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Cuba, which has an operational solar panel factory within its borders, intends to help Jamaica (the country in which I live) construct its own solar panel factory through the knowledge and technology transfer. This effort will be guided by the Rural Electrification Programme Ltd (to be renamed Jamaica Ener­gy Solutions Limited (JESL)). Currently, 4% of rural homes are waiting to be electrified, and the construction of this photovoltaic solar panel factory may help the country reach this goal. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. The sensible path is shown by Turkey,a country much more advanced economically than Jamaica: start with assembly operations from imported modules, then try to work back up the supply chain and increase the domestic share of value-added. Actually Cuba is the perfect country to help, as they can do it without the high tech infrastructure, similar to Jamaica. Bringing together business leaders and state policy makers to discuss the growth of California’s advanced energy economy. Bringing together business, government, NGOs, and academia, to examine the concept of sustainability. CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the US & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. The output of a solar panel is usually stated in watts, determined by multiplying the rated voltage by the rated amperage.
Authors Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe lived across from each other in Hartford, Connecticut. Solar roof panels are a particular type of solar panel meant to be placed on the roof of a house or other structure for the purpose of collecting photovoltaic energy to convert to electricity or as a method for heating water.
This absorber panel will be coated with a deep black coloring, to help it absorb as much sunlight as is possible. Energy absorbed by the solar panels can then be stored in batteries, to power the household. Solar roof panels may also refer to a new type of photovoltaic system, known commonly as solar shingles. Essentially, a hot water solar system pumps a fluid through your solar energy collector, which it stores in an insulated tank. As the article stated, most of the roofs with solar panels mounted are actually producing hot water rather than electricity, but they are still beneficial in promoting energy efficiency.
For most people with electric water heaters, hot water accounts for about a quarter of your electricity use.
The term green roofing has two meanings; actual green roofs covered with soil and vegetation, and energy efficient roofs that utilize green building technology to provide sustainable, Eco-friendly, and energy efficient building envelope protection.
Metal is a green building material that offers long lasting protection and can be recycled at the end of its service life.
A house or a building that is protected by an EnergyStar-rated metal roof is already considered green, but there is a way to take the energy efficiency of such a roof even further.
Newer technology has brought out thin-film laminates panels that can be easily attached to a standing seam roof.
A Grid-tied system allows home-owner sell excess electricity to the greed, when there is a surplus, and use the grid power when the solar panel do not produce enough electricity or during the darker hours of the day. Unlike green building accredited roof systems, green roof gardens refer to soil and green vegetation that grows on the roof. A typical green pond roof garden takes a very long time to build, and an alternative has been developed using containers of boxes that contain vegetation and get arranged on top of the roof using some sort of pattern. Unlike panels, which take 22 to 30 hours to install, solar shingles can be installed within 10 hours. The Powerhouse Solar Shingles, as they will be called, will be available for purchase in limited quantities in 2010. Earth Eats needs your help to continue bringing you news and recipes about healthy living and sustainable food.
Earth Eats is a weekly podcast, public radio program and blog bringing you the freshest news and recipes inspired by local food and sustainable agriculture. Annie Corrigan is the producer of Earth Eats, and an announcer and producer at WFIU Public Radio.
Daniel Orr is a professional chef, restaurateur, blogger, and author of a number of cookbooks. Indiana Public Media is the home of WFIU Public Radio & WTIU Public Television, including your favorite programming from NPR and PBS. Heating and cooling our houses is getting more expensive and accounts for 17 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Most of us have seen solar collectors alslo known as photovoltaic modules on a few houses or commercial buildings.
The solar roof panels lie flat on the roof top and interact with the existing roof via a special mounting system. Today's solar system's have the potential to reduce your home's total power consumption by 33 to 50 percent. In order to participate in net metering, you will need to have at least one special meter installed on your homeis exterior that spins backward and forward. That 50-80% every month doesn’t just come from solar panels; there are several solar roofing systems that can increase the efficiency of your building that most building owners are unaware of. Solar PV panels can be used with any roofing system that can have supports installed on it such as metal, single-ply, and sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) just to name a few. A solar thermal system is quite a bit more archaic than solar PV panels, but it is very direct with fewer parts that can fail.
The most simple of the three solar roofing systems discussed here, passive solar design is simply letting the sun heat your workspace to reduce heating costs in the winter. The trick with passive solar design is to remember that, while your building needs to be heated in the winter, it also needs to be cooled in the summer. There are many solar roofing systems that can save you money in the operation of your building. The aim is to help Jamaica initiate a solar power industry that includes manufacture and assembly of solar PV panels. He has a keen interest in physics-intensive topics such as electricity generation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, energy storage, and geography. Relying on Cuba, a country with no track record in any manufacturing industry, let alone a brutally competitive hi-tech one, is guaranteed to fail. Also, they are assembling solar panels from what are likely Chinese modules, a relatively easy task. It is part of Important Media -- a network of 20 progressive blogs working to make the world a better, greener place.
