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EarthTech Products – For stain less steel made solar lights, you can be sure to find the best in this site. Solar Illuminations – This is the best site to go because of the number of best deals and huge savings which can be yours in so simple way. GreenFingers – The site proves that it is best to go back to mother nature and enjoy its free offerings.
This site is family owned and operated specializing in solar lights and other solar products for you home and landscape. Solar LED street light — Buy Solar LED street light, Price , Photo Solar LED street light, from L'Obel Solar Power System. These Solar Powered LED Paver Lights allow you to light up your outdoor areas without any concerns over long term running costs. The Solar Powered LED Paver Lights have been produced by Solar Cynergy to provide lighting solutions for outdoor areas that are robust, efficient and eco-friendly. Each light features a scratch-resistant polycarbonate resin surface that protects the light for any harm, once the light has been set into the ground it is capable of being driven over, allowing them to be perfect for use lighting a dark driveway. The Solar Powered LED Paver Light provides your outdoor areas with eco-friendly powered illumination. An attractive and high-powered path light using nothing but solar power as a source of energy. A very stylish and hard-wearing solar-powered light, ideal for fitting in with paving slabs and garden borders. A bright solar-powered wall light designed for UK weather that will work through both the summer and winter. An inexpensive way of reusing water from your bath or washing up bowl into the garden for watering the plants. A hybrid solar-powered charger featuring a case made from a highly durable magnesium alloy. A low energy security light that can be powered by rechargeable batteries, and triggers the 5 bright LEDs when motion is detected. A solar-powered insect killer that will kill most types of flying insect, typically the ones that bite!
Solar post lights, pole lights and column-mount lights put a lantern- or globe-like light fixture 5 to 6 feet above the ground.
If the light is dim, then the light will function as a marker, which still may be useful, such as for a light atop a pair of roadside columns to indicate the opening of the driveway to the road.
Tall lights (compared to close-to-the-ground path lights) are available in many shapes and designs, several of which are described in this article. You don’t need to remember to turn them on or turn them off, and their electricity comes free, converted by the fixture’s components from sunlight. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only that you change the rechargeable batteries every 6 months to 12 months and wipe clean the photovoltaic panel on top of the unit once in awhile.
Post-mount solar lights (post lights) replace wired lanterns atop posts, which are typically used at the sidewalk end or driveway end of a walk. Column-mount solar lights are set on existing brick or stone columns, used in pairs at the end of a drive. Brightness has been a challenge for LED lamps in the past, but recently the problem has been overcome in some types of solar lighting.
For driveway illumination from a set of pole lights, each should output at least 200 lumens (equivalent to a 25-watt incandescent), and you will need several of them. The most useful measure of brightness is the amount of light that falls on a surface, measured in lux (lumens per square meter of surface area) at some specified distance from the light.
If the lights you find for this application have no specification of lumens, then either pass them by or be sure you can return them.  A specification of watts tells you very little, since watts are a measure of power going into a light, not a measure of light output.
Our personal favorite is the line, “Our lights make better use of their lumens,” to justify their misrepresentation.
We have found just one manufacturer in the US that appears, based on its specs, to be making post lights with enough light output to be useful, and we are happy to pass on the name to our readers: Solar Illuminations, a solar light maker that sells to the public, but not your usual web retailer. This entry was posted in Solar Lighting and tagged column lights, LED lighting, LED lights, lux, outdoor lighting, outdoor solar lights, outside lighting, pole lights, post-mount lights, solar lights. Our home information specialist, known as The Quill, tells how to get the most from your home, your most valuable investment.

