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Zachary Shahan is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) one letter at a time. If they made it law for at least sun belt states to incorporate solar power into every residential and commercial building in addition to be hooked to the grid; the industry would take off in no time, and it efficiency would improve.
Bottom line, if you show numbers, you have to explain how you get them or they don’t mean anything. Ok, so I’m kinda confused- for the part where it says how much it costs- is that, like for the cost of instillation or for the cities solar energy… or something else???
Unfortunately, the numbers by state obscure the differences between (for example) New York City and Buffalo. If you and your husband are not the DIY types you can still hire roofers (they’ve got the equipment and insurance) to install the panels and an electrician to do the hookup. Furthermore, installed solar generally increases the resale cost of houses over and above the price of the solar system. Your learning bob, but grid solar system are poor at returning the full amount of energy that the PV generate, Mark.W proved that in a test. Bringing together business leaders and state policy makers to discuss the growth of California’s advanced energy economy.
Bringing together business, government, NGOs, and academia, to examine the concept of sustainability. The chart below, courtesy of the clean energy council, does a great job of presenting average results for different sized systems across the country. The average Australian household consumes around 18 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day of electricity. I will explore this topic more in future posts, but I hope that is enough to help you understand the benefits of installing a solar energy system on your home or business. AnonymousJanuary 3, 2013 at 6:08 AMThe US has a schizophrenic approach to subsidizing solar power.
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Interestingly, one of the key things that most people think is a disadvantage of solar (hint: $$), is actually an advantage!
As we are keen to note, the average 20-year savings across the US were found to be over $20,000, with savings in some of the most populous states being over $30,000, and savings in Hawaii being over $60,000. Furthermore, while there are clear benefits to buying your own solar power system, about 75% of people with the choice now go solar by leasing solar power systems. What you may not know is that coal and nuclear power plants use a ton of water, and natural gas power plants also use a lot of water. The possibility of much greater energy security is a major advantage of solar power that many people are not aware of. Energy independence is another big advantage of solar energy, particularly for the consumer.
To be honest, I’ve been racking my brains for a couple days trying to think of some real solar energy disadvantages. I recently created the short infographic below to highlight the 20-year savings from going solar in some of the most populous states in the country, as well as in Hawaii, which has the greatest average savings per project. If you're new here, and just looking for information about local solar installers, you can Click Here to request a free cost estimate for your home. State Renewable Energy Credits – Many states, like New Jersey and Massachusetts, have developed credit markets. Net-metering – In some areas your utility will pay you for an extra electricity you send back to the grid.
Local Incentives – Local utilities and municipalities (LA is a great example) have their own solar energy subsidies. This is also extremely important: are you looking to offset part of your bill or all of it?

The amount of energy you need directly translates into hardware, in this case the number of solar panels your system will require. Another thing this highlights is the importance of energy efficiency first: if you can cut your power bill before you go solar, everything will cost less.
If you decide to lease a system (generally called a PPA or Power Purchase Agreement), you get the benefits of electricity savings without the big up-front cost. Get Your Dose of Solar FactsWe are just entering the era of Solar Energy, but with less than 1% adoption in the United States, we have a long way to go. Solar Energy Facts is here to help you dispel myths, learn more about home solar, and decide if solar panels are right for your home. After years of covering solar and EVs, he simply had a lot of faith in these companies and felt like they were good companies to invest in. Spain has been at it for a few years, and its quite impressive, even their cemeteries are solar powered.
Solar panel incentives is why your electricity bill has doubled, the higher rates go to provide the money for the incentives. Solar modules prices change, competition heats up, utility incentives come and go, there are to many moving numbers to distill it to simple graphics with no explanations.
Given if you have 3kw generation of dc energy of that would only amount to 2100 watts on a good day. Instead of gathering students into a room and teaching them, everybody learns on their own time, on tablets and guided by artificial intelligence. One comment in particular, though, set her reeling — and came to exemplify her experiences there.
Just a handful of years ago, it was. In 1977, the price of solar panels was about 100 times more than today.
Follow that link and you can find the average for each state in the US for the year 2011 — the average for those who went solar. One of the key advantages of such an approach is that you can start saving money from Day 1. Clearly, we need to make some massive changes in order to keep from baking our planet and, thus, baking the human species (and many others) to death.
We’re already struggling with this in many places around the globe, but the issue is going to get more and more difficult.
Another wonderful piece of information about solar power is that it uses hardly any water at all. A study from the Virginia Water Resources Research Center has found that solar PV uses about 21 times less water than nuclear power (per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced), about 16 times less water than coal power, and about 8 times less water than a combined cycle power plant.
It’s a good idea to cut your dependency on big corporations and semi-monopolies, in general.
Stay up to date on the latest news, ask questions, or just see what others interested in solar energy are saying. The cost of solar has dropped tremendously since then, so the savings should be even greater (on average). Even the national average (again, in 2011, when solar panels were much more expensive) is above $20,000!
While some incentives are nation-wide, like the Federal solar tax rebate, most of the cost of your system has to do with where you live. Sometimes just knocking off a part of the bill can give you huge monthly electricity cost savings, as in the case of tiered electricity rates. The primary variables that determine the cost-benefit here are your electricity usage now (big or small bill?) as well as local electricity rates (average or expensive). If you buy the system you’ll see big up-front costs, but you also reap all the benefits of tax credits, renewable energy credits, and other financial incentives. The only catch is that another company owns the system, so you might not get to claim all the credits and rebates available.
Don’t worry, your local solar installer will be able to explain the options available in your area. If you let an installer rip you off by more than doubling the actual system cost, then you are a sucker, in any state. Anderson has written more than 125 books, including 52 national or international bestsellers.
Clearly, most of these people are not solar energy experts and are not aware of all the details of solar energy advantages and disadvantages. One of the well known consequences of global warming is an increasing occurrence and severity of droughts in many regions, such as the US West, Southwest, and Great Plains.