The sunlight strikes and heats up the panels, in turn heating up the liquid, which can then be pumped elsewhere for use.
These are most often seen in smaller home use, as large facilities often find thermal heating to be more efficient.
In the past, panels of this type were used primarily by people in remote locations, who were off of the local power grid. These are similar in operation to traditional photovoltaic panels, but are smaller and have what most people consider to be a much nicer aesthetic. There are also off the grid solar roofing systems that require expensive set up with the special batteries to store the electric energy generated by PV solar panels.
A native of Evansville, Indiana, Emily moved to Bloomington in the fall of 2007 to attend Indiana University, pursuing a major in Telecommunications and a minor in Business.
A multipurpose roof which will eventually cut our electric bills or even erase it on the list of our expenses. RSS makes it possible to subscribe to a website's updates instead of visiting it by delivering new posts to your RSS reader automatically.
It's time to put the the sun and the 78 million house roofs to work with solar photovoltaic roof modules. Now solar roof panels like Sharp's ND-62RUI are another option that will do just as well as solar collectors and be far less offensive to you and your neighbors. The electrical energy that you don't use can be sold back to the power company in most instances if there is a net metering program in effect. What are some solar roofing systems that can help you improve the energy performance of your building? Install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on your roof that generate electricity from the sun. We’ve got some other pieces related to how solar panels can work together with SPF roofing.
Rather than a two–step process where panels absorb the sunlight, convert it to electricity, and then make it available for use, a solar thermal system uses the sun’s energy to directly hear water for washing or heating. This can accomplished with skylights that let heat in, almost as a greenhouse effect, solar tubes, which we’ve talked about before, and large windows also let heat in. You won’t want giant skylights in your warehouse in the middle of summer when it’s 95 degrees and the sun is beating down.
Don’t stop here; continue searching for other methods that can make your building more efficient.

The only effect will be to delay the arrival of cheap solar PV, as Cubasolar will need massive protection to survive. These panels contain a liquid that runs through pipes that are attached to an absorber panel. For home applications, they may be used to provide hot water for showers, laundry, and sinks, or may be used as part of a forced-water heating system to heat the entire building. In this case, the panels consist of large photovoltaic arrays that are placed on the roof of the house.
In recent years, however, with rising energy costs and a growing environmental awareness, many people who have access to traditional electricity sources are turning to solar power. Solar shingles are about the size of normal roofing shingles, and they have a similar color. To install the panels to supply electricity to your house, depending where you are, you can get credits for the amount of electricity to give back to the grid. In traditional solar roofing, flat photovoltaic solar panels can be attached to the south facing side of the roof using roof penetrations. Large companies like BP Solar and Sharp are leading the charge in the commercial and residential markets. Just imagine what an impact 78 million roofs would make on our national energy security, the environment and of course our wallets?
When you have a grid-tied photo voltaic system and it's producing more electricity than you are consuming, you can sell your extra electricity back to the utility.
This system again has a smaller risk of failing with fewer high-tech parts, but it also doesn’t provide the same benefits that solar PV panels do.
When passive solar design is incorporated into your building, you need to remember that you only want the sun heating your building in the winter.
High performance buildings are the future, and the earlier you get on board, the more money you will save.
In home use, this liquid is usually water, but in larger-scale facilities it may be something else. The roof is an ideal location for photovoltaic panels because it tends to catch more direct sunlight than other locations on a piece of property, and also reduces the visual footprint of the solar panels, which many people find unsightly. They are installed on the roof, and in many cases are indistinguishable from normal roofing materials. So, it doesn't matter if you are heating water, pumping water or even using your lights -- you will be providing for it all. Modern-day Metal Roofs are coated with special reflective coatings that reflect up to seventy percent of the solar radiation, which can result in over 20-30% energy savings during the summer months. One of the issues with using traditional solar panels on a typical asphalt shingle roof is that at some point an asphalt shingle roof will require replacement and a temporary dismantling of solar panels. As an official Earth Eats "tweeter", Emily loves spreading the word about the importance of environmental issues and "going green". Most solar roofing ideas spring from solar PV panels as it is the most obvious way to reduce your electric bill: make the upfront investment and then save each month.
Therefore, you need to include in your design a way of keeping the sun out in the summer, such as shades, blinds, or covers.
In a complete system, solar panels are wired in series or parallel to increase voltage or amperage respectively. I came across an article recently about this where a guy was producing 100 percent of his home electricity from his panels. The reduced load on AC will result in reduction of green house gases released into the environment. The new solar powered roofing converts sunlight into electricity AND looks just like the standard asphalt that tops the many houses we see today. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, writing, and looking at pictures of delicious meals that she'll only ever dream about. The large reserves of natural gas are owned by, you guessed it, the oil producing countries.
Many people who never would have considered other solar panels, because of their appearance, are turning to shingles to get the benefits of solar energy without the negative visual effect. In the absense of significant technological break throughs the cost of heating and cooling your house will only go up.

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