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HowardGFrom BET's "Comic View", from the Senate Insurance Commercials, the "Kiss My Bumper Guy", HBO's "The Wire" and various local and national t.v commercials. Mel Tillis, Bobby Bare and Jim Ed Brown appear on CMA Close Up Stage: 70's Heritage Panel on June 6, 2013, in Nashville. Strengths : Accompaniment, voicings, rubato-like lines, creative approach to anything he touches! Strengths : soul singing, groove, lots of chops!, charisma, great simultaneous scat-singing while improvising on the guitar.
One of the greatest Canadian guitarist, Lenny Breau was a true master of harmony on the guitar.
Strengths : chords and chord melody style of playing, solo performances, harmonics, improvisations, flamenco and classical chops (fingerstyle).

Strengths : Great feel, bluesiness, outstanding use of the bebop vocabulary, funkiness (later in his life). Strengths : highly individual voice and style, less-is-more approach and the use of space, impressive in all settings (duo to big band), ultra modern yet traditional notes and rhythms choices. Strengths : solo recitals (!), harmonic concept (chords and counterpoint), walking bass lines, chord melody arrangements, bebop improvisation. Strengths : Clear melodic ideas, phrasing and displacements, nice countours and creativity within the harmonic boundaries.
Strengths : Melodic inventiveness, soulfulness, deep groove, the use of octaves, personal sound (plucking strictly with the right-hand thumb). A great, sensitive swinging bebop guitarist, Herb played in the most significant guitar-piano-bass trio of all times. Strengths : Ultra-fast lines, unusual chord voicings, chord melody, artificial harmonics to play entire melodies.

His credits include dozens of appearances on the Howard Stern Show, a cult hero puppet character “Special Ed” on Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers and headline status at comedy clubs throughout the country, numerous commercials, and even two top selling comedic CDs. Most recently, Jim’s two Crank Yankers characters, Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher have become cult stars.
My instruction has focused on advancing practical rather than theoretical knowledge and making learning fun! I have a "healthy" collection of electric guitars and enjoy working on them, setting them up, modding them, etc.

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