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Innovative Solar Systems is solving the energy problems of the world by installing state of the art renewable energy solar pv systems of all types and sizes. With more than 30 years of industry experience our team takes the guess work out of solar and offers you turn key solutions for commercial solar systems. Innovative Solar Systems offers a full range of services from initial feasibility studies all the way through turnkey installations. With modern solar electric technology it is quite easy to convert the sun’s energy into electricity.
We assist companies with financing on their new solar systems and show clients how to obtain the maximum tax credits and incentives for renewable energy. DISCLAIMER: Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is not a certified public account, licensed financial advisor or a licensed attorney. However, this painful phenomenon is not without benefits — hoses turn into miniature geysers thanks to solar thermal energy (STE), one of the oldest and greenest renewable energy sources known to man. Medium-temperature collectors, which operate at temperatures significantly higher than the ambient air, have also found a niche heating homes and businesses. The US built nine such power plants, between 1984 and 1991, in the Mojave Desert in California. While such solar farms take up a large amount of space, they have the capability to deliver an equally large amount of energy.
I should note, I just pulled those EROEI figures from Wikipedia - there are probably better, more up-to-date figures around, looking at different types of solar thermal.
Solar energy is converted through two very different techniques to create electricity,either by using Solar cells (photovoltaic cells), or by concentrating the sun's energy enough to heat a fluid which then produces steam from heating water. Below we see the most popular form of solar collector, parabolic mirrors that focus the sun's energy onto tube in the foreground through which a fluid flows. The solar dish below enables enough solar energy to be concentrated onto a small area so that temperatures are raised high enough to create syngas(a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from methane and carbon dioxide, or methane and water, without the need of catalysts.
SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub are available to provide single- as well as dual axis movement that tracks the travel of the sun as it moves across the sky. Both solutions are custom designed to manage extremely harsh conditions in which solar panels operate, and are IP 65 certified. Solar energy panels are perhaps the most crucial component of any solar power systems and make it all possible as a good and practical alternative to conventional methods of producing electrical power.
As mentioned earlier, solar energy panels essentially absorb solar radiation and transform it to usable electrical power. Although such alternative power system may seem like something out of a science fiction movie for many people, solar power is actually nothing new and has long been applied as viable power source for all sorts of portable devices such as calculators and flashlights. Indeed solar power systems present an excellent and viable alternative to conventional sources of electrical power. For a country phasing out its nuclear plants, you might expect a downturn in energy production. While 46 percent of Germany’s power still comes from coal, renewable sources have steadily been chipping away at the dominance of fossil fuels. Despite the erosion of the traditional utilities model in Germany, the country’s energy surplus is evidence that a push towards clean energy can still produce enough electricity to not only power the nation but to export to other countries. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Another one of this ilk, but more frequent, is the confusion of energy with electricity, e.g. If there's "a surplus of 22.8 billion kilowatt hours over the last two years", why is Germany still importing energy?
Strategy: Portugal expects to generate 31 per cent of all its energy from clean sources by 2020.
As part of the Action Plan, in September 2008 the Portuguese government began distributing 5 free high-efficiency light bulbs to each of the poorest 13 per cent of households in the country.
PUPILS of St John’s Primary School have unveiled a lasting tribute to a fellow pupil who died in a tragic shooting accident while on holiday last year. Shalk, who lives in South Africa, dropped me a line to say : "A lesson in how to get around in Madeira! Theatre commemorates its day without guarantees – The theatrical activity will only survive if the participants were to have other jobs. Passos Coelho is the new leader of the national Social Democrat Party – Paulo Rangel wins comfortably on Madeira, but stays in second place. If anyone else can oblige with the translation of any of the ‘blank’ or sparsely filled headlines, or other news stories, here is the link. Please use the comments here for general chit-chat, or feel free to ask any questions … someone usually has an answer. The headline news & other snippets reviewed here on the blog are mainly from the Diario de Noticias of Madeira, although news from any source is used and welcome. I have been and feed the dog that has been left on it own, although someone has been there looking back at the photo, as it has water and a bowl full of dried food. I made up a carry bag of Mixer biscuit, tin of dog meat and some veggie soup i had made, mixed it all together and dropped it over in the bag, the dog has eaten it all, i have also managed to get a tub by the wall to pour water in, but a box is needed to see right over wall to do this. Apart from matted hair the dog seems ok, but horrible conditions to live in and im sure other people must complain as the smell of dog waste can be smelt. I have sent Sheila an email as she phoned me this morning for an update, and just waiting to see if SPAD are going to take action, im sure if they go to the police they will have more clout.
