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Solar Power technology has accelerated in recent years with the introduction of new generations of photovoltaic tiles and panels that make the installation of this ecologically friendly, cost saving, technology a viable reality in a world where energy costs are soaring and global warming has become an issue. The ecological advantages of solar power, a clean, renewable energy source with a high level of reliability, are widely appreciated. As planning guidelines become more onerous, the use of renewable technology is becoming desirable for every builder and developer in the country.
When used in conjunction with tiles from our ranges of natural clay rooftiles, these photovoltaic tiles create the ultimate sustainable roof system.
Beautifully discreet - PV tiles integrate superbly into the roofline, making them almost indistinguishable from the surrounding tiles. The ultimate sustainable roof - Renewable solar electricity and natural clay tiles combine to create the ultimate sustainable roofing system.
Grant availability - You may be eligible for a grant if you install renewable energy in your home. Following a site survey, an MCS installer will design a suitable system including the attachment and ensure that the roof structure is strong enough to take the required weight. An elegant solution for tiled roofs is to remove a number of tiles and mount the PV panels flush with the surrounding tiles.
Solar panels can be installed on a ground-mounted structure that can easily be orientated to maximise energy capture. These poles require minimal foundations to be prepared and the systems can be rapidly installed at a height above the ground to suit the requirements of the location. On suitable flat roofs, solar PV panels can be mounted on metal racking systems which are angled at about 15 degrees to improve the energy capture. These systems are quick and simple to install and following a detailed site survey, an MCS installer will recommend a suitable system, depending on the type and strength of the roof. FACT: If you have a commercial building and are thinking of installing solar power, the savings and earnings involved can be HUGE! For example if you where thinking about installing a commercial solar panel system on your business, the price of the tariff would be less than a residential install and if you have looked at the FEED IN TARIFF page then you would have seen that as your solar panel system gets bigger so the tariff reduces. Depending on the type of install you may need planning permission and on commercial installs and you will definitely need permission to install from your DNO (Distribution Network Operator). A commercial solar install has the potential to save your company vast amounts of money every year on energy bills. The main focus on all this energy saving though is CO2, there are financial benefits yes but you will be a company also showing you commitment to the environment. There are possible financing streams out there for business to get started without huge or no upfront costs. Solar Panel Buyers GuideHere at the Solar panel buyers guide we give you information on solar panels and how they work.
Solar Panels are a highly efficient way of cutting CO2 and getting a return at the same time.
Lots to see and do at the Solar Power UK show, Hope you installers have been to look round and hear the latest updates?.

Actually, the principle is quite simple: you take the inexhaustible energy of the sun and turn it into electricity with the help of a Eurosolar system.
Flawless cell soldering is crucial to the quality of our solar panels, which is why we rely on a highly automated and monitored process. We then perform a regular peel test to monitor the soldering quality of the string production. The main incentive, but for the photovoltaic system is now in the form of recovery by the government to generate energy.
Our ServicesWe take great pride in designing and building first class residential buildings, commercial buildings, retail outlets and industrial buildings, on time and to budget.
The Clearline V15 panels are integrated in a slate roof, producing a discreet, low-profile appearance, which helped the owner overcome local planning restrictions.
Viridian Solar is a trading name of Viridian Concepts Ltd, 68 Stirling Way, Papworth, Cambridgeshire.
Integrated solar panels, comprising linked silicon cells, transform sunlight into electricity which is converted to A.C.
Solar tiles can now be discreetly integrated into the roof and they are often approved by Local Authority Planners where other renewable energy options have been considered unsuitable.This is especially useful on sensitive sites and even in conservation areas. Under the Code for Sustainable Homes they can help you achieve credits for both renewable electricity and roofing materials thanks to the low embodied energy rating of natural clay. This reduces the visual impact of the solar photovoltaic system and can help with obtaining planning permission in sensitive areas or on listed buildings. These systems can withstand wind speeds up to 120MPH, which is probably more than the average house can. Segen can also supply non-intrusive trays that are ballasted with sand or gravel, or an interlocking system suitable for lighter weight roof structures. However if you are a commercial business, warehouse, farm or whatever, the principle is exactly the same as residential installs.
This means that commercial installs can have huge paybacks, plus the electricity saving are fantastic. If you are thinking of getting an install done don’t be put off by this as when you have had quotes your chosen solar panel installer will be able to sort this out for you.
You will also be getting paid a tariff for producing this electricity, so SAVINGS + TARIFF = MORE CAPITAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS.
This is ever more becoming focus these days and the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s have already undergone massive solar projects, and the list goes on.
If you can pay for it out business profits that’s great, but if the time is not quite right or finances cannot stretch that far at the moment speak to some installers they may have financing in place where the system can pay for itself.
The resulting solar-generated electricity is then fed into the local grid; meaning that, in effect, you supply power to the power supplier. As an environmentally-conscious energy supplier, you will be supported on all sides: the installing electrician takes care of all the details in relation to planning and registering your system and the government provides incentives with guaranteed feed-in tariffs. This increases the aesthetic appearance of our panels, whilst ensuring the highest power delivery.

We connect the front of each cell to the back of the adjacent cell via three soldering strips in an automated process called three-busbar technology. Each module has 2,016 soldering points and it is critical that precise amounts of pressure are applied at each point. Additional visual inspection of strings ensures there were no errors in cell print, cracks in the cells, mechanical damage or colour deviations. A row of solar panels is installed on the roof and connected to your existing power supply.
This is a flexible arrangement allowing most configurations and sizes of PV panels to be attached to all common roof types. We would probably be talking about a much bigger install and we may need a few more permissions. This is especially true if you have a big plant using a substantial amount of electricity, you could potentially be using 100% of what you produce for yourself and still be getting paid for producing it.
Plus solar PV is a technology that is proven to work and we have seen business after business get an edge over their competitors.
A business I recently dealt with went to their bank for assistance as the figures spoke for themselves and the system would pay itself back very quickly. As for Eurosolar, we provide you with solar technology that allows you to achieve maximal yields.
We use three busbars to create redundancy: fone busbar stops working, then the cell will still produce power. That level of precision is not achievable with hand-soldering, the standard practice of many other manufactures. In addition, you can help stop climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and therefore, your carbon footprint. The electricity so produced is available for use by the householder, or for sale to your chosen electricity supplier. The only real difference in the install itself would be the fixing kit we put the panels on the roof with and the size of the inverter.
Electricity cost are rising year after year and in the next decade or possibly before it could double, why not protect yourself from these spiralling costs.
We only use high quality Solar Cells to in our Solar Panels; making them very HIGH QUALITY and more efficient than others. The materials we use in the stringing process are carefully selected to ensure the integrity of the joints when they expand and contract with changing weather conditions. It holds in its accounts that the system always uses its own PV before drawing their electricity supplier. Any excess is then automatically exported. Photovoltaic solar energy systems simply convert sunlight into electricity.

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