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Image: Ford"In 2009, Ford reduced the amount of automotive-related plastics to landfills by nearly 30 million pounds"Making cars more fuel efficient, and eventually run 100% on clean and renewable energy, is a great goal.
Of course, Ford is only an example here; these things are good for all vehicles, and should be widely adopted in the auto industry. When you are trying to choose a bit you will quickly notice that there are many different types to choose from. Nickel plated bits are less expensive than stainless steel, but over time the nickel coating has a tendency to peel and flake off exposing the material beneath, which can then rust. While aluminum is lightweight, easy to maintain and inexpensive, it has a drying effect on the horses mouth. Step 3Hold the fabric onto the lid around the edges until the hot glue dries and the fabric adheres to the lid. Step 5Choose different colors and sizes of bottle tops for eyes or for the mouth depending on the size of your jar and its lid. Step 4Stick cotton balls or packaging peanuts on the glue if you are making a fluffy animal. Step 5Paint your animal’s face onto a plastic lid or make a face using the cardboard cereal box. But in parallel, it is important to clean up the materials and processes used to make the cars themselves.
Combined with clean energy to power the vehicles (this will require a transition to electric cars and a cleaning up of the power grid) and the factories where they are made, this can help significantly reduce the footprint of transportation.The other half of the task is re-designing our cities so that we don't need cars nearly as much (see New Urbanism), and so that alternatives to cars are fast, safe, cheap, and available.Via FordMore Green(er) Cars5 Improvements That Can Make All Cars GreenerWhat Does Sustainable Transportation Really Look Like?
In addition to different shapes of rings, shanks and mouthpieces that are designed many different ways, horse bits can be made of one, or a combination of different metals, rubber parts or plastic. If you are in the consignment section of your tack shop, and you see a bit with tiny rust spots, or bumps just beneath the finish, it will probably be nickel plated. Copper is felt to encourage salivation, which is thought to increase the sensitivity of the horses mouth.

Quite large, ornate bits can be made with aluminum that would be unwieldy made in any other material. You can also find bits made of stainless steel coated or inlaid with copper, and alloys or made of a combination of copper and steel rollers. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Squiggle some hot glue over the top of the lid then lay it upside down on top of the fabric. Color the recycled paper to look like the body of the animal you choose unless you decide to do a fluffy animal such as a rabbit or a sheep in which case you will use the recycled cotton or packaging peanuts.
Keep wrapping your hands around the paper until the glue dries enough so the paper adheres to the bottle.
Steel is already widely recycled, but what about all the other materials (foams, plastics, fabrics, etc)? Stainless steel bits may become dull over time, but can be cleaned and polished repeatedly without worrying about ruining the finish. Because the metal is softer than stainless steel, copper bits wear more quickly although this is countered by mixing in small amounts of other metals. Only bit mouthpieces are made of sweet iron, and cheeks and joints are made most commonly of stainless steel or nickel plate. Some horses might appreciate the softer feel of a rubber or plastic mouthpiece, while others may find them an uncomfortable mouthful. However, most horses will dislike the taste of aluminum an aluminum mouthpiece and it can cause the horse's mouth to dry out. These bits are designed to encourage the horse to have a moist mouth which is felt to increase sensitivity.
Most automakers have been working on that problem, and the latest news from that front comes from Ford.

You might find older plastic or rubber mouthed bits give off a funny smell which your horse might or might not notice. This is opposite to the ideal moist, sensitive mouth most riders want, and may actually cause discomfort for the horse. The shanks of many western bits are inlaid with silver, chrome, blue steel or brown steel for decoration like this silver studded show bit. Add a bit of whimsy to home decor with brightly colored sculptures of elephants, cats, rabbits or any other animal you feel like creating. Many plastic mouthed bits are made with a scent thought to encourage the horse to accept the bit more readily.
The animal sculptures made from recycled materials can also be fun presents for birthdays and holidays. This has to do with the conductivity of the metal, which is why cooks value copper cookware .
Get ready to gather recycled items from around your house and put them together to make your own menagerie.
Both rubber and plastic mouthed bits do wear over time, sometimes quite quickly, leaving rough spots or exposing the metal core. I have heard of riders complaining that their plastic bit broke, although I have not seen this personally. I have a stainless steel pelham with a fracture it, so check any bit you use periodically for cracks, wear or rough spots that could cause problems.

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