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New Models Ford Edge Gas Tank Release with full information about Ford Edge Gas Tank Release pictures, reviews, price and release date for US, Australia, UK and Canada.
Replace fuel pump without dropping gas tank - ford truck, Replace fuel pump without dropping gas tank expedition & navigator. Ford pinto - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The ford pinto went on sale on september 11, 1970 in one bodystyle, a fastback sedan with trunk and metal trunklid. 2010 ford edge review, ratings, specs, prices, photos, Get latest reviews 2010 ford edge. Ford motor company - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The ford motor company (commonly referred simply ford) american multinational automaker headquartered dearborn, michigan, suburb detroit..
Ford, for one, adapted several ideas from its hybrid vehicles to reduce the fuel consumption of its 2011 Explorer sport-utility vehicle. Now, a new startup is adapting one of the more radical concepts proposed for electric cars--battery swapping--to gasoline vehicles.
NuTankX, a startup engineering firm based in Kellog Valley, Michigan (with offices in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley), announced yesterday that it had accepted first-round funding of $35 million from a consortium of venture investors to build out its initial network of gasoline-tank swapping stations. The company's goal was to alleviate what are projected to be increasingly long waits in line at a declining number of gas stations, along with the added time to fill the tank (at reduced flow rates caused by new emissions-limiting measures on the nozzles).
To circumvent that process entirely, enrolled customers will use the NuTankX mobile app to signal a network of small garages whose vehicle hoists have been adapted to permit tank swapping. The smart phone app interfaces with the vehicle navigation system to calculate the nearest NuTankX-enabled garage location, and alerts the proprietor of the designated location to direct an automated fill system to fill the appropriate tank with the desired fuel and transport it to the hoist to position it for swapping. The NuTankX installation consists of one or two shipping containers, retrofitted with reinforced tanks for regular, premium, and diesel fuel, along with an automated filling system that can fill any of the tanks stored in racks.
A specially equipped forklift adapted from factory automated-guided vehicles (AGVs) is used to carry the filled tank from the container to the base of the hoist.
The first of its two sets of tines accepts the empty tank, then it spins 180 degrees to offer up the filled tank for installation. Initially, the rollout will be limited to densely populated areas of northern and southern California, where emissions regulations are most severe. NuTankX founder Buff Rattigan points out that independent service garages are some of the only locations in the state permitted to store and use gasoline on site, neatly end-running the enormous challenges of getting permission to set up new businesses that will store gasoline.
NuTankX will initially focus on vehicles with larger tanks (which take longer to fill once the driver finally reaches the pump) and the highest sales, meaning that a large portion of its initial customer base is likely to be high-volume pickup trucks. The company is already negotiating with parcel delivery services to provide their fuel at a bulk rate.
It's worth noting that electric cars are benefiting from some of the lessons of the gasoline world, too, however. For additional pricing and availability in the local Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa areas for a 2011 Ford Edge please visit the links below for additional availability and pricing. Patriot Ford provides additional information about 2011 Ford Edge vehicles in the local Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa areas as it relates to recall, service schedules and vehicle reviews. Our Patriot Ford service center provides you with full Ford service, Ford parts and repair for your 2011 Ford Edge.
ABOUT USPatriot Ford has an experienced and reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extra hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules, and as always, Patriot Ford offers competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs.
The 2011 Ford Edge now aims to redefine the segment with a wide-ranging scope of improvements. In addition, the arrival of the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine in the months ahead will give customers still more choice and will deliver class-leading fuel economy with impressive power and torque.
The new EcoBoost I-4 will be mated to a six-speed transmission that will help channel the impressive performance from the new EcoBoost engine. A more connected driving experience New 18-inch tires, standard on the Edge SEL and Edge Limited, and new wheels that are one-half inch wider than the outgoing product provide a more engaging steering feel. New subframe mounts enhance drivability, help reduce road noise The original Edge set numerous benchmarks in overall quietness, and that tradition continues as the 2011 Ford Edge has better wind noise than many premium vehicles such as the Lexus RX350, Audi Q5 and Acura MDX. Both road noise and wind noise are significantly decreased in the 2011 Edge because of improvements found throughout the interior and exterior, including powertrain.
Sound pack and acoustic glass: A more absorptive sound pack is found throughout the interior, which reduces high-frequency noise more effectively than material that acts merely as a barrier. Powertrain NVH improvements: Three main actions contribute to a quieter 2011 Edge from a powertrain NVH perspective.
Aerodynamic improvements: Both the lowered front fascia and new underbody shields contribute to improved wind noise.