Throughout the awesome design of things you’ll secure an A for effort and hard work. Madeira's most popular web site, matching independent travellers to the island with apartment and villa owners. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We provide a full range of services including site procurement, site analysis, engineering, design, turnkey installation, financing options and solar consulting services.Innovative Solar Systems is solving the energy problems of the world by installing state of the art renewable energy solar pv systems of all types and sizes.
They lay there, quietly baking in the hot summer sun, just waiting for some dumb schmuck to come along and try to take a sip — then BAM! Unlike photovoltaic technology, STE harnesses the sun’s rays to generate heat rather than electricity. In 1760, Swiss naturalist Horace de Saussure devised a solar oven built out of a half-inch tall pine box, topped with glass pane. To make domestic hot water, it used a trio of water tanks set in a sunny greenhouse on the south wall of a home.
Even as the world economy exploded with the advent of the internal combustion engine, STE technology continued to evolve. Solar water heating, like Kemp’s Climax, uses solar water panels to continually heat a large supply of water.

Still in operation today, they together produce about 354 megawatts annually, enough to power a half million homes. Industry experts like Fred Morse, a senior advisor to Spanish power utility, Abengoa, believe that were the Southwest’s 226,000sqkm of open, flat and sunny land were used for a solar farming, it alone would generate 11,200 gigawatts of power. Watched a show on discovery channel ages ago about the parabolic mirrors heating molten salt. The sun warms his poorly insulated feet, allowing him to get enough rest to go hunting for food again. These are both relatively easy techniques as Solar cells can now be mass produced which are 15% efficient, and solar concentrators needed to produce electricity only need to reach hundreds of degrees.
Below we show a huge array of mirrors that in are focused on the tower (lower right) in Spain. The fluid is heated, and in turn heats water to again produce steam, which as above turns a steam generator and generates electricity. SKFa€™s advanced electromechanical technology offers improvements over todaya€™s maintenance-intensive solutions and delivers high performance, accuracy and efficiency by accurately tracking the suna€™s position throughout the day and throughout the seasonsa€?, says Markus Behn, Global Business Development Manager, SKF Renewable Energy, Solar Segment.
And, both solutions provide highly accurate movement and are virtually maintenance-free with an expected service life of 20 years which helps SKF customers to achieve lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). To be included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, SKF products, services and solutions must deliver significant environmental benefits. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 15,000 distributor locations worldwide.
Panels for solar energy store the heat energy generated by the sun and turn it into electrical energy that can be used to power homes and commercial or business establishments. Another significant advantage to solar energy systems is portability making it an ideal power source for yachts and recreational vehicles. Make no illusions though, the cost of setting up such alternative power systems and the cost of crucial components like solar energy panels and solar batteries can be quite significant easily amounting to hundreds or thousands of dollars. In 2012, nearly 22 percent of the country’s electricity came from renewables, many of which were privately-owned.
Government subsidies have continued to make renewable technologies cheaper, allowing them to work their way towards achieving critical mass and driving down retail prices for individuals hoping to install their own systems. If Germany had quadrupled its power output, bearing in mind that its renewable output share has risen to nearly a quarter, it could have retired nearly all of its non-renewables - now; all, if you take into account that its consumption has been fallen.
I saw in the Irish Times a while back that the Irish target was to get 40% of its energy from renewables by 2020. This facility will provide only a modest amount of electricity to the grid, but, Portugal has set an ambitious generation target of 550MW by 2020.
Joao Calaca-Sousa (8) died from massive blood loss last November after accidentally shooting himself while playing at his aunt’s house in Venezuela. This weekend saw a pair of excellent results for drivers at the wheel of MML Sports Mitsubishi rally cars.
