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The topic today is about the LED solar powered fence post cap light, which is said to be an extremely useful and practical light for outdoor lighting. This LED Solar Lights is a LED solar light, consisting of high quality PP and ABS, quite practical and durable for use.
From the above, you can see how useful and practical this LED solar powered fence post cap light actually is clearly, and you can also have a clear mind of whether it can be widely used. Highly effective and durable (dust proof and waterproof) driving light that can illuminate (in spotlight configuration) up to 350 metres.
These LED lights draw a tiny 34 watts of power and provide over 3400 lumens of brilliant white light. Ideal low energy floodlight for garden lighting projects, stables, workshops, large sheds, remote buildings and associated grounds, car parking, security areas etc. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
The discussion will focus on how useful and practical this light actually and whether it can be widely used.

Low energy consumption with the ability to run off both 24VDC and 12VDC makes this ideal an ideal solution for mounting on a vehicle. Designed for instant start they throw a beam up to 350 metres (over 10 degrees) - which is more than most 300W halogen spotties! It is remote controlled, so you can set the mood in you swimming pool the way you want it or let the colours rotate at their own pace.
This light features solar panel, and the light turns on automatically at night and off at dawn. They are also completely waterproof (IP68 rated), shockproof, shatterproof, last for 50,000 hours and work off 12VDC or 24VDC. However after having the units on test we believe the output is better than the manufacturers figures. Rechargeable AA NI-MH 600mA battery is included to provide the power it needs for lighting.
As this light is weather resistant, you can use it no matter how bad the weather condition actually is.

This light is suitable for garden, yard, fence, street, path and so on, and it is great for boundary and pool fences.
The normal pool light has a high beam white light that usually is 100 to 150 Watts per hour. Our Pool Led Light uses between 5 Watts and a maximum of 21 Watts per hour, depending on the colour you choose. Imagine the saving on your electricity bill?  Our LED Light uses the same electricity in five hours as the normal pool light uses in one hour, plus the fact that should you forget to turn it off, it does so automatically after five hours.

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