Bold, flowing design makes Edge the can’t-miss crossover The bolder, more seamlessly flowing exterior design freshening is mirrored by a complementary interior, characterized by increased craftsmanship, improved materials and overall better execution.
Increased presence is announced through a bolder grille and a chin spoiler that appears more crafted.
MyFord Touch ushers in new era of interaction The industry-first MyFord Touch driver connect technology provides a smarter, safer, simpler way to connect drivers with in-car technologies and their digital lives.
Standard on the 2011 Edge Limited and 2011 Edge Sport, the MyFord Touch system displays information using two 4.2-inch full-color LCD screens flanking an analog speedometer and an 8-inch touch-screen LCD at the top of the center stack.
The steering wheel has all the necessary functions available in a very compact area, right where the driver’s hand falls as he or she grabs the wheel.
Once a song is tagged and customers dock their iPod to the SYNC system, the tagged song information will transfer to that iPod. Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support allows the driver to set the vehicle’s speed and maintain it without using the accelerator pedal, and warns the driver of a potential collision risk. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with Cross Traffic Alert is a feature that can help detect vehicles in blind spots during normal driving and traffic approaching from the sides when reversing out of parking spots.
MyKey is designed to allow parents to encourage teenagers to drive safely and more fuel efficiently, and increase seat belt usage. Easy Fuel Capless Fuel-Filler System is a standard Ford-exclusive feature that uses an integrated spring-loaded flapper door to eliminate the need for a fuel tank screw cap. The 2011 Ford Edge will be built at Oakville Assembly Complex in Ontario, Canada, and will be available in dealers this summer. V-6 is the size of 3.7 liters type of base engine present in this 2011 Ford Edge Sport 4dr Front-wheel Drive which has 305 hp horsepower and 6500 horsepower rpm. 5 passengers standard seating posture is provided in this 2011 Ford Edge Sport 4dr Front-wheel Drive which has 6-way power front passenger direction controls and 8-way power front driver seat direction controls. 2011 Ford Edge Sport 4dr Front-wheel Drive has the exteriors of dual power remote mirrors, standard heated door mirrors, fully automatic exterior light control, integrated roof antenna, deep tinted windows, liftgate rear cargo door and fixed rear window type.
It has driver 1-touch window up, power front windows, standard lighter elements, standard exterior temperature display and power rear windows.
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Ford Motor Company is issuing a compliance recall for certain 2010-2011 Ford Fusion and 2010-2011 Mercury Milan vehicles over an issue with the fuel tank that increases the risk of a fire.
The defect: affected vehicles have fuel vapor canisters whose purge valves may not operate properly, resulting in abnormal pressure changes in the fuel tank. About Ford AuthorityFord Authority is a must-read for Ford news, Ford rumors, Ford reviews, and information about Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Join others in discussing Ford and Lincoln in our Ford and Lincoln Forums and browse photos of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in our Ford and Lincoln pictures gallery.
Please note that Ford Authority is a product of Motrolix LLC and is not sponsored, owned, or in any other way condoned by Ford Motor Company, its brands, subsidiaries, or partners.

BP is developing a new battery cell format that can be recharged by refilling its liquid electrolyte on the road. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business.
The SelectShift Automatic™ transmission is standard on the 2011 Edge SEL and Limited series, with class-exclusive paddle activation of the SelectShift standard on the 2011 Edge Sport. With the introduction of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4, fuel economy on the new Edge will be 30 percent better than it was in 2006. Twenty-inch tires with new wider wheels are optional on the Edge Limited while the Edge Sport has class-exclusive 22-inch wheels standard.
Key brake system upgrades include steel pistons, larger rear rotors, revised brake friction materials, revised brake booster gain and revised pedal ratios, all of which enable more initial bite and a firmer, more confident feel when customers press on the brake pedal. Both the front and rear subframe mounts have been upgraded, adding to the increased tunability of the suspension and improving NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). The result is an improved articulation index, which measures how easy it is to hear and understand someone in the vehicle. Improved fit-and-finish, softer touchpoints, and flexibility in terms of stowage in the cabin and throughout mark the 2011 Ford Edge. The A-pillar flows into the hood, which adds subtle undulations to create a heightened sculptural quality. It replaces traditional vehicle buttons, knobs and gauges with clear, crisp LCD screens and five-way controls like those found on cell phones and MP3 players. A five-way switch on each side of the steering wheel crossbar controls the information displayed on the corresponding instrument panel screens.
Unlike analog broadcasts, digital broadcasts aren’t susceptible to interference, fadeout and other issues.
It also helps reduce speed and automatically pre-charges brakes and engages an electronic brake assist system to help drivers stop more quickly when the system detects a collision is imminent.
The standard MyKey feature allows owners to designate keys that can limit the vehicle’s top speed and audio volume.
There,A customers can enter their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see any open safety, compliance or emissions recalls, as well as customer satisfaction programs. 1-selling vehicle in its segment in its first full year on the market, and more than 330,000 have been sold since its launch in late 2006. This beats competitors such as the BMW X5, Lexus RX350 and Audi Q5, all while delivering unsurpassed fuel economy of 27 mpg (3.5-liter V-6 highway).
The shocks now feature a high-flow piston, which allows engineers to tune for both road loads and driving dynamics, without compromising ride for handling or vice versa. The larger rear subframe bushing’s rubber volume was increased by more than 500 percent compared with the outgoing bushings, improving the isolation between the subframe and the body, which in turn helps decrease road noise. The 2011 Edge also features an acoustic headliner, and the microphone for the SYNC® system has been relocated so it is closer to the driver for improved voice recognition.
The intake and exhaust systems have been completely retuned for a crisper note corresponding to Ford powertrain DNA.
The screens can be personalized to display information relevant to each individual driver using a simple button click, voice command or touch-screen tap. The result is a flatter response through turns and over hills while still providing a comfortable ride. Customers then can preview, and if they desire, purchase and download tagged songs from the iTunes Store.
For example, the 3.5-liter V-6 with Ti-VCT technology delivers highway fuel economy that is 15 percent better than the Nissan Murano but produces 20 horsepower more.
Finally, baked-on expandable foam baffles in the fenders and D-pillars help seal out unwanted road noise.

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