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I stumbled upon this book about a few weeks after I was diagnosed with clinical depression & anxiety disorder.
My mother found this book and after 20 years of dealing with MY depression, she finally understands.
This is an excellent book for those who consider themselves to have a strong faith (or used to) but are currently struggling with depression.
Let's face it: None of us really know what we're doing, so we might as well pool our knowledge so we can make it through our 20s, 30s, and beyond alive. Because knowing how to avoid doing laundry for as long as possible without having to go to work in your pajamas is a practical life skill. If you want a fucking cookie for standing up for basic human rights, you were never an ally.
The reason this is in the constitution was because the Founding Fathers were worried about a foreign monarch or other controlling power setting up shop in the US and gaining the office, then using the office to perpetuate gains to his own country. This is very similar to my process for Job Searching While Depressed (documented here) but has some interesting twists and tips I hadn’t thought about. Fact: Our reception pool forwards the names of people who call unsolicited on to HR, who puts the names on a DO NOT HIRE, CANNOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS list. One thing she recommends is to find a spiritual guide, someone to help discern between the depression and Sin, as well as to help relearning to trust God and believe in God's faithfulness.

The advice offered on this blog is not intended to replace the advisement of professionals, particularly when financial, legal, or health matters are concerned. But it was months, even years, before the mass graves started to yield up their dead and the process of identification, burial, and mourning could begin.
Kathryn's fresh, reassuring approach to living through depression proposes aspects of the Catholic tradition as a support to surviving even the darkest times. It is great for the person suffering from depression because it gives a great "plan of action." However, it is SUPERB for those not depressed who are around the depressed person.
I have followed her guidelines and have made the most improvement in many years compared to solely medicine regimes. We deliver the joy of reading in 100% recycled packaging with free standard shipping on U.S. I’m all for minimum citizenship duration requirements but requiring our president to have been born in the US is an antiquated ideal and its usefulness has been lost in history. Katherine poignantly admits that she is neither a mental health professional, nor a theologian, and offers tangible advice, guidance, and support from someone who has "been there". These encounters are snapshots and memorials, a feat of powerful reportage told from the viewpoint of people who have lost nearly everything. So, basically, don't sue us if you go for three months without doing laundry and just using Febreeze and get fired from your job because of it or something.

With the sensibility of Philip Gourevitch or Ryszard Kapuscinski, Tochman captures a painful moment in history, as an entire community comes to terms with its raw and recent past. Each chapter also ends with suggestions not only for the person who is depressed, but also suggestions & tips for family & friends of those going through this journey. I also like the fact that she does not just say: Going To Catholic Mass is the only answer. My mom bought the book & said it was helpful for her to understand what depression does to a person. She understands that depression is only treated through ATTEMPTS and FAILURES at "healing" the mind, body, and spirit.
Katherine provides the very necessary guidance on how depression impacts your Christian life.
I also highly reccomend the supporting book "Prayers for surviving depression" - I keep that book in my purse & often flip to some of the Psalms referenced to help center me during a busy day.

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