The main petrol station on Porto Santo will close when the contract with Galp ends on April 1st.
The Regional Government has embarked on an emergency plan to repair agricultural irrigation channels damaged on February 20th. This is the only tidal lagoon in the region, rich in biodiversity and of great ornithological interest. I watched this last night as the results came in, and this has now created quite an interesting situation. The fact that President Jardim had told his followers on Madeira that they could vote as they liked, maybe indicated that perhaps he already knew that he was backing a loser … but they voted for Rangel anyway. All the hotels of the Pestana Group situated in the archipelago of Madeira will be in candle-light in their exterior areas and some communal rooms tomorrow (i.e. A funny story or good or bad experience, a news item, or a story from a Madeira newspaper, a teaser, news of a bargain flight or item in a supermarket.
The principals of this company are degreed engineers and passionate about clean green energy and have been involved with energy conservation programs sponsored by the United States Department of Energy since the early 2000’s. In residential use, STE usually boosts the efficiency of water heaters, heat pumps, and absorption chillers. Placed in sunshine, the glass pane and enclosed area worked in tandem to concentrate incoming solar energy and prevent its escape (aka the greenhouse effect).
But the current, reasonable estimates put the total installed STE-collection base at just 35 gigawatts by 2020. However, if we want to make fuels, concentrating the sun's energy to create a very high temperatures, the order of 1000 C, is required. The concentrated solar energy heats water into steam which turns a steam turbine, which generates electricity. One key to this process is that equal quantities of methane and carbon dioxide are needed as inputs.
SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub can be used with photovoltaics, concentrated photovoltaics or concentrating solar power systems.
The electrical energy harnessed from the sun can also be stored with solar batteries to provide electrical power at night or during times when sun doesn?t shine. As you may already know, the electrical power that solar panels generate is completely free and clean yielding no harmful byproducts unlike conventional power systems that rely on burning fossil fuels which presents some of its most significant advantages. Such alternative power systems can also be used on remote areas beyond the reach of utility power grids with no recurring cost and very little maintenance requirements.
The advantages and long-term benefits of a clean and free renewable electrical power source far outweighs such costs though and can well be worth it. Europe’s leading economy has been pushing for a green revolution, becoming one of the largest markets for solar voltaics and where support for renewables is subsidized by taxpayers.
According to Reuters, individuals claimed 40 percent of the renewable market, a trend that is beginning to affect the share of the country’s main utility companies. Although Germany still imported electricity from France, Denmark and the Czech Republic last year, the country still continues to break records in solar installation on the continent and set an example for those looking to green their infrastructure. Of course, they meant 40% of electricity; which would mean 10 - 15% overall, creeping up to about 20 when non-electricity renewables are added in. As the sunniest spot in Europe, with a long coastline and abundant wind, the country intends to take advantage of what nature has given it, and establish itself as a global clean-tech leader. Portugal’s renewable energy plans include the world’s largest wind, wave and solar energy facilities. Backed by significant government incentives, the wave energy sector in Portugal is poised to take off.
The world’s largest photovoltaic solar power farm is currently being built in eastern Portugal. Antonio Nunes narrowly missed out on the Group N class victory on Rally Porto Santo Line, the first round of the Madeira Rally Championship while David Westenbrink claimed fifth in his first outing in the Lancer WRCar on the Tank-S rally, round two of the Dutch series.

There is a shortage of family doctors in Madeira and sometimes patients go at 7 am to get an appointment. There is no attempt by either parties to renew the contract with complaints on both sides, as previously reported.
35 volunteers are coming from different parts of the country, Spain, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands to help. Eight contracts have been signed at a cost of nine million Euros to minimize the effects on agriculture and regional economy.
Over the past fortnight, inert materials and sludge deposited by the storm have been cleared out and the project is ongoing.
The action is intended to strengthen the trust and confidence of the foreign and local communities, especially in tourist areas. Ryanair had wanted incentives available through the Fund for New Routes to bear the cost of certification of its pilots. The winners will represent Madeira at the national competition in May which will be held in Madeira. Sweet Manuela Ferreira Leite has now gone, and bless her for trying, but she was just no match for the smoothie statesman Jose Socrates.