High tech solar lighting: The solar lights carried by Clean Energies include the most current technology to ensure maximum lighting while at the same time requiring minimum solar power. Durable solar landscape lights: The solar products you purchase from Clean Energies Store are reliable and designed to last for many years. Affordable solar powered lights: One of the biggest benefits of purchasing and installing solar lights in your yard or garden is to obtain cost-free energy from the sun. So if you’re in the market for solar powered lights, click over to Clean Energies and browse through their website. Established 1993 to promote Solar Power through Solar Products and achieve Energy Autonomy by creating our own energy directly from the Sun.
The battery for these lights uses solar energy to charge it and at night this battery runs a light.
As in other sites, it has a variety of collection; you can do an easy search through categories. With solar lighting still left in the dark amidst lighting product competition, you can actually take it out from there by this site which sells online amazing solar lights great for outdoor use. The prevailing need above all else is the need to save both in money and electric power. With manufacturing standards which exceed customer expectations, you are fortunate you are led to this site.
They are dedicated in supplying all of your solar outdoor lighting needs at discount prices. These easy to install lights help to provide illumination at night which can be used to provide added safety by highlighting pathways and edges or to provide lighting of an outdoor feature.
Each light is a self contained unit, each has its own solar panel, capacitor, and LEDs to provide you with illumination automatically once dusk falls.
The easy to install lights require no complicated wiring and will cause no long term running costs. If the tall solar light is bright enough, then it will provide outdoor area illumination – especially useful along a driveway or where the front walk begins. They may be in a traditional street lamp style or an austere contemporary style in copper, stainless steel or aluminum. If the column is traditional stone or brick, then a traditional lantern would be a good match.  A contemporay stone column could be matched by a contempory light fixture.
With a large enough number of LEDs, large enough PV panel and a large enough battery, solar lights are capable of providing floodlight illumination.
You are unlikely to find any solar light manufacturer that specifies the brightness of its fixture in lux. So a manufacturer gets away with saying its light is “similar to a 100-watt incandescent bulb”, when in fact its power consumption is 8 watts and its output is about 450 lumens – that of a 40-watt bulb.
A tall light such as a post light, set of pole lights, or pair of column-mount lights makes a distinctive impression in the yard, and a tall solar light makes for easy living and no electricity cost to run, so it’s a smart choice to add elegance — provided it is also bright enough to add outdoor area illumination.
Add you email address (no spam) for our article How to Stage your own Home plus 25 Home Staging Tips. Shoppers from around the world have flocked to Clean Energies, one of the preeminent online stores for anything and everything having to do with eco-friendly lighting.
The store only carries solar products that can withstand years of heat, cold, rain and snow.
The people at Clean Energies really believe their solar lights should be affordable, with a minimum amount of maintenance or no maintenance. That’s why Clean Energies Store goes the extra mile to find the best shipping system allowing you to buy solar lights at the best possible prices. That means that installation should be reasonably straight-forward and simple to accomplish. Clean Energies store happily offer you a cast iron guarantee on all the products they sell and market. Without the need to pay for the power which solar lights provide, these lights work well in coming on automatically when it gets dark and is without any wiring requirement.
Whatever your lighting needs are make sure you visit this site, your quest for the wise buy is here. It is never a disadvantage to work through this site as you are furnished with all information for your ease of use.

The 2-decade experience in lighting fixtures has made the consumer confident in buying the said product. Adjudged as the safest and easiest kind of outdoor lighting to install, you will also find that you can extend the use and pleasure of your garden through the evening with beautiful outdoor solar lights.
They simply are for great customer service which extends to making life simpler and much easier. The advantages are numerous, no bill, very safe and the lights are of no wire which can mess up things to your annoyance.
Some thought must always be given in positioning a light to ensure it will receive adequate sunlight during the day to allow the solar panel to charge the capacitor.
The lights are available in 5 colours, blue, green, red, white and halogen white ( a warmer white colour), the lights are also available in square, circle and rectangle shapes. Multiple lights can be brought to help light up outdoor areas such as pathway edges, decking areas, or driveway edges to provide added safety to you property, they can also be used to light up any garden feature to allow you to fully appreciate it even at night. You can easily mark the entrance to your driveway or install pole lights along the edge of a driveway for illumination without having a long run of wires. That doesn’t mean that a particular post light, sitting 5 feet above the ground, will illuminate the area as brightly as you would like. To light their surroundings their light will probably be directed upward and then reflected out to the sides. So you will be left to decide subjectively whether the light you buy is adequate for your needs. Even less useful is the description, “Contains 8 super-bright LEDs,” with no indication of its power consumption, light output, PV power or battery capacity. So they will be more efficient in their watts per lux (not lumens) than a standard incandescent bulb, which glows in all directions, when put in a fixture that is open in only one – a downlight.
LED lights are a wonderfully useful product in some applications, but consumers need to make sure they are suitable for their particular use.
This is important given the fact that outdoor solar lights are subjected to harsh and sometimes extreme conditions. The people at Clean Energies make sure that virtually anyone should be able to install a solar lighting product. Best of all, you can shop with confidence because you are protected by their cast iron guarantee on all the products they carry. The price and ratings are essentially placed for comparisons with the same product in the market. You can click the section which can calculate the huge savings you may earn as you give this site a try.
You need to look carefully at the description of the components and specs for the light output in lumens to verify that it will be bright enough to meet your needs. While the lumen figures above are not absolutes, they are least an indication of what to look for. But the statement is laughable when it is used in a comparison to a higher-wattage incandescent.
For area illumination from a single post light, you will probably want at least 800 lumens, about the light output of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Lights that output this quantity of light will not be cheap because they must have many expensive bright white LEDs and corresponding PV cells and battery to light them for a few hours each night. Properly they should compare their bulb to a PAR reflector bulb, which is also designed to shed light in one direction. Soon after you browse and search among the photos for the one you like best, you can proceed to order the same and check its availability.
With these lights manufactured side by side with regular lights, you should keep an open mind when choosing and assessing the best product. These great deals are also of good quality which you can take advantage of anytime, anywhere.

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