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Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc provides Utility Grade solar power for home, business and commercial enterprises. The EnviSmart suite of services can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of any home owner if they decide to upgrade their home.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The facility is the first of five on-base military solar power projects currently being developed by Georgia Power in coordination with the Army and the Department of the Navy. Norrie McKenzie, vice president of renewable development for Georgia Power discussing the importance of the solar project to Georgia Power customers at the event. Speaking on behalf of the elected members of the Georgia PSC, Commissioner Wise noted the Commission's efforts to bring viable solar projects to Georgia and to encourage solar development while keeping electric rates low for customers.
Georgia Power built, owns and operates the facility with power delivered to the state's electric grid at or below the company's avoided cost, the amount projected it would cost the company to generate comparable energy from other sources. In addition to this project, Georgia Power continues to add solar to its generation portfolio through programs designed to prevent upward pressure on customer rates.
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Solar is installed on the rooftops as well as carports that have been designed and built to house solar panels. Many people are interested in the benefits of owning a solar energy system for their home, but are left with the question: Is is right for me? The benefits of solar energy speak for themselves, but before making a decision it's also important to understand a little bit about how residential solar works.

Off-Grid Solar Systems produce power in the same manner as Grid Tied systems, but the power produced is stored in a battery bank instead of being pushed back into the power grid. As the Texas 1999 pioneer of renewable energy we have gained insight into the technology, companies, governments, and incentives. This new company specializes in solar, energy management, home automation and security for the savvy home owner and is saving people money and the environment, one home at a time. This new solar company will be based out of Forth Worth but will service Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.
Solar energy is no longer a fad for the wealthy, but an achievable goal for any home owner. Scheduled at the convenience of the home owner, an EnviSmart specialist evaluates the home through the EnviSmart lens for solar panel potential, home automation, energy management and security. The last thing we want to have happen is to have home owners get tricked by our competitors into an awful solar lease. Specializing in industry leading technology, home owners will be thrilled with their investment. Army, the Army Office of Energy Initiatives, the General Services Administration and the Georgia Public Service Commission marked the start of operations of a new 30 MW solar power project at Fort Benning, near Columbus, Georgia. Speakers also noted the importance of the project to Georgia, as well as the extensive collaboration needed between the utility, the Georgia PSC and the Army to complete the project. The solar project at Fort Benning is estimated to represent a $75 million investment at the installation and will enable the Army to meet critical energy and security goals. Some of the features include production tracking along with remote troubleshooting and email alerts. Solar panels are installed on the property, which produce DC power (like the power from a battery), and are connected to an inverter.

As a result, we have established far reaching relationships that provides our customers with the highest quality, highest performing systems available in the market today and at remarkable value.
In 1999, I became an enthusiast of wind turbines and solar panels after completing air quality courses and learning about its effects on human life. The company focuses on educating home owners on the benefits of solar, energy efficiency, home automation, and security. It has been our mission in the renewable energy business for the last 5 years to help home owners save money and improve the value of their home.
The specialist then sits down with the home owner to evaluate the various opportunities for improvement. The 200-plus acre Fort Benning solar site uses nearly 134,000 photovoltaic panels to produce energy for Georgia homes and businesses. Most recently, Georgia Power proposed 525 MW of new renewable generation by 2019 and new demonstration projects to study wind and solar generation opportunities as part of its 2016 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), currently under review by the Georgia PSC. In 2006, I started marketing renewable energy and found a mixed bag of product quality and nearly every power company in Texas saying no way. Learn more about our designs.Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc has installed in nearly every county of Texas and Oklahoma.
We use our buying power to avoid local distribution (shopping cart) selling blue light specials (discontinued, unreachable fly-by-night imports,damaged shipments, B&C quality cells or auction acquired with limited warranty) and purchase directly from U.S. This effort has resulted in the 15-20% higher performance and zero (0) solar panel MFG defects.

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