We understand solar and offer more turnkey services than just about anyone in the business. This allowed the system to continuously heat larger quantities of water for a houshold throughout the day.
These systems, commonly used to heat pools, operate at or below the surrounding air temperature. Systems like these can provide domestic hot water, or they can be used with heat pumps to efficiently heat and cool entire houses. The only testing facility of its kind in the US, the Solar Thermal Test Facility at Sandia National Laboratories can focus six, 11.5m parabolas, each comprised of 82 mirrors, at a seven-inch wide target and heat it to over 650 C. The glass for the mirrors is expensive to produce and producing glass also uses a crap load of energy.
The larger the panel, the larger the environmental benefit, since the production and waste treatment of the actuator is of minor importance to the results. Of the 71 gigawatts of renewables installed last year, the four largest utilities owned only 7 percent. The facility, capable of generating enough power for 30 000 homes, represents a play by the country to become a global leader in solar technology. There were no complaints about health care professionals, who were said to be attentive and sympathetic.
If the petrol station closes on Wednesday, the only one left is a small one that shuts on holidays and Sundays.
This is a partnership between SPEA and the Natural Park of Madeira to assess the impact of power lines on vulnerable birds and to identify key locations.
The Regional Directorate of the Environment and the ponta-solense council are funding the operation and hope to improve the area, making it more visibly attractive than previously. The regional authorities considered this proposal unacceptable because this incentive has not been granted to any other company.
This will adversely affect Madeira and the Canary Islands due to the physical characteristics of the islands and the small sizes of plantations. Pedro Passos Coelho managed to get 61% of the vote nationally, with Rangel taking just 34%, and forget the other two candidates. As I have said before, Jardim hates Passos Coelho with a vengeance, and had made no secret of the fact up until a week or so again when the two men tried just slightly to publically paper over the cracks. Please don’t send in automatic translations (like Google translator) without checking them through and correcting them first, thanks.
If you are searching for totally engineered and installed commercial solar systems in the 20MW to 200MW+ range then you may want to consider our firm. Some of the more creative new applications of these systems can be seen at the biennial Solar Decathlon competition, a contest among college students to design and build a home that achieves net-zero energy consumption. Even that lower estimate significantly alter the amount of electricity generated by renewable sources.
The government has set a goal to source 80 percent of its electricity from green technology by 2050, leaving the old fossil fuel-based utilities behind. This put Madeira in the top ten of the eighteen administrative districts, the most violent area being Lisbon with a ratio of 4 crimes per 1,000 residents. The Regional Council of the Medical Association received only six complaints that merited an investigation in 2009, showing that the health care services have improved significantly. 100 channels with a total length of over 600 kilometres need repairing, which should take 250 workers 90 days.
I wish that was what we had done in Ribeira Brava, with one side of our now totally demolished 100+ year old bridge, being perfectly OK for pedestrians.
But an adundance of cheap fossil fuels was already reducing the demand for this technology. Unfortunately, as much as 70 per cent of this heat is lost before it can be put to work by the engine.
Holland, Austria and Switzerland were the country’s main customers for the extra energy. The other option is the possibility of having a filling station on land where a camp site is planned.
The population count will take place between 28 March and 2 April during one hour before sunset and one hour after, at 100 observation posts. After the heavy dredging, which should finish next week, Sanas boats will be used for more delicate cleaning. This announcement stunned Bernardo Trindade, the Secretary of State for Tourism, who did not even know about this proposal and wants to know what is going on. But the council knocked it down, and what we now have is a shiny brand new metal footbridge in its place. There is one other possibility not to be ruled out, that Jardim may try and establish a breakaway party, but I believe this was tried once before and failed. A study in 2007 showed that 99% of tourists classified Madeira as a safe and tranquil destination and the police want to build on this.
Ryanair will fly to Faro this summer which will boost tourism and the economy, denied to Madeira, as the low-cost carrier offers competitive rates. The President of the Order of Nurses said that people do not look after their own health enough and the emphasis is on treatment rather than health promotion.

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