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Because wider exploitation of renewable energy sources is a key priority for western countries, energy and research companies have made big investments to develop a new type of solar plant based on a concentrating solar power (CSP) system.
Sister companies Abengoa Solar and Abener built the PS10 the PS20 solar plants in Sanlucar la Mayor, Seville, Spain.
We developed the Heliostat Calibrating System to calibrate 624 heliostats for the PS10 plant and 1.255 heliostats for the PS20 plant. The system adjusts the heliostat movements automatically in relationship with other heliostats. In addition, the IP camera is a high-resolution black and white camera used over gigabit Ethernet. WWF-Australia National Manager Climate Change, Kellie Caught, said the polling also found that 84% of people surveyed believe it is important the Federal Government invest in renewable energy power.
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This image id WHITE-CLIFFS-SOLAR-POWER-STATION-0005 of White Cliffs Solar Power Station at Sunrise, is copyrighted © by Ilya Genkin. This image id WHITE-CLIFFS-SOLAR-POWER-STATION-0002 of White Cliffs Solar Power Station at Twilight, is copyrighted © by Ilya Genkin.
South Africa is growing its alternative energy capacity with numerous photovoltaic power stations and wind farms across the country.
In recent months two major solar power plants went live, while two even larger concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plants were announced.
SolarReserve announced on 11 November 2014 that the 96 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) Jasper solar power project was completed and fully operational.
The Sishen Solar Energy Facility came online in December 2014, with an estimated 216GWh per year of electricity generation.
In January the Department of Energy announced the construction of two new CSP plants, which will be built in the Northern Cape. The Kathu Solar Park and Redstone Solar Thermal Power project, both of which will have 100MW capacity, are part of the government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).
These solar power plants complement other large solar installations, including the Kalkbult Solar Park, Lesedi Solar Park, and Letsatsi Solar Park. The 75 megawatt Kalkbult solar photovolataic power station started to provide the grid with electricity in November 2013. The power station is located near Petrusville in the Northern Cape, and is producing 150,000MWh per annum.
Scatec Solar was awarded the Kalkbult project in December 2011, and it was completed in September 2013. The Lesedi power project was awarded by the South Africa Department of Energy in the first round of bidding under the South Africa Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme. The Letsatsi Solar Power Project near Bloemfontein was completed in May 2014 and is fully operational.

The project is playing its part in helping South Africa meet its renewable energy targets, in addition to stimulating long-term economic development and creating new jobs.
In November 2014 SolarReserve announced that the 96 megawatt photovoltaic Jasper solar power project was fully operational. Jasper is located in South Africa’s Northern Cape in a solar park that also includes the 75MW Lesedi solar power project.
With over 325,000 PV modules, the Jasper project is delivering 180,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually for South African residents.
The 75MW Kathu Solar PV facility, based in the Northern Cape, commenced commercial operations in November 2014.
The project is expected to deliver 179GWh of clean energy into the grid annually, equivalent to the electricity requirements of 68,000 low-income households.
The Sishen Solar Energy Facility came online in December 2014, with an estimated electricity generation of 216GWh per year.
The solar plant has 319,600 photovoltaic modules, with a peak capacity of 94.3 megawatts (MWp) – 74 nominal MW. The planned 100MW Redstone concentrated solar thermal power plant, which forms part of the South African REIPPPP, will be the biggest plant of its kind in South Africa.
The 100MW project with 12 hours of full-load energy storage will be able to deliver electricity to more than 200,000 South African homes during peak demand periods, even well after the sun has set. The biggest benefit of the CSP plant is that it produces electricity without harmful emissions or hazardous materials, and without any fuel cost for the 30+ year life of the project. The Redstone Solar Thermal Power project is scheduled to commence operations in early 2018.
The solar park project will be equipped with a molten salt storage system that allows 4.5 hours of thermal energy storage. The Communication Workers Union said that Telkom workers need a cost-of-living inflation linked salary increase.
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This image id WHITE-CLIFFS-SOLAR-POWER-STATION-0004 of White Cliffs Solar Power Station at Sunrise, is copyrighted © by Ilya Genkin. In these systems, incoming solar radiation is concentrated using a heliostat field in a receiver situated on top of a tower that holds the mirrors.
A Modbus driver is also required for communication with the heliostat mechanic control subsystem.
However, an error of milliradians can result in a concentration of power from the tower’s central site for the heliostats located furthest from the site, leading to a reduction in generated power. Australians also showed strong support for wind energy, large scale solar and roof top solar.
It will see Australia’s carbon pollution go up, sustainable energy jobs lost and investment shut out.
Wind farms are also a hit with mainstream Australia with fewer than 20% polled opposing them.
Ilya Genkin Photography is a verified PayPal Business member and Paypal provides you with 100% security. These mirrors follow the sun’s orbit using two movement axes to maximize the luminous flux reflected on each mirror. We customized an application based on artificial vision for the capture, analysis, and image treatment of the solar disc projection. All generated numeric, alphanumeric, and image data is saved in a central database using the LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit. A wide dynamic range of 120 dB provides the image capture and analysis of the projection of the solar disk for every heliostat. That’s why we’re seeing such strong support for sustainable renewable energy,” Ms Caught said. Through PayPal, you can pay with any major credit card or debit card or your PayPal account.

