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Apart from the wording of the invitation, there are other aspects that you have to take care of. Right, so here we are well into our new adventure waiting for the arrival of the lil’ fella. Hey Murph – you had your first attendance to a unisex baby shower about 6 years ago – ours remember (tamales by the beach)? I guess all the rage right now, and it may even have always been like this, is to have a unisex or co-ed shower.
The invitation has to be done in a particular way so that all the guests feel welcome and special in the event. Inviting the guests has to be done in a way that they understand their importance in the event.

At least I have the heir to my empire sorted and the Murphy dynasty can continue uninterrupted, not that the name had any chance of dying off.
I’m certain the idea was concocted by women so they could keep an eye on their fellas.
God forbid we’d be left alone to our own devices and not burn the house down or go on the piss. Coed baby showers are different from the traditional ones and hence require a special form of invitation.
Since pink and blue and gender specific colors and are known to represent genders, you must be careful not to have one of these colors for your card. If you only include the things from the traditional invitation way for baby shower, the men will feel left out and may not show up at the event.

In order to avoid this from happening, make sure to have things which are not specifically gender specific. Let’s be honest how many guys, unless of course they’re a soon-to-be Dad like me, have want to go and hear about babies and breast feeding and diapers and snot sucking devices and so on for an afternoon?
An interesting themed baby shower invitation makes the event enjoyable and gets the guests excited about it.

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