The US military has researched the matter and come to the conclusion that solar power, because of how widely distributed it is, combined with microgrids (which can be disconnected from the larger electricity grid network if they are compromised) provide the most secure electricity. A recent study from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts found that for every $1 million invested in the solar energy industry, you get about 14 jobs, compared to 13 jobs in the wind energy industry, 7 jobs in the coal industry, and 5 jobs in the natural gas industry. But the only other options are basically energy sources that create much more pollution (except in the case of wind turbines and quite expensive marine energy technologies) or cutting our energy use (which is always recommended). Sure, solar panels do cost money, but they are still cheaper than electricity from the grid. Costs have definitely come down since then, just how much is largely determined by your location and how large of a system you are installing.
Once the system pays itself off (by saving you money on electricity as well as other rebates), which generally takes about 5-10 years, it’s like having free electricity. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, energy storage, and wind energy expert. Most probably just assume that solar energy is better because there aren’t smokestacks mounted onto solar panels to channel pollution high into the sky. You’ll find out, for each state, how much money the average electricity savings are per month for people who went solar in 2011, the average amount of money that would be saved after 20 years, and the average number of years before a solar power system should be paid back. Leases for $0 down or close to $0 down let you start making money off your electricity bill savings immediately.
Looks like the winner is again solar (though, biomass actually takes the top spot in this category amongst energy sources). Sure, solar panels don’t last forever, but several studies have found that even old solar panels that are over 30 years old are still pumping out almost as much electricity as they were when they were first installed. Either through loans or 3rd-party-ownership models that let you lease a solar power system instead of buying one, most residents and businesses with a decent roof or ground space for solar panels should have an opportunity to go solar without buying the entire solar panel systems up front. For closer numbers on cost for your property, feel free to run a free solar report with our calculator.
Well, they are generalized answers, based on the state you live in, but that’s as good as it gets beyond contacting a solar company and getting a quote.
Looking at the savings per month and using PV Watts, you can figure out the system size for different areas of a state. The fact that the sun rises every day probably doesn’t hurt either, nor that most of us love the sun. The below graphic from a study by Nathan Myhrvold and Ken Caldeira is one of my favorites for portraying that point. Some sources of power provide electricity rather continuously in order to keep our base electricity needs met. And as I’ve shown previously, solar energy potential dwarfs the energy potential of any other source (I guess this should also be in the solar energy advantages section). He is a research director at Institute for the Future and editor-in-chief of Cool Tools and co-founder of Wink Books. But if you’re popping in here to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, you probably want more details and the summary of an expert. In case the text isn’t clear, the graphs show projections for additional average global temperature increase within the next 100 years in a transition from coal technology to 8 alternative power-generation technologies. But as electricity demand increase (for example, every day when people wake up and start using electrical devices and lights), other sources of energy must be used.
At that time, electricity on the wholesale market is most expensive because there are the smallest number of suppliers available and the least competition. The larger system after all incentives but with 0% interest would have a 14 year payback as the graphic shows, but a 9.4 year payback with the Eastern Oregon system.
However, this coincides almost perfectly with the time of day when the most sun is out and solar energy systems are most effective.
So, the electricity generated from solar energy systems is actually much more valuable than electricity on average.
Perhaps there is a crystal ball escalator for energy costs to bring these numbers to $18,697 savings. Lets put in a rate increase of 4% and some depreciation of solar panel output into the equation, we would then get 20 year savings of between $11,375 to $15,925.

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