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Off-grid systems are traditionally used in remote places where the utility grid does not exist or would require exorbitant connection fees. People choose this system type for several reasons such as the appeal of an independent lifestyle, the overall reliability off-grid systems provide, or the cost of bringing utility lines to such a remote location costs more than a home solar power system. Don’t take this as having to sacrifice all the finer electrical luxuries of life but see it more as a move towards greater electric conscientiousness. Wavelengths in solar spectrum higher than 1150 nm are termed as far infrared region with energies 0-1.08 eV. Once the sunlight reaches earth’s atmosphere a number of additional effects become important.
The earth’s axis of rotation is tilted approximately 23.5 degrees to the normal to the plane of its rotation about the sun.
Together these effects act to produce a shift in the number of hours of daylight and a geometrical situation in which sun is almost never on the zenith, thereby enhancing light losses due to atmospheric phenomena surveyed.
Where ?(Ф) is multiplication factor which depends on angle Ф can be used to characterize the solar spectrum after solar radiation has travelled through the atmosphere, greater the angle Ф greater the length of atmosphere which must be traversed and the more light is scattered and absorbed, thus, value of ? decreases.
San Diego's first certified Passive House, which contains an astounding mixture of sustainable features, gets all its energy from a solar array and a 17-foot wind turbine. The South Burlington Solar Farm is unique in that it utilizes a decentralized design with 382 SMA string inverters integrated with dedicated AllEarth Renewables AllSun dual-axis trackers. The project received financing from a local lender, Merchants Bank, and is owned by Chittenden County Solar Partners.

AllEarth Renewables, the tracker manufacturer and EPC contractor, chose a decentralized inverter configuration for this 25-acre solar farm to maximize reliability and production. Because the PV system is grounded and each transformer-isolated inverter is connected line to neutral, the utility considers the solar farm to be a solidly grounded generation source as a whole. The radio communication and tracker control equipment are housed in a central location, which includes a high-speed data modem and a central radio designed to communicate and receive hourly power, energy, voltage and wind speed data from each tracker. Off-grid living often entails making adjustments to electricity usage habits to ensure living within the limitations of the system’s installed design specifications. Hence a common average value is assigned to the power density available to detector positioned just outside earth’s atmosphere.
The condition of vertical orientation of sun and cloudless day (atmospheric effects are negligible on cloudless day) is known as air-mass-one. San Diego contractor Alliance Green Builder created a system that would take the building off-grid and earn Casa Aquila a LEED Platinum certification. This distributed approach provides a high degree of redundancy—eliminating the single point of failure common to systems that employ high-capacity central inverters and minimizing potential downtime from an inverter failure—while optimizing power output and energy harvest. It participates in Vermont’s first-in-the-nation Standard Offer Program, which is a feed-in-tariff program that offers 20-year contracts at a fixed price. Therefore, the utility requires no additional protective relay or main contactor beyond the circuit breakers used to protect the individual inverters and the fused overcurrent protection devices on the secondary and primary sides of the transformers.
The site’s innovative use of wireless technology allowed the Vermont governor to formally commission the system last July with an Apple iPhone.

Combined with thermal efficient heat recovery, top-notch insulation and plenty of smart features, the home is a truly impressive example of green living. The 2.13 MW PV system is the largest solar farm in North America deployed using a distributed inverter approach.
Since inverters can be replaced individually, O&M expenditures should be reduced over the life of the system compared to centralized designs.
Each panelboard aggregates 14 to 22 inverter-output circuits and is fed through a dedicated 200 A fuseddisconnecting means. The sun acts as a black body radiator with temperature of black body equal to 5250 Degrees Centigrade approximately fits the spectrum of sun light.
This design also keeps dc wiring costs down since the PV source circuits are connected to the inverter at the tracker. From the table it is obvious that the solar irradiance in the visible region is higher followed by near infrared region, far infrared region, and ultraviolet region in the decreasing order of solar irradiance. Most of the energy in the ultraviolet and X-ray region will be absorbed by Ozone layer in upper parts of atmosphere. MV cable, buried 4 feet below grade in conduit, is used for the 1,700- foot run to the utility connection point.

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