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A recent study has shown that having solar energy added to your home could increase the value up to $30,000.
Patrick MerrymanPatrick Merryman is a Siena College Graduate that has been writing on Real Estate for over two years.
The components of a renewable solar energy system are actually relatively simple and easy to understand, even without a prior knowledge of electrical systems. Recently this green movement has become a factor in real estate as small green renovations around the home became more common. The reasoning behind it being that investing in a home to lower the amount of energy it uses should make the home more valuable.

The average American household generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year through electrical use.
Patrick writes on topics ranging from mortgage projections to green living for numerous blogs. Even as the “go green” initiative grew one major energy conscious renovation had been less popular than the others based on cost.
The only negative the study pointed out is that the “power” of the solar panels decreased as time went on so the value it could potentially add 10 years after they have been installed would be less than directly after installation. Even if you decided on not going all out, the average American home uses 920kWh per month and the average solar installation would account for 840kWh.

With strong evidence supporting carbon dioxide as one of the causes of global warming, adding solar panels would decrease your carbon footprint in a huge way.
Solar companies have entire neighborhoods questioning: “Why consume energy when you can generate it?” While solar energy installation is an expense some want to avoid, many believe the positives far out way the negatives.

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