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SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub are available to provide single- as well as dual axis movement that tracks the travel of the sun as it moves across the sky. Both solutions are custom designed to manage extremely harsh conditions in which solar panels operate, and are IP 65 certified.
This lithium-ion Model MS-150 solar generator is the result of a series of evolutionary design changes that came about after the disaster in Japan in March of 2011. The power generated is feed into grid, and the grid is regarded as energy storing device; the battery can be saved, and the construction investment can be reduced by 35%-45% compared to that of independent solar PV system, so as to greatly reduce the power generation cost. The distributed construction can locally distribute and power generation and supply, and it is flexible to be available for grid, which can not only be good for increasing the capacity of electric system again war and disaster, but also be good for improving the load and balance of electric system and reduce the line loss.

SKFa€™s advanced electromechanical technology offers improvements over todaya€™s maintenance-intensive solutions and delivers high performance, accuracy and efficiency by accurately tracking the suna€™s position throughout the day and throughout the seasonsa€?, says Markus Behn, Global Business Development Manager, SKF Renewable Energy, Solar Segment. And, both solutions provide highly accurate movement and are virtually maintenance-free with an expected service life of 20 years which helps SKF customers to achieve lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). To be included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, SKF products, services and solutions must deliver significant environmental benefits. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 15,000 distributor locations worldwide. Besides, it can also save the battery, improve the average no fault time of system and reduce secondary pollution of battery.
The networking solar PV system is the hot point and key point developed by the developed countries in the world in PV application field, and it is also a mainstream development trend of solar PV power generation in the world.

SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub can be used with photovoltaics, concentrated photovoltaics or concentrating solar power systems. The larger the panel, the larger the environmental benefit, since the production and waste treatment of the actuator is of minor importance to the results.

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