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While the trucks that appear for the show at Hershey ever year astound, another kind of truck appears for a completely different purpose.
For a bunch of gearheads, what would be cooler than showing up to sell parts in the swap meet than selling those parts out of a vintage truck. And finally, probably the most charismatic of them all, a big REO panel truck from about 1937 or 1938.
Renowned for its off-road capabilities, the Unimog was developed by Mercedes-Benz to meet the needs of both military and commercial buyers. The double-cab example sold in Stuttgart began its life as a German Army aircraft tug, and thus spent much of its downtime in airplane hangars, out of the elements, leading to a rust-free body and frame. The top seller was this 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 K special roadster, which sold for a fee-inclusive $4,231,183. While the event was hosted by the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the lots sold did not come from the museum’s collection, but rather from consignors around the world.
Like other automakers in the early 1940s, Studebaker was expected to modify its production line to assemble materiel in support of the war effort. American troops did see the occasional US6 model, but primarily on the home front; the Studebaker supply trucks played a significant part in the construction of the Alcan Highway, a strategic supply route that stretched from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, to Delta Junction in the (then) Alaska Territory. Though produced in far fewer numbers, the Studebaker most associated with the war effort is likely the M29 Weasel, which was developed by Studebaker for a planned 1st Special Forces raid on Norwegian power plants used to supply electricity to German scientists working on their own atomic bomb project. Weasel expert Tom Murray, whose company TNJ Murray has modified and restored Weasels for military and civilian purposes since the early 1950s, explained that the initial models, dubbed the T15, had several significant design flaws that led to poor traction and regularly thrown tracks, not ideal for military applications.
Thanks to its versatility, the M29 (and all its derivations) saw use as a personnel carrier, a light cargo carrier, an ambulance, a command vehicle and a line-laying vehicle favored by the signal corps for its go-almost-anywhere capability, though, ironically, the mission for which the vehicle was developed was ultimately scrubbed. Studebaker M29 models were later modified by TNJ Murray for military duty in Korea and Vietnam, and were also used in Arctic and Antarctic exploration. Studebaker also built Wright R-1820 engines for B-17 bombers under license from Curtiss-Wright, and in R-1820-97 guise, these 1, The 50th annual Studebaker Drivers Club meeting will feature between 600 and 800 vehicles (including military vehicles), and the schedule includes eight days of activities designed to offer something of interest to all participants. The 50th annual meeting of the Studebaker Drivers Club, hosted by the DelMarVa Studebaker Club, opens on Saturday, June 28, and runs through Sunday, July 5, with the majority of events taking place at Dover Downs and the Dover International Speedway. Wally Cohn and Brooks Stevens weren’t the only two men who took a stab at restyling the Willys MB Jeep that proved so capable in World War II. Both of these Jeeps are claimed to have been built for General George Patton’s personal use, and both feature a sloping piece of metal fitted to the base of the windshield along with the extended fenders.
If you asked servicemen who fought in the war, that’s about all they would have liked see done to the Jeep. Aside from the Patton Jeeps, we’d question whether any of these Jeeps made their way back to the United States, let alone survived to make it into private hands.
This early Moon Township patrol car is unusual enough in that it’s a Kaiser, but this appears to be one of the Kaiser Travelers that the firm marketed for police use beginning in 1949. Most likely, you’re already familiar with Oshkosh, especially if you live in the snow belt. When you want to activate a Weapon of Mass Destruction, a Mad Scientist's invention, an electricity-based method of execution (especially an electric chair), or other badass electric device to be suitably dramatic, you have two options. While the Big Electric Switch is obviously common in Steam Punk and period pieces (including neo-retro Film Noir pastiches like Sin City), it can make surprising appearances even in technologically advanced contexts, despite the obvious anachronism.
In the animated adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle, the spell that removes the magical powers of the Witch of the Waste is activated by a Big Electric Switch.
