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Cool Couples costume that contains 1 Kermit and 1 Miss Piggy costume inside and it also has wig with ears!
We can’t really know what happened in garden of eden, but you and your dear can know what happened in your backyard! This is not the costume for couple but instead when a male dress this one it will make it to look like couple in bed! Officially licensed cool costume of Daphne and Fred from legendary cartoon about Scooby Doo!

Really nice costume for couple that can give you a chance to be one of the greatest characters in the musical world or to get some of the Tim Burton’s atmosphere! This one is a cult costume in last few years so we are including it in our list for 2015 too! So why don’t you 2 go on a Halloween Party with this unique costume and there you can show how much you like each other! So give it a try take you dear by the hand and scare your neighbours or make them laugh!Dress up like Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo, or like Adam and Eve with more adult approach to terrifying zombie Couple or try to sing with Sweeney Todd and Ms.Lovett!

But if you come with your dear and this costume everyone will know who is yours better half!

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