act that he takes out to the local club.
I feel sorry for them for acting like they do because if it does happen the one left out will rip them into. Also, i usually can watch itondemand when i work late after midnight and its not on there yet.Whats up??? Getting to know these people and spending more time with them and what they are doing makes more sense. No matter what the disaster, water will be an extremely precious commodity and it seems that some preppers are not being realistic about how much water they will need to survive, never mind cook with.
He’s been featured in Entrepreneur® magazine, and is frequently called upon by national media outlets and publications for his no-spin insights into the world of franchising. In addition to preparing his home, Jack is working on inventing a tool that he believes will be a prepper essential, and will help anyone hack their way out of the rubble of what he fears most … a solar-flare induced earthquake. Wouldn’t it be better to have a basic knowledge of all types of disasters and have the basic necessities to survive instead of spending countless dollars preparing for one disaster? Besides, even if this doomsday never happens, I can still use my garden seeds to grow healthy food.
While there are fewer rules and a lower up-front cost to participate in a business opportunity, you also get less support and training than with a franchise. Bug-out bags are great, as well as having food and water stored in your house for a few weeks even going as far as having an evacuation plan and a place to go is a good idea, but to just plan for lets say a national pandemic and nothing else is pointless especially if something totally different were to happen.. Look at the hurricane damages, our Country does not have enough money to cover what your home owners does cover. From the urban thugs to the suburban racists to the rural good ‘ol boys and I am stuck in the middle. I am totally prepped to handle no electricity, no fuel, no grocery store, big storms, a flood and worthless cash even. What they need to do is get together and strategize a way to change the feel of the country.

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