Allegra throws two such switches to close a door and cause the stairs that Jack and his friends are on to disappear. Allegra throws a single switch to turn on the machine that turns normal creatures into harpies. A Wonder Woman comic has a knife switch beneath a sign that says "DANGER: DO NOT PULL SWITCH" in large, red letters. In the Bizarro strip for August 27th 2015, a guard is about to pull a switch that will electrocute a prisoner using a hand puppet on his hand. In Cats Don't Dance, Darla tries to stop the animals' big musical number by pulling "The Grandaddy Of All Switches◊". In The Iron Giant, a large knife switch - conveniently labeled "ON" and "OFF" - is used by the main character to turn off an entire power substation. Addams Family Values: Evil nanny Joan Cusack has the entire clan (minus baby Pubert) wired up to electric chairs with an enormously-handled electric switch. In the 1939 Wizard of Oz film, the "wizard" uses these to create the thunder and lightning effects in his throne room. The electrical apparatus that Lord Whorfin uses to give himself electrical shocks is activated by one.
When Nick Rivers is being taken to be executed, the electric chair is activated with an electric switch. In Metallica, the player must hit several of these around the playfield to start Electric Chair Multiball.
Snidley Whiplash throws a big switch in The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends to turn on the sawmill and endanger Nell. The ball launcher in Sega Pinball's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a one-handle version of the switch. The infamous opening bout of the 1991 edition of WCW Halloween Havoc, an eight-man "Chamber of Horrors" match pitting the team of Sting, El Gigante, Rick Steiner, and Scott Steiner against the team of Scott The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall), Big Van Vader,Cactus Jack (Mick Foley), and Abdullah the Butcher. Shows up in quite a number of video games in every genre to signal to the player that it's something they can interact with. Used for activating various simple things such as the lighting in various places in Myst and Riven.
In Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, Kurtis Trent's ultimate objective is to throw a big electric switch to restore power to the building. Used in the breaker room that's used to restore power after the blackout in Luigi's Mansion. Penumbra uses these for dozens of different functions, including an action sequence to kill a worm with electricity.
Philip: I don't know what it does, but that machine is clearly an electrical hazard waiting to happen.

In the xkcd strip Time Machine, the time machine looks like some kind of vending machine with a Big Electric Switch on the front. Parodied in Futurama: Professor Farnsworth hits a huge, antiquated switch to activate a device, and it just electrocutes him. In one of the Looney Tunes 'Wolf and Sheepdog' cartoons, Ralph Wolf has set up an armory's worth of missiles and cannons behind Sam Sheepdog, all focused on him at point-blank range, and the bluff Sam's sitting on has been rigged to break away, and far below is a big tank of hungry crocodiles. In "The High and the Flighty", the dog activates an electrified ear of corn by throwing a switch. Likewise, you still see knife switches in some low-power learning kits, because you can actually see the switch working.
When the KTLA TV station switched from analog to digital, it was done with a deliberately anachronistic Big Electric Switch. Knife switches and other steampunkish looking large switches are very useful when it comes to really strong currents, from hundreds of amperes in starter circuits of trucks or locomotives to thousands of amperes in large industrial installations, as they're essentially a movable busbar. That, and if you try to open the switch while it's driving a large inductive load, you will get a plasma arc and won't be able to interrupt the circuit. Because of their simplicity and ability to handle massive currents, electrical utilities use what are essentially massively upscaled and remotely actuated versions of knife switches to connect and disconnect power lines. I built a one transistor BFO once that didn't use any crystals or IF cans, I'll have to look around for the plan. In a short time we may speak of three or six crystal sets, the same as we speak now of a three or six tube set. I wound a 230uh antenna coil and the radio functions a whole lot better and receives 98% of the AM band.
With less than 25,000 miles on the odometer, this Jeep still has plenty of life left in it, and the ambulance body opens the truck up to a myriad of uses. Most vendors who go this route choose either vintage Airstreams and campers or vintage school buses, like the above Studebaker. The upcoming 50th annual meeting of the Studebaker Drivers Club will look to change that, as the club will pay homage to Studebaker’s military vehicles. The Russians became so enamored with the Studebaker US6 that both its body and its The attack would require a light and fast tracked vehicle, capable of negotiating deep snow and of being deployed by parachute, and Studebaker was given just 180 days to design, test and deliver such a vehicle.
Later variants proved far more robust, and Studebaker ultimately developed the M29 for land-based applications and the M29C for amphibious applications. TNJ Murray still offers parts and restoration services for Studebaker Weasels (and other military vehicles), and the company will present a tour and lecture as part of the planned Studebaker Drivers Club events.
