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But space being a constraint, the final capacity of hot water to be supplied was reached at 12,000 litres, with 180 flat plate collectors each measuring 2 m?.
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Maharishi Solar Technology (MST), a subsidiary of the Indian Maharishi Group, has announced its “strategic tie-up” with Abengoa Solar IST (ASI), based in Colorado, US. According to a press release from Maharishi, ASI will provide engineering support and training when it comes to sizing and designing solar thermal systems for different high-temperature applications. Steam is the work horse of many Indian industries, such as paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. Solar thermal is in turn more cost-effective for temperatures less than 250 °C than energy production on the basis of crude oil, which makes it the target market for MST.

Maharishi is currently running a flat plate collector factory in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and a photovoltaic module factory in Shri Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh. This partnership will enable Maharishi to meet India’s escalating demand for thermal energy in industrial applications and provide all the necessary support for the growth of Indian industrial units.
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Based in Punjab state in northern India, Sharman Shawls uses diesel to meet the hot water requirements for dyeing, bleaching and washing garments.
The company approached collector manufacturer Inter Solar from northern India for a feasibility study during which a solar thermal system was installed to reduce fuel costs and contribute to environmental protection. Inter Solar carried out a feasibility study for a solar preheating system at 80 °C for the boilers. The inimitable component of the system’s design is its water supply at 80 °C for nearly 300 days a year.
The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. The company now wants to extend its portfolio by including concentration solar systems to generate steam utilized in industrial production. ASI is the local branch of the Spanish Abengoa Solar, a global player offering solar technology solutions to companies in the heating, as well as electricity sector. The goal in working together is to provide the Indian industry with the best energy solutions at the most cost-effective prices.
Of the 150 million tons of crude oil imported every year to India, 70 % are utilized as industrial thermal energy in the range below 250 °C. The 54-year old company group plans to spend INR 3 billion (~ € 45 million) over the next 5 years to expand their business opportunities in the solar thermal as well as solar PV sector.

It is a venture in the renewable energy sector to provide Clean Energy Solutions across the globe. The enterprise’s daily consumption is close to 200,000 litres of water and the processes require almost 1,700 litres of diesel per day. Without disturbing the existing set-up, Inter Solar Systems integrated the collectors using a heat exchanger to avoid scaling. The hot water is only used for daytime operations, although there is a buffer tank of 8,000-litre capacity to bridge the gap under changing conditions during the course of the day. In addition, the company has been benefitting from accelerated depreciation, which will save another EUR 10,700. Micro current is an effective professional skin therapy tool ideal for managing the signs of skin aging. 180 flat plate collectors preheat hot water to 80 °C, saving 82 litres of diesel at 300 days a year. They increased the number of collectors so as to attain higher temperatures of 80 °C – unlike typical flat plate collectors, which usually provide temperatures of up to 60 °C. This 3D massage device utilizes new micro-current technology - Micro-current therapy is commonly used in facial treatment. It uses extremely low-level electrical currents (micro-currents) to treat nerve and muscle pain and inflammation.

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