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Our grid-tie solar kits include everything you need to start generating energy from your home or business.
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When sunlight hits a solar cell, energy is absorbed by the cell's semiconductor material (usually silicon). Of course, this is a simplified version of how a solar panel works and we can see in this next diagram that there are actually many solar panel parts that come together to form a functioning solar module. When we have enough solar cells for a solar module, and enough solar modules for a solar array, we are almost ready for a residential solar installation.

As we can see from this solar power diagram, however, there are a few more pieces of the solar puzzle that we will require for a solar installation. One of these solar puzzle pieces is a solar power inverter. China Good Quality Solar Led Motion Sensor Light, Led Globe Bulbs and E27 Led Globe Bulb International Trade Site. Depending on the size of the system and your energy usage, you will be able offset a portion of your energy bill, or feed back into the grid for reimbursement from your local utility.
This is the device that takes DC power from your solar panels and turns it into the AC power that can be used by your home appliances. We also see an electric meter in our residential solar diagram.
Solar are a great way to keep your mobile batteries charged on the go without having to run your engine. This kit is currently featuring (20) Trina TSM260 This kit includes a Fronius PRIMO5.0 inverter, Delta Lighting Arrestors, MidNite Solar Surge Protectors and Combiners, and all the appropriate cables and fuses.

The electrons are then forced to flow in a certain direction, creating a current which can be used to power an external device. Optional upgrades include a complete UniRac roof mounting kit for $1021, and Enphase M250 Microinverters for $1974 (in place of the Fronius inverter).

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