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A thin, bituminous based aluminium protective coating of brushing consistency that dries to a silvery finish.
Applied with a brush dries to a silvery finish which reflects excessive heat gain and reduces heat absorption. A solvent based bituminouspaint providing a bright solar reflective coating suitable for application to bituminous roofing substrates.

Freshly applied bitumen coatings should be allowed to weather for at least 3-5 days before the application of Contractors Grade Aluminium Paint. The IKOpro Solar Reflective Aluminium Paint is a high quality product and produced for quick, easy and effective application.
Coverage 4 a€“ 6mA? per litre depending on porosity of substrate and 11mA? per litre on non porous surfaces.

Expected Spreading Rate:Coo-Var White Solar Reflecting Paint has an expected spreading rate of 8 sq metres per litre.

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