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All on its own at the top of the price list are SunPower Solar Panels, costing 75-100% more than a regular Tier 1 panel.
But if you want Rolls-Royce quality, you have to pay for it, and on Friday I sat down to have a little chat with Chris O’Brien, the Managing Director of SunPower Australia. SunPower is a US company that produces panels in the Philippines, presumably because they saw the people there badly needed a boost to their low wages. Richard Swanson is also famous for Swanson’s Law, which states that for every doubling of production capability, the cost of solar panels fall by 20%. SunPower claim to haveA completely eliminated thermal expansion as a cause of failure, for at least the first 25 years of their panel’s life. They have done this by making the wires that collect electricity a fine patterned mesh on the back of the cell, which resembles a printed circuit board.A  And this arrangement is apparently great at distributing stress caused by expansion and helps keep it together. They have also greatly improved the survivability of connections between solar cells by having more of them and designing them so they suffer less stress from thermal expansion.
Q-Cells appear to be moving to a Sunpower style back contact, but they have chosen aluminium. They have positive tolerance which means the panels always produce at least as much power or more as their rating when they are new.A  Never any of this plus or minus business. Positive tolerance, where there is no downside, is not uncommon among high quality panels, but there are still many that have their tolerance as plus or minus a certain percentage. Putting wires on top is easier to do and saves money, and there is nothing wrong with saving money, but from a purely energy efficiency point of view it’s a really bad design choice. Shading caused by wires on top is worse when sunlight is striking it at a shallow angle, so for north facing systems SunPower panels will tend to tend to perform better in the early morning and late afternoon than panels that aren’t topless. But highly efficient solar cells have a virtuous circle going where the more sunlight they convert into electrical energy, the less waste heat is left over to make the panels hotter. As a result of this, and also because the copper backing is also good at whisking heat away from the cells, these panels can run up to three degrees cooler than a run-of-the-mill panel, which results in higher efficiency. Because SunPower panels are so good at keeping it together and not suffering from the effects of thermal expansion and because they are cooler than most panels, they degrade very slowly and so the fall in their output over time is very gradual.
There are plenty of people who will fit into the first two categories of wanting the best technology or an extremely reliable system.
The E series which is about 20% efficient is currently available from SunPower Australia, as is the X series 345 watt panel, which is 21.5% efficient. In regards to aluminum back contacts, well I would caution against its use because Telstra used aluminum telephone trunk wiring back in the 1970s to alleviate the then cost if copper, but 30 years later, under a major Y2K remediation project I was involved with, all that wiring had to be replaced because it had become severely oxidized and brittle, thereby reducing its conductivity and serviceably considerably. Thanks for the kind words, Peter, and thanks for the insight into what happens to aluminium wiring after 30 years. But copper prices have fallen to a 7 year low, which will reduce attempts to replace it with aluminium and help reduce SunPower’s costs.
Hi Tom, I haven’t had anything to do with Panasonic 325w HIT panels myself, but everything I have heard is good. Great Article Ronald, it furthers my resolve to choose Sunpower panels for the zero energy residence I am currently building.

PS – I think you were joking about Ray Bradbury being incorrect about the flashpoint of paper…? Copper is a soft, ductile metal useful for avoiding damage from thermal expansion and it is also excellent for resisting corrosion.
One of these panels could produce more than its rating, but it is just as likely to produce less. It makes as much sense as if the vessels that supply blood to the light sensitive cells in our eyes passed in front of the retina instead of behind it.
The obvious problem is less sunlight energy hits the panel and no amount of design ingenuity can get around that.
While there are plenty of diodes in the world that have a Mean Time To Failure of 10,000 hours or more, the ones in many cheaper solar panels can be shot after 1,000 hours of use. This is the opposite of a vicious circle, which is like Pac-Man when he gets drunk after a hard day of eating dots. It is included when the panel’s rating is determined, but it will cause them to degrade at a slower rate, because the lower the temperature the slower materials decay. Our SunPower reviews give lotsA of examples of happy Australian customers who fit these 2 categories. And if you are a snob that doesn’t know a damn thing about solar panels, but just know that you want the most expensive, that’s fine! And they will have a new type of panel which has lower efficiency, but is lower in cost while having the same utterly impressive 25 year product warranty, available at the end of 2016.
It is primarily based on whether the banks trust the brands enough to make large loans to solar developers who want to use the brands. He first rose to international prominence when his township took up a collection to send him to Japan, which was the furthest they could manage with the money they raised. Whilst I had some appreciation of the quality of Sunpower panels and their cost, I did not know about the finer detail surrounding cell interconnection and panel construction.
Aluminium does seem to be the poor man’s copper, as whenever the price gap between them grows it is substituted for it, with varying degrees of success. It appears that the Panasonic 325w HIT panel is quite comparable in regards to specs but significantly cheaper. As for tier one panels that could be considered to be premium, I can think of three off the top of my head that have product warranties longer than the standard 10 years. One supplied Seraphim 260W panels and the other SAID they supplied tier 1 Australian made Matrix solar panels.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Perhaps Spectrolab regularly shoots better ones into space to mars or somewhere, I don’t know.
I can buy cruddy solar panels from a company with an internet site that claims a photograph of an architect’s model is their factory and they will come with a 25 year performance warranty. So if you have a rooftop solar system of around 5 kilowatts with 15 panels, that means there is about one chance in 2,500 you will have a defective panel that needs to be returned.

Unfortunately, copper is expensive, so perhaps they could benefit from using a different material. And then there are the dodgy panels that say they have positive tolerance but lie and their actual output can be all over the place. Many other manufacturers, but certainly not all, place a grid of fine, flat wires on top called the busbar to collect electricity, while on SunPower cells all the wires all go underneath.
But there is the bigger problem that shading one small part of a panel can cause the output of the entire panel to fall, and if multiple panels are all connected to one inverter, as they usually are, one shaded panel can bring down the output of the entire string of panels. It’s not like paper where if you get it up to Fahrenheit 451 it will suddenly give off a lot energy by bursting into flame.
So after 10 years you can expect your 345 watt SunPower panel to still be producing around 341 watts. But in my opinion, buying Tier 1A is the best way to reduce the risk of buying a crappy brand. He became passionately interested in environmental matters upon his return to Australia when the local Mayor met him at the airport and explained it was far too dangerous for him to return to Toowoomba on account of climate change and mutant attack goats. What impresses me is I just found out they offer a 15 year product warranty, which as far as I know is the second best in the industry. Hanwa Q Cells Q.ANTUM line of solar panels have 12 years, Panasonic has 15, and SunPower is the champion of warranties with their product warranty equal to their performance warranty of 25 years. But if you want to buy something that is meant to go on a roof and not a space probe, then SunPower solar panels are hard to beat. While SunPower does have a 25 year performance warranty, I’m talking about their product warranty. Looking up the periodic table, as I do at regular intervals, I see that elements with properties similar to copper are silver, gold, and something called roentgenium which decays so fast it has severe trouble lasting 25 minutes let alone 25 years.
Or at least, that’s what my friend Gina told me on her yacht this weekend when we were spearfishing for poor people. Ronald then moved to a property in the Adelaide Hills where he now lives with his horse, Tonto 23. And taking the long term view, if they produce 20% more electricity over 25 years then they are worth 20% more. And because SunPower will send someone to replace any panel that fails within its 25 years product warranty, that’s worth money too, as well as peace of mind. And if you take a very long term view, I feel confident there will still be plenty of SunPower panels continuing to operate after 50 years of use.

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