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Residential photovoltaic systems may represent a substantial initial investment but a new study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on residential properties sold in California over an eight and a half year period shows a strong correlation to increased property value. The study also revealed an interesting caveat: homes with aftermarket systems tended to recoup more of a premium on their solar panel system. With the advantages of a residential solar panel system, why does renewable energy continue to make up only eight percent of the energy used in the United States?
Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the technology, finance, and green industries for three years. If you're new here, and just looking for information about local solar installers, you can Click Here to request a free cost estimate for your home. A $1 reduction in annual electricity bills translates into a$20 increase in home value, which means that saving $1,000 per year in energy costs could mean a $20,000 increase in home value.
Get Your Dose of Solar FactsWe are just entering the era of Solar Energy, but with less than 1% adoption in the United States, we have a long way to go.
Solar Energy Facts is here to help you dispel myths, learn more about home solar, and decide if solar panels are right for your home.
Not only does adding solar panels reduce or remove your power bills it has the added benefit of adding value to your house.
Their research concluded that investing in solar panels was very similar to the result that you could expect from adding another bedroom or undertaking a high spec conversion of your kitchen or bathroom. The NBER study focused primarily on the fiscal benefits of solar conversion, which admittedly are always very high up on peoples purchase reason, but there are numerous non-tangible benefits including the fact that you are converting your home from using coal and natural gas to the sun for your  power generation, which help in reducing air pollution, greenhouse gases and your overall carbon footprint.
There have also been exploratory talks in Parliament committees of a Sustainable Homes green tick of approval within the real estate industry which could mean that houses that have solar (and other renewable aspects like wind generators, double glazed windows, LED lighting etc) will have an approval from a yet to be determined association or regulator.
In addition to all the above, your conversion is also partially funded by Federal AND State Government, and most states still have a feed-in tariff AND the price of solar is continuing to fall as technology and manufacturing improves; there really never has been a better time convert your home to solar. A new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that houses with rooftop solar panels fetch higher prices than comparable homes without them.
The extra home value, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, more than covers the cost of installing the panels, with bigger arrays bringing higher premiums.
The study found that a home’s value increased about $5,900 for each kilowatt a system can generate — most home systems generate between two and five.
Regarding the effect of a system’s age on home value, the study found that while electricity production from silicon solar panels declines by less than 1 percent each year, premiums dropped about 9 percent annually.
The study, called “Exploring California PV Home Premiums,” looked at sales data from 1,894 solar-equipped homes and 70,425 comparable non-solar homes sold in California from 2000 through 2009.

Hoen said that that the premium found by the study is not absolute; some homeowners may get more while others get less. Hoen said he and his fellow researchers plan to release further updates from multiple states, using more recent sales figures. These panels are excellent at saving consumers money overtime and protecting the environment. So for property owners looking to increase the value of their home as well as save on utility costs, the installation of a solar panel system may be well worth the upfront costs. It is possible it is seen as an added feature or bonus, while homes with the system built in make it appear to be a standard feature. A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that investing in solar panels could increase the value of your home by up to 4%.
And the impact is self prophesying, as more people start seeing the benefits of solar, the more people will value solar and this capital in your home will increase proportionally. Not only will this tick make your house more attractive to couples focused on sustainable living but there are exploratory discussions on these houses receiving concessions on stamp duties and taxes, for the seller AND buyer. Buyers also prefer newer systems; the amount an array adds to a home’s value decreases in older photovoltaic (PV) panels.
According to the Chronicle, it builds on a study released by the lab in 2011 that noted the premium from solar panels but didn’t explore it in as much depth. But Hoen said the study’s results mostly conformed to an appraisal tool called PV Value, developed by Sandia National Laboratories and the Energy Sense Finance consulting firm. Wimberley Wind and Solar clients will always see a positive ROI on the appraisal of their home. And when they need clean water, elite soldiers are choosing the Paratroopers Water Purifier -- the smallest, lightest, and most durable water purifier on earth! And with government green energy initiatives, many homeowners may qualify for large tax rebates that can help recoup some of the initial cost of a photovoltaic system. However, while installing a solar panel system in your home may increase the resale value, the greater value may lie in the energy savings over the life of the system and over the time you live in your home. For small business owners who operate out of their own home, the potential savings is considerable and multifaceted. She also took this time to remodel her home office which she was putting off for some time.
The increase in home value comes from both the perception of increased resale value and the actual energy savings produced by the solar array.

Their studies showed those houses with solar technology consistently outpaced houses (of similar dimensions and standing) without solar by often 10s of 1000s of dollars. And most homeowners are now choosing to lease panels rather than buy them outright—a phenomenon Hoen told the Chronicle that researchers will include in the study’s next update. We mostly install AC Coupled, Hybrid, Off-Grid and Custom Solutions like carports and solar patio covers or rainwater collecting solar arrays. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box. With two impressive advantages in utilizing the power of the sun, installing a solar panel grid to supplement your home’s energy consumption has never been a sweeter arrangement. Good news for residential homeowners looking to increase the value of their home’s resale value. Whatever the initial reasons for having a solar panel grid installed in your home, you can be sure your investment will continue to add to the value of resale and continue to recoup its initial costs through continued energy savings. These systems are our specials and they tend to bring the value of a property up even more than what standard Grid Tied solutions.
Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion.
Another important consideration is with the housing market currently flooded with foreclosures and homes for sale, any additional features that can make your home stand out from the rest is a bonus. Having a unique, cost-saving feature such as a solar panel grid can encourage buyers to consider the long-term savings of living in your home and encourage a higher purchase price.
It also adds interest and viability for new buyers looking to cut homeowner costs and become part of the green energy movement. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated.
The niche should not be underestimated, as more and more people have begun to rethink their energy lifestyles and search for new ways to cut their costs. For many homeowners struggling to sell their homes in the current economy, this is an important approach to consider.
Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away.

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