The Avanti Owners Association and the Antique Studebaker Club will hold meets in association with the Studebaker Driver’s Club event, and the concours judging scheduled for Thursday, July 3, at Dover Downs will be open to the public. In fact, as we see from a recent reader submission and some research, it was a rather popular activity during and immediately after the war.
The first, those modified during the war, were done mostly to increase the rider’s comfort.
Others had similar ideas: Turning to Crismon, we see photos of another couple of Jeeps fitted with extended fenders to keep the elements at bay. Cohn began his work combining Jeeps with Opels in 1946, possibly inspiring the American Command in Germany to sponsor a coachwork competition the next year to give bored GIs something to do. We did indeed have a listing for the 48 that RM’s auctioning off in Monterey this weekend, but we also showed a listing for this 1999 Tucker Terra Medicat, the evolution of the Sno-Cat.
That changed when we happened upon the Web site of the Moon Township Police Department, a small suburban agency located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, outside Pittsburgh. For generations, the Wisconsin firm has cranked out some of the very toughest snowplows, concrete mixers and airport crash trucks in the industry. Bohn said the JLG deal “is aligned with our historic acquisition strategy as we expand into complementary markets, and it will be instrumental in building our global focus and scale that are increasingly needed to continue to be successful.
One of them is the Big Red Button, and the other is the old-fashioned electric switch with a huge handle, which sends sparks flying when activated. A person nearby says "If that's what it takes to relieve your conscience, maybe you're in the wrong business". Jack uses one to turn on his electric chair (which is covered with festive Christmas lights). During the reanimation of the monster, Igor throws the first two switches with no particular result. Gomez and Morticia have a marital-torture nostalgia-fest whilst Pubert does some handy re-wiring. Flint throws several of these in the Galaxy communications room in an attempt to mess up their operations and throws one to start the shutdown of their Weather-Control Machine. The Instant Bat Costume Change device (between the slide poles to the Batcave) is activated with one of these. After Batman drives into the Batcave with Vicki Vale, he turns on the lights by throwing a switch.
Wallace slams them up and down in an ultimately futile attempt to destroy the Nazi Zeerust Secret Weapon by Explosive Overclocking. Adam Grant is put to death by electrocution when the guard throws two of them on a console. Forrester from Mystery Science Theater 3000 uses one of these to launch both Joel and Mike into space. King Tut throws a switch to lower Batman (who's in a sarcophagus) into a pool of water using an unnecessarily slow dipping mechanism. Catwoman throws one to turn off an elevator so Batman can't easily reach a high floor in a building. One of Catwoman's henchmen throws one to activate the pattern cutter saw that is supposed to slice Batgirl in half.
One of the Puzzler's henchmen pulls one to activate a shower of balloons on the Dynamic Duo, which allows the Puzzler and his henchmen to escape. One of the Riddler's henchmen throws a switch to drop a net on Batman and Robin, and one is later thrown to start the spinning Death Traps to kill the Dynamic Duo. Used in the episode "Monster Movie" (along with many other cliches) to electrocute Dean, who is Strapped to an Operating Table in a Mad Scientist Laboratory.

Adds to the Used Future No OSHA Compliance look of the Malon toxic waste freighter in "Juggernaut". The match took place in a steel cage filled with weapons; the object of the match was to place a member of the opposing team in the electric chair in the center of the ring and pull the Big Electric Switch, thus "electrocuting" him (no electricity was involved, just pyrotechnics and overacting). Todd has just murdered a customer and is now going to send his body through the trapdoor into the basement. Where as buttons create a quick burst of electricity to a nearby object, and a pressure plate can be activated with any weight, a lever can be used to keep the electricity at a constant flow. Possibly a Chekhov's Gun considering that you can reach it as soon as the second area and the room otherwise seems to have no use. When activated it opens or closes the primary power supply circuit of an electrical device somewhere on Earth.
In his burrow, Ralph starts to throw the big master switch - and the five o'clock whistle blows. Doom has a machine operated by such a switch, and he orders his Igor to "throw the switch!"—only for him to literally pull it off the machine and throw it at him. The Big Bad Voltor throws a switch to launch 15 missiles that will each destroy a world capital.
