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Goal:               To become a partner in sustainable development of mankind by tapping surplus solar power through green energy products.
Mission:          To educate the general public to use surplus solar power by using AKSHAYA Solar Power solar products which are of highest quality with best price.
Im happy to see another website about solar energy especially nowadays it is really important to inform about these technologies from economical and environmental point of view. Every system is uniquely designed for your own needs based on how many units of electricity you have used historically so far. Our experienced technicians and solar panel installers will install the panels (ground or roof mount), charge controllers, batteries and inverters with care and precision. The cost of solar power systems to run low, almost no maintenance, spare parts do not need, do not need to add fuel. Augni Solar is a full service provider, with everything you need to power your house with clean solar energy.
Our engineers will complete a structural analysis of your home and produce a full set of structural design and electrical blueprints. Faculty and officials of the University of Hyderabad at Indira Gandhi Memorial Library after the installation of the 100KW rooftop solar power plant on Sunday.
The University of Hyderabad has set up its first solar power plant on the campus installing a 100KW rooftop plant at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Library on the campus.
Cadets, who came out with flying colours after training at the Air Force Academy in Dundigal near Hyderabad, at the Combined Graduation Parade reviewed by Defence Minister Manohar Parriker.

It is promoted by technocrats committed for hard working and dedication in taking challenges in reducing CO2 emissions which is a green house effect by using surplus solar energy. We take pride in providing superior customer support before and after installing your solar system.
Our engineering team visit your site and using solar pathfinder tool, they will find out if your location is suitable for fixing solar panels, they will measure electricity usage by your major appliances at home like refrigerator, air conditioners, microwave, TV, etc. Our KSEB certified electrician will connect the output of the inverter to the AC load at your home or business and to the KSEB meter. By this, we mean that selling a solar system to someone is only the beginning of our relationship with that customer.
We will oversee your entire solar panel installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system. Your design plans will also contain the specification sheets for all system components, such as the solar panels, inverters and battery backup etc..
The Vice-Chancellor, Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, inaugurated the plant on Sunday after it was installed in a record 30 days.
AKSHAYA Solar Power has a dedicated team of professionals with years of solar and electronics experience, and is committed to manufacture and supply highest quality products. Based on these and much more information they gather, they will suggest you if it makes sense for you to invest in a solar system now. We take care of all the services that's required in making sure that the client gets the maximum out of the money they invested.

Our experienced engineering and installing high quality systems for homes and our inflexible service have made us an industry leader. The plant with 440 solar panels can generate 100 KW power and it was manufactured by PEC, a public sector company with a cost of Rs.
AKSHAYA Solar Power product range includes roof top solar power stations, CFL and LED based solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, solar lanterns and other custom made solar products. We will do routine monitoring of your system, how efficiently the panels are working, makes sure the battery bank doesn't get over depleted, battery maintains the right level of lead acid, etc. The solar plant will provide uninterrupted and stable power of 500 units per day and the whole system lasts for a minimum period of 25 years.
Ramaswamy also revealed that the University was planning to have a 9 MW power farm in a phased manner on the campus in the near future to cut mounting electricity bills. The University consumes 13 lakh units of electricity per month for its academic buildings, hostels and other residential areas, and incurs an expenditure of more than Rs.

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