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Established in 1939, the East Baton Rouge Public Library (EBRPL) began with a modest collection of second-hand books received through local donations. Through library connections, programs and physical spaces, children learn to share and become engaged in their community. For elementary school children, a yearly Summer Reading Program offers an opportunity to keep kids engaged and entertained during those long, hot summer days while improving their skills and reading level. Teens are drawn to public libraries to take advantage of Internet access, make use of research assistance, study, read, write or to just plain hang out. EBRPL fosters a number of programs designed specifically to provide teens with the tools to grow socially and intellectually, to develop new literacies for learning and expression and perhaps most importantly, to gain college and workplace preparedness. Through a number of homework and research assistance programs, young adults will find help in math, science and composition as well as detailed guides to biographical research and the analysis of current events. Career development services are available through interactive databases which match young people up with potential career paths based upon their talents and interests. If you’re looking for a new home in Baton Rouge or any of its suburbs, we’d love to help you.
If you’re like most homeowners—or soon-to-be homeowners—you enjoy hosting the occasional back yard cookout party.
DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles have completely changed the way the world looks at roofs, simply by making them work harder.

This new roofing solution is a system that includes a custom-designed array for your home based on its size, its style, your budget, and, of course, your energy-saving goals. With money-saving utility reductions, a 30% federal tax credit, and powerful state and local utility company incentives, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to solar power.
Over the past 77 years, the EBRPL has grown into a superb community resource and cultural center consisting of a main library and 13 community or regional branches, as well as an active fleet of bookmobiles. They are afforded the opportunity to interface with the arts while exploring their immediate world and the world at large.
The library’s “1000 Books before Kindergarten Program” is an excellent interactive experience that parents and preschoolers can enjoy together.
Additionally, Storytime and craft workshops are offered at both the main library and community branches which serve to enhance your child’s overall learning experience. Resume writing resources are also accessible along with interview preparation, and for those seeking a future in any number of skilled trades requiring certification, tutorials and practice tests are provided in a range of areas from Civil Service to Air Traffic Control. Call us at 225-663-2015 or get in touch with us online so we can start searching for your new home right away.
Because we are committed to Louisiana's solar market, we offer a wide range of solar services to homeowners in Denham Springs.
There’s also an inverter that converts the Direct Current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC) to power the home.

Teens, including those preparing for college can benefit from career development programs and are given first hand access to research and writing assistance. You will find your solar system will begin to pay for itself not just on utility expenses, but also the increased value of the home on the secondary market. And finally, the available monitoring system lets you watch and manage your electricity usage in real time. We deliver top-notch service, high-quality products, and competitive warranties from beginning to end.
Of course, the credits that show up on your electric bill are also proof of how much money DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles are saving you. If you are ready to rake in the benefits of a solar energy system, contact our Denham Springs solar company today.

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