Modern age switches can drop it because they use relays instead, which can be operated from electronic control panels. They are very simple inside (mostly a thick movable piece of copper) and they can easily withstand 1000 amps. Also try not to have the set screws on the Knob sticking out because when you attempted to adjust the regeneration, it goes into High frequency oscillations when you touch the set screws. The vendor even had a for sale sign in the windshield, identifying the body as a Gerstenslager and asking $5,900 for it. While not a world-record price, the high bid was nearly double the €40,000-€50,000 ($54,905-$68,632) pre-auction estimate. Long on off-road performance thanks to low gearing, oversize tires and portal axles, Unimogs are not known for their creature comforts.
Sold with its original 84 horsepower, six-cylinder, diesel engine (showing 3,300 hours of use), the Unimog also featured new wheels and tires and a reupholstered interior. Those wanting to see more Studebakers, or to stroll the vendor booths and swap meets, are also encouraged to attend; for the first time in recent years, it will be open to the general public.
Such is the case with the Jeep that Ed Witos of Fords, New Jersey, was assigned when he was stationed in Germany with the Yankee Division of the 101st Infantry Regiment.
With the help of the mechanics in our unit, we modified the fenders as you can see from the photo I attached. Tararine highlighted yet another approach to weatherproofing the Jeep in their book, The Jeep.
According to Jeudy and Tararine, the competition rules stipulated that the GIs could only use salvaged components to modify their Jeeps, leading to the two Jeeps below. According to Crismon, “it was used to escort VIPs in early post-war Germany, and was intended to be as flashy as possible. While I’m not one to get too excited over equipment, a Tucker is kind of like a Unimog in that it transcends pure functionality to attain coolness.
Easily identifiable by their forward-sloping cab fronts, Oshkosh rigs have shoved countless tons of snow ahead of massive plows and blowers for both highway authorities and the military.
When he reluctantly throws the Third Switch (labeled "The Works"), sparks fly out of it and all of the lab equipment goes to full power. Being Genre Savvy, the villain takes his time reaching for it to drag out the suspense as much as possible. The match can be found in three parts, but non-masochists may wish to skip to the third part.
He lets go, rolls his eyes and mutters "Pshaw!" The two clock out together and walk home, chatting amicably.
After the title characters destroy the missiles, Voltor throws another switch that activates a Self-Destruct Mechanism that causes the Island Base they're on to sink. Considering the voltages and amperages running though a typical knife-switch-controlled circuit, it would be very easy to electrocute yourself if you accidentally brushed up against the wrong part. When I was putting the Grid-leak set up together, I thought about diode detectors in Gernsback receivers.
Used by its previous owner as a hunting support vehicle, the high price realized was a testament to both the truck’s condition and the desire for one bidder to park this example on his own estate. Built by members of the Army’s 644th Ordnance Company, it used salvaged aircraft parts to enclose the cabin. Apparently, there was at least a modicum of interest by law enforcement and fire departments in the Traveler (and to a lesser extent, the Vagabond), which could hold its own as a quickie ambulance conversion. Speaking of the latter, Oshkosh also builds the HEMTT cargo truck for the Pentagon, with either four or five axles. Sting's team won when Cactus Jack inadvertently threw the switch while his teammate Abdullah was in the chair, thinking that opponent Rick Steiner was seated there instead. Pelagian sends a tidal wave against Carraway's freon gas plant, Superman throws a switch to send electricity through coils filled with freon to freeze the tidal wave as it passes over them.
If this set picks up hams it might not be a bad idea to add a few small switchable coils for some bandspread on the Ham bands, you could sneak in a BFO, too. Sure, it’s lacking in creature comforts and it needs new headlight bulbs and seat cushions, but the price is likely less than a single monthly payment on an EarthRoamer RV. Its holdings also include Pierce fire apparatus, McNeilus concrete mixers and refuse bodies, along with Medtec ambulances.
The real winners were Oz (Kevin Nash), The One Man Gang, and Barry Windham, all of whom were scheduled to participate in the match but, for various reasons, didn't do so, and were replaced by Vader, Foley, and Abdullah.
Today, it’s increasingly common for police officers to be cross-trained as EMTs, especially where volunteer ambulance services are still use, which makes things like the Ford Expedition and Dodge Durango popular with many departments. Also, since there is on RF choke on the output, the headphone cord acts like a regenerative antenna and if you move, you have to reset the regeneration.

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