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The Nellis Solar Power Plant is situated within Nellis Air Force Base in Clark County, Nevada, on the northeast side of Las Vegas. The solar power generator though, may seem to be quite complicated and complex to create, you should be aware that it is actually the complete opposite as evidenced by a lot of people who start to incorporate this environmentally friendly system . For retailer solar power stations, where the electricity will be sold into the electricity transmission network, the cost of solar energy must fit the wholesale electricity price. What spans 1,600 hectares, cost $2.2 billion to build, and potentially fries hundreds of thousands of birds per year? Forests or not… These farms along with the wind turbines are taking up hundreds of thousand of acres of land and are very ineffective for the amount of production per acre. They’re worried about a few thousand birds when fossil fuel power plants kill way more than just birds.
And windows (like, on houses and buildings) kill many many many millions of birds every year. Do you people really think that renewable energy bird deaths are magically substituted for other causes? I also don’t think anyone calling themselves environmentalists is honest if they can ignore the sheer amount of land required for these projects. Plus, putting such a large heat generator in the environment could affect local weather patterns.
Heat that hits the ground is dissipated through a series of normal mechanisms, by absorption and evaporation and whatnot. Where on God’s Earth did you find anything even remotely substantive to support this statement?? The sad spectacle here is the number of assumptions you make after your spurious anecdotal retort. Advances in battery technology and the further use of what’s called a smart grid could potentially solve the excess of electricity. Advances in technology could definitely deal with many of the issues, though they take time and money to develop, and then to roll out as well. We need both centralized (solar focusing plants, both tower and trough) as well as distributed (solar PV on rooftops). Perhaps the best benefit to this is breaking up the monopoly of the utility companies and the Koch brothers who back them.
Bringing up the Koch brothers, while ignoring Soros and the Clintons, makes people look like drooling leftists clones. The Social Justice Warriors fighting in the name of these poor, roasted birds are in dire need of new Macs and Quinoa pasta. I’ve read that the money will supposedly go to spaying stray cats and such, much like carbon credit offsets. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Examples of solar powered products involve solar panels, hot water heater systems, lighting, fountains, and pumps.
Professional installation’s comparatively high expense is primarily due to the fact that solar energy use is an emerging technology.

The net has plenty of guides and educational content on the topic of building solar powered generation systems.
Lots of people continue to be apprehensive as a result of the statement of such a endeavor. You can see the three individual boiling towers, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of mirrors. I do not think the reflected visual spectrum is enough to heat up the steam for as solar thermal power plant. If you changed the dimensions to put a ring around the equator, as an example, and only on the land that exists today (10% of the circumference), you’d have to have a land-based ring 22 km wide to power the planet, non-stop. Everything ADDS UP, plus these projects are expanding and the deaths you see today are hardly the final toll.
You seem to be very quick to defend a solution that has proven effects on wildlife without question…. A better solution might be to stick with solar panels next to were the electrical need is needed – instead of centralized control and distribution. The solar energy would hit the surface of the terrain just the same with or without the mirrors being present. Heat energy that hits mirrors is instead concentrated and sent back to a focal source which is the thermal equivalent of an open volcanic caldera.
The electricity distribution companies have to deal with all the excess the solar power that is pumped into the grid, which in large amounts, can be quite a challenge to deal with. It seems like a bogus argument because it doesn’t help the local species getting fried. To make the most of any solar panel installation, energy efficient appliances should be utilized to prolong effectiveness and the lifespan. The system was inaugurated in a service on December 06- 17- 2007, with Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons activating complete operation of the 1460; megawatt (MW) array. Once you purchase a good set of plans, you can study dealers that can take the parts you will need and local hardware provider. The plant, which uses some 350,000 garage-door-sized mirrors to focus sunlight on three boiler towers, also acts as a death ray, instantly igniting and killing any wildlife that happen to fly through the intense beam of light. Something similar could be done at home, but for simply redistributing the visual light through your house via fiber optic, while collecting the non-visual and thermals for energy in capacitors. One side poking inflammatory headlines at the other, pro-green, anti-green, who cares (as long as they don’t carbon tax me).
While these mirror arrays are huge, their impact on the environment with regards to drought and rainfall will be negligible.
Not really all that much, and even less of an impact if you floated the panels in the middle of the water, or put them in the deserts of the world in small patches.
And domestic cats kill many bird species in areas where domestic cats were brought over and are invasive species that prey animals like birds dont recognize them as natural predators.
Food production skyrocketed, due to fossil fuel burning machines, manufacturing with electricity, and fertilizer created with the help of oil and electricity. This causes localized hyper-strong thermals that have the potential to wreck havoc on local weather patterns, as often times such thermals can rise very high into the atmosphere, especially in the absence of strong winds.

A quick look at the electricity consumption in California shows that residential consumption doesn’t even account for a quarter of all consumption. Water heating is generally the 2nd top house energy price, costing the average family above $ 400.
No one can blame them for they are accustomed to the idea they will often be expensive, that it is a completely new technology and, just like with any new technology.
Wildlife officials are concerned that this concentrated solar power plant, and others like it, could turn into “mega-trap” that decimates the ecosystem — first attracting insects, and then attracting birds that eat insects. The plant cost $2.2 billion to build, with most of the money coming from a US Department of Energy loan, and sizable investments from NRG Energy and Google.
Combine with LED cluster for night and use the same optic distribution to keep a home lit..
That is why they built it in the first place to stop the need for fossil fuel and test the return in energy. The only difference is that the mirrors focus the energy into 3 distinct points (the towers). And it creates a localized hotspot near the ground, which affects the air pressure around the area. BrightSource, in the mean time, is forging ahead with an even larger solar power plant that officials say could kill four times as many birds. The three plants have a total capacity of 392 megawatts and an annual production of around 1,000 gigawatt-hours of reasonably priced electricity.
Of course there are options with far less impact (nuclear) but the fear of that technology has killed it as well. Butterflys flapping their wings man, weather is more complicated than you give it credit for. Recent technological innovations have made it possible to construct your own solar electricity system for merely compare $200 to your total electric bill. I doubt this will be enough to turn commercial and political interests back towards nuclear power or fusion power, but who knows. That’s a fortune saved, cash that can be used for other significant issues in your lifetime. The tower contains some kind of fluid (super-heated water, molten salt) that in turn creates electricity via a conventional steam turbine. Federal wildlife investigators said there was, on average, one streamer every two minutes — or hundreds of thousands of incinerated birds per year. For a while, concentrated solar was seen as the future of solar power, but photovoltaic cells are now back in vogue after large price cuts over the last few years.

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