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Malaysian homeowners or property owners now have the chance to generate electricity and actually get paid for it by TNB. The exact cost for solar panel installation, though, will still depend on various variables that greatly affects the price.
We seem to be more and more interested in the cost of solar panels due to the fact that the cost of fuel and energy has risen considerably. People have been exploiting the sun for hundreds of years, it is not a new trend discovered by the modern man. There are two types of solar panels available on the market, we have evacuated heat tubes and flat plate panels. If you want to add solar panels on your home or any building for that manner you have to take into consideration all the costs that come with them.
So, if you want to know the cost of solar panels you should go to a specialized company and ask them to come and look at your place. This is possible under the Malaysia FiT System, which aims to promote the development of Renewable Energy. If your home is off-grid, costs may be different as you will need to have additional PV System Components such storage batteries, charge controller, and monitors. Even though the prices rise we still need to worm and light our home so the ideal solution is solar panels. After taking a look at your home they will be able to give you an idea on how much it is going to cost you.

While there are various choices of RE sources, Solar PV seems to be the most feasible option for most residents in Malaysia. You will then need to know how much energy your home will be using and the number of batteries you will need for storage. However, there is a disadvantage in using flat plate panels they lose heat because the panels have gaps between them.
If you think that the costs are too high you have to take into consideration that this is a long term investment because with the help of this system you will be able to save a lot of energy.
And you can make solar panels that look like store bought and cost you less than half of what store bought panels cost! But one question that quickly comes to mind if you intend to put up solar panels in your home would probably be the cost. You’ll also most likely have a backup generator to help maintain your battery life, thus, protecting a part of your investment. Horace de Saussure is a Swiss scientist who created a cooking machine which worked with solar energy. This is how the evacuated heat tubes were invented, they do not lose heat like the other ones do.
If your home is on-grid, before you can get an estimate of the cost, you first need to know your objectives in installing solar panels.
For example, on the market a tube collector such as Apricus 30 costs about 2000 $ while a Rheem flat panel kit costs only 1470 $.

Cost for Solar Panel Installation The above image is a sample set of home solar PV which is expected to cost around RM60,000.
It may sound a little expensive, but considering the long-term profit Malaysia FiT offers, return of investment surely looks favorable.
Now, if you’re aiming for a zero-energy residential home where your solar PV offsets your energy consumption on a yearly basis, then you might want to look into your electricity bill and get your average kWh usage per day to get the size of solar panel that you need.
Based on studies, a 2-storey residential house with 4kWp Solar PV System (Roof Integrated) installed, which costs RM50,000 in 2013, is expected to have 12.24% rate of ROI. A lot of people think that the size of solar panel and its cost depends on the size of their homes, when in fact, it’s not. The size of your solar panel and its costs actually depend on how much your average electricity usage is, how much electricity you wanted to offset, and the solar resource in your location.
With all these in mind, you will be able to get an estimate of how much would it cost you to install solar PVs.

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