At any time, each heliostat has to correct its elevation and azimuth angles to track the sun movement in the sky. To supervise the heliostat command, we implemented an encapsulated RS232 protocol and two IP cameras over gigabit Ethernet to guarantee the required bandwidth. It is automatically instructed to zoom, pan, and tilt, as well as conduct preventive maintenance of the heliostat field. This plant is located in western region of India and is owned by a multinational company which contains 5 units of generation and Auxiliary equipment. The plant is in proper running condition and was under the maintenance of original equipment manufacturers. This plant was used to generate electricity but unfortunately due high rise in price of diesel the management has decided to put it in sale. The interested buyers can contact immediately and if required the inspection facility is provided at the consent of the seller. In 20 years, anybody who owns their roof will be paying the electric company for nighttime usage only, and their meters will run backwards all day to pay for it as their roofs provide electricity for businesses. Gotta refill it with coal, pulverize the coal, bring in the coal, shut down for repairs, and on and on and on.The power grid is the ONLY thing that gives us any sense of reliable power. Wiring a city up directly to a coal plant without the grid…that city will not have reliable, consistent power.
Steam drives the turbine which in turn drives a steel shaft in a magnetic field and electricity is generated. The wind is what drives shaft running through the generator housed in the building on top of the tower. What have you got, like a month two two months, all told, of planned and unplanned outages per year?Stripping the grid out in any serious discussion of modern day power is empty rhetoric.
The plant I work at we do an overhaul or turnaround as I have heard the outages called is once every five years.
The company who originally built the plant and consequently sold the entire system, generation and the transmission and distribution system did overhauls on the steam plants once a year. Rarely does a unit come down for other equipment failure unless it is a major piece of equipment.
Power plants are pointless without the grid; however, the same is true of the grid without power plants.
I have read about such possibilities; but, the problem with that was the panels were stationary to face the sun all the time while the earth rotated. But this day the when the guy who was reporting on Denmark’s power system said there was no wind and Denmark was buying power from Sweden, Finland and Germany to supply customers. But when the low pressure has moved out and a high pressure has moved in the farm only produces maybe 30 to 40 MW.
The load generated by the coal or gas units are not contingent on weather.Another problem with wind is how many turbines are needed to produce a sustainable base load? Consider if you will, each wind farm needs a switchyard to connect or disconnect from the grid.
They require what is called a ring bus which is nine circuit breakers to connect or disconnect from the grid.
There are nine bc if one of the CBs, circuit breakers is taken out of service for what ever reason that CB can be bypassed with the other eight completing the ring.
Particularly when environmental impact statements are required for every foot along the route the proposed transmission system is to take and if the company putting in the system has to buy land to site the transmission lines on.
It’s just a little bit of fun we like to have with our small, but nonetheless, competitors. Solar has its place, just as wind and hydro do, it’ll just require significant increases in technology to offset fossil fuel energy.

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